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Hearing Jane's voice, everyone looked past.

She was dressed in pajamas, wearing a coat and long black hair. She was thin and pitiful, but her eyes were shining with fierce light.

Qin Yue's heart sank. How long has she been here? How much did she hear?

"However, you must have misunderstood dad. Our father and daughter should sit down and have a good talk. " Jane Zhengtian didn't have the heart to think about what Jane would hear, let alone whether she would be hurt, and immediately put on a father like face.

"I don't have much to talk about with you wife killer. You'd better get out of here and don't let me see you again." With such a father, Jane doesn't think she has anything to say to him.

When she saw Jane Zhengtian, her mind was full of the way her mother was lying in the ice coffin.

Mother is like that. Jane Zhengtian still wants to use her. She is not allowed to see her mother.

If so, she really does not want her body to shed this kind of * * blood, she will personally let him be punished to comfort her mother in heaven.

"Ran Ran......"

In fact, it's not to change Jane's mind, but to make Qin Yue feel that he still has a very important position in Jane's mind.

As long as in Qin Yue's eyes, Jianran still has the father in his heart, he will make any request to Qin Yue by borrowing Jianran's identity.

"Go away!" Jane, trembling with rage, pointed to the door and roared.

"But that's how you talk to your father? Did you find a man with money and you didn't even want to recognize your father? Your mother's bones are not cold, so you treat your father. Aren't you afraid to hurt her heart? "

Knowing that Jane's mother was the pain in Jane's heart, Jane Zhengtian tore her wound, as if to drive her crazy, so he was satisfied.

Qin Yue went over and took Jane by force. At the same time, he left a sentence: "Xu special help, clean up the matter."

"Jane, you will never get rid of the fate that you are the children of Jane's family. You can't escape." Jane is shouting at the top of her voice.

"Mr. Jane, I've seen all sorts of shameless people over the years. It's the first time I've seen someone as disgusting as you." Xu Huiyi looked at Jane Zhengtian and said rudely.

"You're just a running dog around Qin Yue. The dog supports the man." Said Jane in contempt.

"Even if I am a dog, it is also a dog loyal to its master, and you? You don't do as well as * * Finish saying, Xu Huiyi made a pose of please.

With such a split attitude, Jane Zhengtian immediately understood that Jane would never be used by him. He had to find another way.

He immediately thought of his daughter, Jane Xin, who was an alumnus with Qin Yue many years ago. They had an intersection.

Since Jian Ran's stubborn temper can make Qin Yue submit, it's not difficult for her to let Qin Yue be moved by the gentle Jane Xin.

In jianzhengtian's opinion, Jianxin only needs to use some means slightly, and Qinyue will definitely become the second gunanjing.


Jian Ran is forced to return to her room by Qin Yue. She coughs violently. She hates herself. It's no use hating herself. She hates that she can't do anything about Jane Zhengtian.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue hugged her forcibly and tried to comfort her, but she couldn't hear anything and stepped on Qin Yue fiercely.

She knew that she should not be angry with Qin Yue. She could not control her temper at the thought of Jane Zhengtian's face.

"Just be calm." Qin Yue patted her on the back and said, "my mother-in-law must not want to see you like this. You need to shake up."

Hearing Qin Yue's mention of her mother, Jane suddenly calmed down and smiled at Qin Yue. "I'm dizzy. Go to sleep first."

Qin Yue took hold of Jianran, who wanted to escape, and stared at her for a moment. Then he held her tightly in his arms: "Jianran, say something sad."

Jane bowed her head and said nothing.

Qin Yue pinched her chin and asked her to look up. She closed her eyes again and murmured, "I'm sleepy."

Qin Yue knew that Jane was not willing to show her mind in front of him, but let her go: "go to rest."

"Well." With a gentle reply, Jane went back to * * and lay down, looking steadily at the ceiling.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue sat down beside her and called her, but she didn't respond. Her eyes seemed to be fixed on the ceiling.

Qin Yue reached for her head and let her look at herself: "Jane ran, I'm here, don't be afraid."

"Ah -" Jane was stunned, even smiled, "I'm ok, don't worry."

After that, she looked at the ceiling and stared at it. Qin Yue called her again, but she didn't hear it.

She said that she was OK. It was Qin Yue who knew that she was OK. He turned her head again and lowered his head to kiss her.

She closed her eyes and sighed softly, "I'm tired."

Qin Yue sighs helplessly, pulls the quilt to help her to cover well: "sleep."


After Jane Ran Ran Ran into a wall, she spent the whole day thinking about how to tell Jane Xin to get close to Qinyue.

What's more, Jianxin still holds the title of Gu Nanjing's fiancee, and she has to nod her head and agree with her family.

Of course, he can't directly say that if Jianxin wants to lure Qin Yue, he has to find a way to let Jianxin go by herself, so that she can better control the use of Jianxin for herself.

Just thinking about it, Gu Nanjing came to visit.

Gu Nanjing looked at him and smiled: "Uncle Jian, you go to leoqin, how is the matter? Or would Jane still like to see your father? "

Jian Zhengtian looked at Gu Nanjing and said after a long time: "you have caused this mess. You should be very clear about the result."

Gu Nanjing sat down, picked up his cup, poured a cup of tea, and said: "I also heard that Jianxin and Qinyue were alumni in the United States before, and they had a meeting with each other to let her approach Qinyue. I think there is no more suitable person than her."

"So you agree to let Xin'er get close to Qin Yue?" Jane Zhengtian is worried about how to talk to Gu family. After Gu family says it, things will be much easier.

"Why not?" Gu Nanjing said.

For him, Jane Xin is just a tool to satisfy his needs. At this time, she can be of some use. Why not make the best of everything?

Gu's stock is still falling sharply these two days. If Qin Yue doesn't change his mind, his future is very worrying.

Gu doesn't have much time. He must act as soon as possible.

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