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Such a scene is too familiar for Jane Xin.

Her mother has been cruelly raped by her father these years, and she always stands at the door and looks on coldly, just like watching a farce. She never thought of pulling her mother.

She never thought that she was so fast, so fast that she had no preparation. Such retribution fell on her.

Ha ha -

Jianxin wants to cry loudly, laugh loudly, laugh at her ignorance, laugh at her uselessness, and laugh at why she didn't help her mother at the beginning.

If she had done something at that time, wouldn't she be today?

At this moment, she finally realized the pain that her mother had experienced.

It is clear that someone can help himself in front of his eyes, but he doesn't get the corresponding response even if his throat is broken.

Before Qin Yue, Jianxin felt that her father still had love for her, not a lot of love, but always some.

Father often beat his mother violently, but he never said a heavy word to her. He always greeted her with a smile.

She thought that she always thought that she was different from Jane and her mother in her father's heart.

At this moment, she is sad to find that she may not be as simple as that wild species in her father's eyes.

Why does Jane live so well with that wild species?

Why is she loved by such a good man as Qin Yue?

Why did God give Jane all the good things, but not even a little bit of the rest?

Why do you simply get rid of the fate of being used by your father?

Why Jane to, and she Jane Xin not to?

How she hates it!

Jane Zhengtian stood at the door, looking at Gu Nanjing without expression and beating Jane Xin, as if the person who was beaten was not his daughter at all, but an unrelated stranger.

There was no emotion in his eyes except indifference or indifference.

Maybe it's not indifference, but only money and power in his eyes. The word family love never existed to him.

After standing for a while, he turned and left.

Looking at the back of his departure, Jane Xin's broken heart is like falling into a salt tank. It hurts so much that she thinks she is going to die.

Just thinking about it, Gu Nanjing slapped the fan again.

He glared at her fiercely. He could not help but swallow her. It was as if Gu would fall to this day. It was all caused by her.

"Gu Nanjing, it's no use for you. You are still angry with women. Are you still a man?" Controlled by Gu Nanjing, Jianxin can't move, and can only stimulate each other in words.

"Am I a man? I have **ed you so many times. Don't you know if I am a man?" Gu Nanjing said something ugly, and then lowered his head and took a bite on Jane Xin's neck. "Do you want my young master to do a good job of it?"

"Gu Nanjing, let go..." Cried Jane hysterically.

What did she do wrong?

Why are you beaten by the two men she thinks are closest to?

"Let go? If I let it go, how can I make you feel better. " Gu Nanjing said as he untied the belt buckle, "I will pity you again, so that you can taste the taste of men."

"Gu Nanjing, do you love Jane?" Jane Xin also did not know why she mentioned Jane ran at this time. She could just ask from the bottom of her heart.

Hearing the name of Jianran, Gu Nanjing's movements stopped abruptly.

Does he love Jane?

The answer is very positive.

Of course.

Once he also wanted to hold Jane in the palm of his hand, hoping to see her bright smile all his life.

Yes, I missed the chance to continue to love her just because I stepped wrong.

Jianxin Wu is kicked painful abdomen to continue to ask: "then if today is changed to be Jane ran * * Qin Yue failed, then you will treat her like this?"


If Jane has been with him and they have been in love with each other, how can he give Jane to other men.

Since they are reluctant to give it to other men, how can they be willing to give Jane a hard hand.


Jianxin has never understood why she has been paying, but Gu Nanjing can't see it. However, in his eyes, he can only see the simplicity that is not difficult for him to have any chance.

"Why?" Gu Nanjing returns to the road.

He thought about this question for a long time, and finally came to the answer. Maybe there is only one reason. A girl with self-esteem and self love will naturally be respected and loved by others.

So every time he wants to force Jane to do something, he actually has some worries and fears in his heart, because he can never imagine what kind of things such a woman will do.

"Because she loves herself," he said

She loves herself?

Jianxin can't understand the problem. Who doesn't love her? She also loves herself. But why can't Gu Nanjing ever see her?

"You don't understand this, how can you compare with her?" Gu Nanjing let go of her, took care of her clothes, and looked down at her.

Jianxin lies on the * * with tears running down her head, thinking about what Gu Nanjing just said. Thinking about it, she finally understands it.

Gu Nanjing not only doesn't love her, but also despises her at all.

In the eyes of Gu Nanjing, her Jane Xin is no different from a mean * * or even worse, because when she serves him, she is free.

She should have thought about these things for a long time, but she thought about it now. It was too late and too late. She didn't know whether she should continue to live or not.

"Don't pretend to be dead. Go and clean up. I'll see two bosses later. If you are comfortable with them, I can't do without your benefits."

Jianxin is thinking deeply, and the voice of Gu Nanjing's indifference comes from her ear.

She suddenly opened her eyes and bit her lips: "Gu Nanjing, you can't force me to do those dirty things."

"I don't want to force you, so someone will." Left words, Gu Nanjing sneered again, turned around and left.

Jane Xin has always been very clear about her family and her father's ways of doing things, and she has seen many ugly scenes with her own eyes.

However, she never thought that those dirty means would be used on her.

Leoqin can't see her, so she has no maximum use value. But they think it's a waste of resources if she doesn't do anything, so they plan to send her out to please others.

Do what they advocate and make the best of it.

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