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"Do you like it?" Jane looked at Qin Yue and asked.

I don't know whether he likes her or the scenery here?

"I like it." Qin Yue's answer is still two short words.

Whether it's her or the scenery, he likes it.

Hearing the satisfactory answer, Jane was very happy and grabbed Qin Yue's hand: "Mr. Qin, I'll take you to dig the treasure."

"Treasure digging?" Qin Yue how to listen to how to think this is the game that children will play, but he still did not refuse to follow her footsteps.

Jianran led him and introduced: "in fact, this place was discovered by my mother. Later, she brought me here. Later, if she didn't want to come, I was the only one..."

When it comes to the dead mother, she is sad for another moment, but soon she has a bright smile.

She will live a better life than before, so that she can afford to protect her mother with her life.

"Later, I will accompany you." Qin Yue slightly increased the hand holding her strength and said softly.

Later, I will accompany you.

The five short words are Qin Yue's habitual way of speaking.

Every word has its own voice. Every word is tapping on the simple heart window.

In the past, Jianran also heard that men who only know how to make girls happy with rhetoric are not necessarily reliable.

In fact, those men who never say nice things, but express them with practical actions must be reliable.

And her Qin Yue!

Yes, it's her Qinyue. She's such a reliable man.

Thinking of the little things Qin Yue has done to her these days, Jane's smile is more brilliant and charming.

She added: "my mother gave this ice lake a name. What's your mother's name? "

"Ran?" With the love of Jane's mother, Qin Yue can think of this name.

Ran Ran?

These two words are said gently from Qin Yue's mouth. They are low magnetic and pleasant to hear. They sound special.

Qin Yue said her own milk name in this way. Her heart was thumping faster, and her face was red again.

When her mother called her Ran Ran, she always drowned, as if she were her mother's whole world.

Lingfei call her Ran Ran Ran, it is nearly ten years of friendship, who can not be separated.

But Qin Yue never called her that, maybe their relationship has not been close to this point. Or maybe it's his character that makes him not used to the nickname.

However, compared with the term "Ran Ran", she prefers that he call her "Mrs. Qin".

Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, this is their affirmation of each other's identity.

She rubbed her hot face: "No. Guess again. "

Qin Yue thought about it seriously. Without romantic cells, he couldn't imagine what kind of name Jane's mother would give the lake.

"Guess again, I'll give you five chances." Simply said.

She finally took him out for a walk, but he was always silent, just how disappointed she was when she talked alone.

Qin Yue thought about it and said, "Jane ran?"

"Mr. Qin, can we think in a romantic direction?" she said

Qin Yue thought about it seriously again, and finally shook his head.

"Big fool!" Jane looked at him in disgust and said, "mother named the ice lake."

Mother named ice lake love sea, not love, but contains all feelings, family, love, friendship.

Whether it is love, family, or friendship, in fact, each kind of feelings should be the most beautiful and pure.

When my mother named the ice lake, that should be the moral.

However, in their family, the husband is not like the husband, the father is not like the father, and the elder sister is not like the elder sister. The blood is thicker than water, and their family relationship has been long ago destroyed by them.

"Well." Qin Yue gave another snort to show that he knew.


That's the answer?

Didn't he ask her why she took the name?

She really wants to bite him.

"What's the matter?" Seeing Jane's breath, Qin Yue didn't realize what was wrong.

"Qin Yue, why don't you ask me why I took this name?"


Jane gave him a bad look and walked on without his hand.

Now, she thinks that the reason why Qin Yue didn't get married before must be that she often ran away with girls, so she finally met him.

Thinking that he could not get married because of these reasons, Jane began to feel sweet again.

Because his EQ is not high enough, he didn't marry another woman before meeting her.

Jane turned to him again and held his arm: "don't be depressed, I won't dislike you."

Qin Yue: "..."

They walked slowly along the lakeside with fingers clasped. After a long walk, they came to a big tree.

Jane found two branches, handed one to Qin Yue, found the place in memory, picked up the branch and began to dig the earth: "Mr. Qin, let's dig treasure with me."

This so-called infantile behavior of digging treasure, Qin Yue did not play when he was very young, now he is 28 years old, but he is pulled by his wife to play.

However, he did not feel bored, on the contrary, there was a complex feeling in his heart.

Whether you are bored or not depends not on your ability, but on who you are doing it with.

After digging for a long time, a copper box appeared in front of them, and she was very happy: "finally I have dug you."

"What?" Seeing Jane's excited appearance, Qin Yue could not help but have some curiosity.

"Baby." Jane opened the box carefully. There was no wooden box inside.

After opening the layers of packaging, Jane took out a ring: "you see, this is the baby I brought you to look for today."

Qin Yue sighs silently, the original simple childhood is the same as many children, love to play, love to play and learn to hide things.

"Reach out." Simply speaking.

Qin Yue extended her hand to her according to Yan. She grabbed his hand and put the ring on his ring finger: "this is what I gave you. You can wear it. Don't take it down later."

She didn't tell him that the ring was buried here with her mother.

At that time, her mother rubbed her head and said to her, "however, when you meet a man who really treats you, if you want to spend your life with him, dig it out and give it to him."

At that time, I don't know why. She didn't want to dig it out and give it to Gu Nanjing. It wasn't until she met Qin Yue that she had this idea.

So she gave this ring to Qin Yue, in fact, it shows her heart, she will accompany this man for a lifetime.

Qin Yue, I want to have a good life with you. Do you hear me?

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