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Qin Yue looks at the ring that Jian ran put on. It's very old in style and not glossy. It looks a bit old.

"Where did you come from?" he asked

Jane didn't answer. She went to kiss him and ran away. She blinked at him and smiled.

"Don't want to say?" He asked.

"Well." Jane nodded. "This kind of thing can't be said."

Mother said to her, as long as she gave this ring, she would be happy with that man for a lifetime.

This is mother's blessing to her, so if you can't say it, it won't work.

Since she didn't want to say it, Qin Yue didn't ask any more, just looked at her hands subconsciously.

Seeing her empty hands, he realized dully that they had been registered for marriage for such a long time that he was not even ready for marriage.

Jane pointed to the front left and said, "there is still a large open space over there. The snow is thick. We still make snowmen together. Would you like to go shopping with me again?"

Qin Yue nods.

He would go anywhere with her as long as she was happy.

Jane ran to him again and grabbed his arm.

Qin Yue suddenly put out his hand, clasped the back of her head, lowered his head and kissed her, unwilling to let go for a long time.

Jane thumped him on the back.

This man is really mean sometimes.

She had just kissed him stealthily, and he returned it in this way.

After a long kiss, Qin Yue let go of his blush and heart rate, and reached out to touch her swollen lips.

"In the future, I will try my best to cooperate with you." He said in a low voice.


Jane was shocked before she reacted.

Originally, the man thought that if he didn't kiss her, she would not be satisfied, so he wanted to kiss her.

"Stupid!" Jane raised her foot and trampled on him. She was so angry that she ran away.

Qin Yue looks at her back, her sexy thin lips are slightly raised, and her eyes are full of smile.

It's a good feeling to tease her occasionally.


After separating from Jane ran, Jane Xin went to the mall to buy some skin care products. She has always been generous in this respect.

This face is her capital. She has to take good care of it. Only by doing this can she keep her young face for a long time.

People don't know what the family looks like. In the eyes of outsiders, the family is still living a splendid life.

The car that Jane Xin drives is also BMW. It's not a very good luxury car, but it's not cheap either. Jane's family, who has a watch, has to buy something to support her face. Otherwise, how can she mix with celebrities.

"Big miss, you are back." The newly hired maid hurriedly picked up the bag for Jianxin and said, "dinner is ready, sir has been waiting for you for a long time."

"I see." In front of the servants, Jane Xin is still a friendly face.

When she came to the door, she changed her shoes and walked into the living room. When she saw Jane sitting there, she went to the room and called out softly, "Dad."

Jian Zhengtian stands up and raises her hand to the fan, which is so fast that she doesn't respond at all.

Pa -

with a loud slap, there is a clear slap on Jianxin's face.

She covered her beaten face, looked at the man who beat her in front of her eyes with tears, and her lips trembled gently: "Dad, why did you hit me?"

"Even a man can't be sure, what can you do?" Jian Zhengtian said, raised his hand and slapped hard at her.

"Dad, I'm your daughter..."

"Daughter?" Jane Zhengtian raised her hand and slapped it on Jane Xin's face. She scolded as she fought. "I spent more than 20 years to raise you and send you abroad to study. You can't even save the man you used to be. Do you think I have too much free money or what?"

"Dad -" Jianxin was thin and weak, weak without wind. At this time, she was slapped twice by jianzhengtian. She just felt that she had no idea about anything.

Jianxin is conscious again. She opens her eyes and sees Gu Nanjing sitting beside her * *.

"A Jing -" she never thought that she would see Gu Nanjing at the first sight when she woke up. She was excited.

She quickly sat up, reached out and grasped Gu Nanjing tightly, as if she had caught a life-saving straw.

"You're weak enough, but after a few slaps, you can sleep for hours." Gu Nanjing looked at her and said something unhurriedly, which was obviously not as beautiful as she expected.

Jianxin bit her lips and said carefully, "what do you want to do with me?"

Gu Nanjing sneers, "Qin Yue doesn't even want to see you more. What else do you think I need to do to find you?"

"I......" What else does Jianxin want to say, but her heart is too bitter to say.

She always knew that in her father's heart and Gu Nanjing's heart, she was thrown as a tool to lure Qin and Yue.

Once she succeeds, then she is a great hero. None of them dare to show her face, and maybe they will give her a good confession.

But now she has failed in Qinyue. As Gu Nanjing said, Qinyue is reluctant to take a look at her. The failure is so thorough and dignified.

"Jane Xin..." Gu Nanjing grabs her chin and pinches it hard. His eyes are clear. "With your hook figure and your body that can make men crazy, why doesn't that Qin person want to look at you more?"

"Ah Jing, you hurt me." Jianxin said in tears, but she didn't look at Nanjing with pity.

"Hurting you? Do you have the **ing right to say it hurts? " Gu Nanjing grabs Jianxin's hair and pulls her up. "Go clean up a bit. I don't care what you do, we must let leoqin cancel the cooperation with Gu forever."

"Ah Jing, let go first." Jianxin is thin and weak. Gu Nanjing lifts her up like a chicken.

"You damned useless woman, you didn't get things done, you still have the face to come back." Gu Nanjing has completely lost his mind. He tugs at Jane's hair in one hand and slaps her hard in the other.

"Gu Nanjing, are you crazy? Why do you beat people? " Gu Nanjing didn't love her before. He didn't take her as the most important thing in everything. At least he didn't do anything to her. Today's Gu Nanjing must be crazy.

"If you dare to call me crazy, I will show you." Gu Nanjing raised his foot and kicked it hard into Jane's abdomen.

Gu Nanjing kicks over, and Jianxin feels dizzy again. After a while, she recovers. She sees jianzhengtian standing at the door of the room.

"Dad -" she instinctively asked Jane Zhengtian for help, but she stood still as if she was watching a joke.

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