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Listening to the voice of Qin Yue, the words that Jianxin just said came to her mind, and she couldn't help laughing.

"What's the matter?" Hearing Jane's laughter, Qin Yue's voice couldn't help but rise higher.

"Mr. Qin, someone just praised you for your great work." With a smile, Jane dropped such a sentence.

Qin Yue's mind is always meticulous. After listening to Jianran's words, he immediately reflected that someone must have told some lies in front of her. His face darkened and he quickly explained, "I didn't......"

"Please." Before he had finished speaking, he broke off in a voice full of laughter. She said, "I believe you."

Believe all your words and all your promises.

Even though Qinyue and Jianxin have had such an old relationship, it's all in the past, but she is the present and future of Qinyue.

As soon as Jane said this, it seemed that Qin Yue was relieved. She smiled again and said, "Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin would like to ask you out for a walk. Will you agree?"

"Well." A low hum syllable came from Qinyue.

"Do you agree or not?" Jane knew he agreed, but she had to force him to say two more words.


"Xishan snow mountain, I'll go there first, and you'll come when you're finished."

After the end of the call with Qinyue, Jianran beckoned a taxi to the famous tourist attraction Xishan snow mountain.

Xishan snow mountain is a very famous tourist attraction in Kyoto. It attracts thousands of tourists every year.

But they all go to the north area. Few people know that the south area is actually the most beautiful scenic spot of the west mountain.

The south area is an undeveloped area, with beautiful scenery, piles of snow and no trace of impurities. More importantly, there is an ice lake.

However, tourists are not allowed to go in and out of the south area, but they simply know a secret passage to successfully avoid the sight of the management personnel and come to the undeveloped and beautiful place.

In the past, every winter, Jianran would come here alone, carrying a picture board, taking a paintbrush, sitting beside the ice lake, sketching the most beautiful fairy tale in her heart.

Jane first came to the front gate tourist service area of the scenic spot. The snow just stopped. There were many tourists, and the scenery was covered by the head.

Fortunately, she asked Qin more and more not to squeeze people, but to take him to the little world only she knew.

Jane didn't wait long. Qin Yue arrived.

He is always a silver gray suit. All the clothes in the wardrobe are of this color system. I don't know if he likes it or doesn't want to change.

Because the weather was cold enough, he put on a black coat outside, and because he was tall enough, the coat showed more temperament.

What an outstanding and noble man, even in the vast crowd, he will always be the most eye-catching one.

His arrival, many people's eyes are cast on him, not surprisingly caused a voice of admiration.

Her clear eyes fell on him, with a smile between her eyes and eyebrows. She was the best man in a mess.

On his marriage certificate and on his body, she has made her own mark.

Similarly, in the sea of people, Qin Yue also caught her figure in the first time.

She is also so dazzling, just don't know.

"Mr. and Mrs. Qin are here." She smiled and beckoned to him, as if announcing to others in such a way that this man is mine, so don't think about it.

Qin Yue strides over, always Qingling's eyes have some tenderness when they see her. He asks, "is it cold or not?"

"It's cold." She winked at him playfully.

The temperature is low, the body is cold, but with him, her heart is warm.

He said that he would take off his coat.

Jane grabbed his hand, stopped his movement, and went into his arms: "you hold me like this, I won't be cold."

Qin Yue's undressed hand stopped, hugged her instead, and lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead.

Jane raised her head, kissed him quickly at the corner of his mouth, and smiled at him playfully: "that's how it works."

Finish saying, her face son unconsciously dye a pink and tender red again, take attractive luster, seem to be waiting for Qin Yue to pick.

Qin Yue bowed her head and kissed her face: "I'm satisfied now?"


I don't think it's flat.

Doesn't he want to kiss her at all?

"Jane -" he called her name again.

"Well?" Jane blinked at him.

"The way you laugh It's very nice. " He said.

Such simplicity, vitality, dazzling, people can not move their eyes.

It was the first time that Qin Yue praised her so seriously and directly. However, she could not help being shy and said, "you look good with a smile."

Qin Yue's facial expression is always clear and cold at ordinary times. She seldom sees him smile. She has seen it for a few times.

His smile is not only good-looking, but also intoxicating. He would rather never wake up.

Jane took his hand, put it in his and asked him to hold her: "go, I'll take you to a secret place."

Qin Yue didn't ask her where she would take him. Even if she went to the world, her life and the way she would go, he would accompany her all the way to the end.

After walking for a while, Qin Yue still didn't hear him. She looked up at him and said, "Mr. Qin, why don't you ask me where I want to take you?"

"Wherever you go."

As long as it's where you let me go.

"Why don't you have any curiosity?" Jane nuzzled at him discontentedly.

Since he didn't ask, she didn't say either.

Just, with his ten fingers, just walk, as if to go to the end of the world.

Go to the end of the trail, and then over a small hill, the eyes suddenly open, placed in front of the frozen lake.

Jianran pointed to the lake and said happily, "look at these ice cubes. They are crystal clear. You can also see the water grass under the ice cubes. It's like frozen life. It makes people feel that the water grass can come back to life after spring."

She said it with dancing hands, but didn't hear Qin Yue's response.

She looked back at him. "Don't you think it's beautiful?"

"No, it's beautiful." Qin Yue said.

Yes, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, in his eyes, it is less than one thousandth of the others.

Her beauty, nimble and lively, is hard to describe.

Just look at her smile, his heart seems to be quiet down, can not see the world miscellaneous, only see her existence.

Qin Yue has traveled all over the world, and has seen many more beautiful scenery than here. But at this moment, because there is one more person in the scenery, it becomes the most beautiful scenery in his mind.

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