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Now for Gu and Jian Zhengtian, Shengtian's leoqin is their life-saving straw. As long as he opens his mouth, Gu's crisis can be solved immediately.

And the one who can help them to hold the straw is Jane Xin. They put all their hopes on Jane Xin.

Standing in the dark, Jianxin listens to the conversation between the two men. Her lips are slightly hooked, showing a sad and indifferent smile.

The two men in the living room, one is her own father, the other is the man she has been looking up to all her life, and even the father of her dead child.

These two men are the closest men in her life, and they are actually trying to figure out how to send her out.

Her hand hanging down on her side shook it, trying to make herself smile less ugly, and then walked to them with light steps.

She looked at Gu Nanjing and smiled softly, "ah Jing, you are here."

"Well." Gu Nanjing looks up at Jianxin.

Jane Xin is wearing a pink coat today, in which she is wearing a bottomed winter skirt. Her slim waist is not full, and she looks shy, which is very exciting.

He stood up and pinched Jane's waist in one hand. He leaned up to her ear and whispered, "you are born for a man."

"A Jing..." Jane Xin put her hand on his chest and let out a little coquetry.

"I don't want to kill you today." Before Jianxin finished speaking, Gu Nanjing picked her up, strode upstairs, and did not pay attention to jianzhengtian sitting in the living room.


Temporary office of the hotel.

Xu Huiyi, holding the document, is reporting to Qin Yue what happened in the West: "President Qin, news from the West..."

"Did she eat?" Before Xu Huiyi had finished speaking, Qin Yue looked at Aunt Chen, who was walking with a tray.

Aunt Chen shook her head and said, "young master, little lady took two mouthfuls of porridge and vomited all over again."

Qin Yue didn't care what Xu Huiyi said at all. He got up at once and said as he walked, "you can prepare some other appetizers and send them back later."

Xu Huiyi looked at his back and sighed helplessly.

Their general manager Qin, who has been in charge of Shengtian for more than six years, has always put his work first and never delayed his work because of anything.

But now, it is because of Jane ran again and again and three ignore the work of things, is this to do as long as the beauty does not want a commercial king?

But fortunately, over the years, he has employed people properly and gathered a variety of elite talents under his hand. He occasionally starts a small business, and other people can do things well.

When Qin Yue stepped into the door, he saw Jane sitting by the window, looking at some place, as if she could disappear at any time.

"Jianran -" he walked over and hugged her from behind, but she didn't give him any response, or quietly looked at some place.

Qin Yue turned her head again and asked her to look at herself: "Jane ran, what are you thinking, tell me?"

"Ah -" Jane seemed to find out his existence at this time, and then he raised his lips and smiled, "you are back."

"What are you thinking?" He asked softly.

"Nothing." She looked at him and smiled softly.

After two days, she still didn't want to talk to him, which made Qin Yue angry, but she had no choice.

Then he said, "would you like to eat with me?"

Jane shook her head. "I'm not hungry."

These two days she always said that she had no appetite, forced her to eat a little, and she immediately vomited.

He thought a lot of ways, but she closed her heart tightly to keep him away.

"I'll eat with you. I'll take you to see someone." Qin Yue started to pick her up and carry her to the restaurant.

"I don't want to go out." She still looked at him and smiled softly.

But Qin Yue didn't want to let her lose her temper this time. He had to find an outlet to let her out. Otherwise, if he kept holding on like this, he would surely have a problem.

Qin Yue takes Jianran to see a friend, a very famous psychologist in Kyoto, named Xiao Qinghe.

Xiaoqinghe is 30 years old, about one meter eight, because he is very thin and looks tall.

"I admire you so much that I can't see you!" Suddenly received a call from Qin Yue. Xiao Qinghe was not surprised. He was surprised to see Qin Yue bring a woman.

Qin Yue nodded, "hello."

Xiaoqinghe's eyes fell on Jianran, and there was a complex light in his eyes that was hard to detect: "you've finally made a girlfriend, boy."

Qin Yue said seriously, "it's not my girlfriend, it's my wife."

"Your wife?" "I thought you would know how to be busy with your business and how to marry your wife in your whole life," said Xiao Qinghe in surprise

Qin Yue did not speak.

Xiaoqinghe looked at Jianran and said, "Hello, Mrs. Qin!"

Jane nodded and smiled softly: "Hello, Dr. Xiao!"

"Don't call me a doctor. I'm a chicken soup." Xiao Qinghe smiled. He was very funny and friendly.

"Then would Mrs. Qin like to talk to me alone?" Qin Yue has already told Xiao Qinghe the general situation on the phone. He also knows that Qin Yue's time is precious and he doesn't talk much about it.

Jian ran takes a subconscious look at Qin Yue, who nods to her to reassure her.

She nodded and followed Xiao Qinghe into the office.

Xiao Qinghe asked Jane to sit down and pour her another cup of boiling water: "Mrs. Qin, you can think of me as a person I don't know, just talk to me, whatever you want to talk to."

"You just called Qinyue Mozhi?" Jianran just paid attention to Xiaoqinghe's name for Qinyue, which made Jianran a little uncomfortable, because Jianxin is also called Qinyue.

"His words. We used to call him that at school. " Xiao Qinghe smiled and said, "Mrs. Qin, if I remember correctly, your father should be Jane Zhengtian."

When it comes to Jane Zhengtian, she takes a deep breath and holds her fists tightly with her hands on her thighs, her eyes showing fierce light.

Her mind was still full of her mother, Jane Zhengtian and the family members.

Her mother passed away, but the people who forced them had a good time. Life as usual, everything as usual, everything as usual, everything has not been affected.

Home, Jane Zhengtian, with her absolute ability to make them better, but her mother died so miserably, she must find a way to let them fall apart.

Xiao Qinghe looked at Jane's reaction and said, "some people, some things, if you don't pull him out, he will always be nailed in your heart.

After a moment of hesitation, Jane asked, "pull it out? How to pull it out?

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