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Hearing the simple question, Qin Yue frowned slightly, and said in a deep voice, "he who studies psychology. Don't pay attention to him after you. "

"Yes, Mr. Qin!" Jane looked at him and said with a smile.

She has long been taught this man's hegemonism and male chauvinism It's just for him, she doesn't hate it.

At the same time, in the other corner of the city, there are drinking, dancing and even dirtier deals in the bright clubs.

Jane Xin didn't know how she came to this place. She tried to think back and thought of the glass of water that the maid had sent her.

After drinking that glass of water, she can't remember anything. When she woke up, she was already lying here. A fat man worked hard on her.

She closed her eyes, clenched her lips, tried to empty herself, when she was dreaming, when she woke up, everything would be better.

However, she knew very well that what happened at this time was true.

It was her father who, together with the man she had been yearning for, sent her here to be spoiled at will.

Ha ha -

GU Nanjing said that he would not force her, and indeed he did not force her, but used this despicable method.

She clenched her fist, clenched her teeth, and silently read three words over and over in her heart.

-- Gu Nanjing!


Through the efforts of the team, Shengtian west development project has been signed successfully, laying a good foundation for Shengtian's future development in the West.

The news soon spread all over the country, and all kinds of financial news were reporting it.

Qin and Yue are also busy these two days. One after another, they are busy for two nights without accompanying Jane to have dinner.

Looking at Jianran, who helped her tie, her blinking eyelashes and her pink face, he could not help but bow his head and kiss her.

"Jane -" he whispered her name.

"Well?" "Mr. Qin, work is very important, but still pay attention to rest," she said

He went out early these two days and came back late in the evening. He was as busy as a top.

He knew that he was too hard, and she would worry about him.

"Well." Qin Yue rubbed her head and said, "I'll be back early today, because I'm busy today. Tomorrow we will go back to Jiangbei together. "

"I'll wait for you at the hotel," she nodded

These two days, after Qin Yue went to work, Jane drew a design draft in the hotel.

I haven't touched the paintbrush for three years. I have a few hands, but fortunately, she has a good foundation. Her interest is in fashion design. After two days of painting, she has made great progress.

She sent the finished manuscript to Ling Feiyu. Ling Feiyu praised her for half an hour, saying that she had wasted a talented person in three years without designing.

So, Jane would rather believe that the sow will go up the tree than Lingfei's mouth.

Tomorrow will be back to Jiangbei. Before leaving Kyoto, Jane has to meet someone and finish this before returning to Jiangbei.

When she got down from the taxi, Jane went around several lanes and finally came to a small cafe.

She looked up and saw that there was a wooden sign on the simple decorated door, which said that the boss was in a bad mood and had a day off.

What a wayward and loving reason!

When Jane raised her hand to knock at the door, she heard a young male voice saying, "since you are here, please come in."

With the owner's permission, she pushed the door in, and coffee was being made on the bar. The smell of coffee filled the whole room.

Even if I have quit coffee for a long time, I can't help but be greedy when I smell it: "Mr. Xu, would you like to share my cup?"

The man sitting in the bar looked up. His eyes were as black as obsidian. They were like a pool of deep water.

After staring at Jane for a long time, he said slowly, "I don't know if I should continue to call you, Miss Jane, or I should call you, Mrs Qin?"

"Simply." Simply speaking.

Today, she came here to find him in the capacity of Jianran. She didn't want to have anything to do with Qin Yue, so she was Jianran.

"Since it's Miss Jane, why don't I treat you to a cup of coffee?" The man took out the cup which had been prepared for a long time, poured two cups of coffee, and handed one cup to Jane..

Jane took a sip, nodded and praised: "I haven't had such a good coffee for a long time. I hope I can have a chance to drink the coffee made by Mr. Xu in the future. "

"As long as Miss Jane wants to drink, I'm always welcome." Mr. Xu's eyes narrowed slightly, and his lips looked at Jane with a smile like a smile.

Jane turned away from his sight and saw a painting hanging on the wall, in which a woman was holding the back of a little boy, looking very warm.

Mr. Xu's eyes also followed Jane's, and he even smiled: "it seems that the reason why we can sit and drink coffee together is because we are all nostalgic people."

"So?" She raised her eyebrows and chuckled. Her clear eyes were like bright stars. "Mr. Xu promised to cooperate with me?"

"I don't think any man would turn down a beauty like Miss Jane." Mr. Xu raised the coffee cup and touched the simple cup. "Happy coffee!"

"happycooperation!" She chuckled and took out a U-disk from her carry on bag. "This is the gift I gave Mr. Xu. I've heard something these two days. As long as you talk about her helping you, then in a short time, everything you want will be yours. "

"In fact, I'm more concerned about whether the U-disk is a private collection of Miss Jane." Mr. Xu's peach blossom eyes slightly narrowed, and his lips raised a smile of evil spirit.

"Then Mr. Xu has to read it before he knows if it is true. If Mr. Xu is satisfied after reading it, don't forget to call me. " Left behind, Jane turned around and left, leaving Mr. Xu with a beautiful and slender back.

Looking at her back, Mr. Xu held out his hand and made a gesture of grasping.

Simply -

he whispered her name.

What a nice name, what a beautiful person, but it doesn't belong to him.

But doesn't it really belong to him?

There is still a long way to go. Who knows what will happen?

The alley is covered with thick and snow. However, each step will leave a deep footprints. However, the footprints will soon be covered by snow, leaving no trace, as if she had never been to this place.

Walking out of the lane, she stood at the taxi stop, looked up at the sky and took a deep breath of air conditioning.

Mom, I will never let go of those who hurt you.

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