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Qin Yue became Jane's boyfriend without knowing it, and was dumped by Jane without knowing it.

Jane is not unwilling to believe Qin Yue, but Qin Yue's explanation is too far fetched to be convincing.

She took a look at him, didn't speak, and looked out of the window.

Jian ran doesn't speak, and Qin Yue doesn't know what else to say. He looks at her back and reaches for her arms.

Jane pushed him hard, but he was too strong for her to open, and she hit him twice with her fist.

"Just trust me." He said.

His voice was deep and powerful, and he had some helplessness.

Jane no longer struggled, bit her lips, and asked softly, "so it's only by chance that you came to meet me?"

Qin Yue didn't know how to answer this question. At first, he was said to be Jane's boyfriend for some reason, and then he was dumped for some reason.

Three years ago, he came to Jiangbei and was ready to make a complete end to the affair between the two people because of his boyfriend's identity.

However, he did not expect that when he came to Jiangbei, he was in time to catch up with a drama of his time staged by the Jane family and Gu family.

My sister and her fiance have children, and my sister is framed as a bad woman who robbed my sister's man. She is scolded and blocked by others. At last, she has to leave in a mess.

The night before leaving Jiangbei, Jane went to the bar and got drunk.

If he had not been with her that night, Jane would not have known that this stupid girl had been abducted.

At this time, how lucky he was to come to Kyoto, how lucky he was to meet him, how lucky he didn't let those bad things happen.

It's because he met Jane three years ago. When he saw her three years later, he recognized her at a glance.

That time she was in a coffee shop, and it was hard to hear.

When he learned that she was going to continue dating, he didn't know how. He spent money to let her date go. He went to meet her instead of the man.

On the day of the blind date, she came earlier. He was not late or early. He was very punctual. He chatted casually and left after they left.

After that, he sent someone to check everything about her. After knowing all her information, he decided to marry her.

Qin Yue has always been decisive in his decision-making, but he never thought that marriage would be so fast.

At that time, for Jane, he didn't have much thought, just wanted to care for the girl who had been deeply hurt, and wanted to heal her heart.

"Qin Yue, are you going to think of a story to deceive me when you don't talk for so long?" I didn't wait for Qin Yue's answer for a long time, but I looked up and asked him.

Jane Xin is a thorn in Jane Ran's heart. She is afraid that the thorn will come into her marriage with Qin Yue and destroy their peace.

She is going to have a good life with Qinyue, and she can feel his sincerity, he also said he wanted to have a life with her.

"It wasn't by chance that I drove the man you were dating away." Qin and Yue answered according to the facts.

He has never met such a thing, and he doesn't know what to say. He just likes to hear it. Maybe telling her the truth is the best.

Qin Yue's deep eyes are very sincere, and there is no trace of falsehood or concealment.

Everyone has the past. She has it. Isn't it allowed for Qin Yue to have it?

In such a way, Jane is no longer entangled in the past of him and Jane Xin. She nestles into his arms and stretches out her arms to hold his lean waist.

She said, "then you are not allowed to have anything to do with her."

Now that her mother is gone, she only has Qin Yue as a relative. She's afraid that one day he will leave, leaving her alone.

So what should she do?

Qin Yue hugs her and wants to say something, but he doesn't know how to say it. He just increases the strength of hugging her.


The funeral of Jane's mother was attended by Jane ran herself. It was not luxurious and no one was invited. But every little detail was prepared by Jane's heart.

She chose a cemetery for her mother in the best cemetery in Kyoto, with a wide field of vision.

In this life, when my mother was alive, she was locked in a cage and didn't go out for a good walk.

She didn't take good care of her mother either. She could only do so little things behind her mother. She hoped that she would go to heaven after her mother.

Looking at the newly erected tombstone, looking at the words "unfilial daughter Jane ran" signed on the tombstone, Jane ran was sad again.

From now on, she can no longer see her mother's kind smile, nor hear her mother say "my nature".

Qin Yue accompanies her, does not know how to persuade her, simply does not say anything, quietly accompanies her.

Compared with their tranquility, Gu's headquarters has been in a mess.

After the news that Shengtian will never cooperate with Gu was spread out, many enterprises had to reexamine Gu.

Therefore, Gu's stock fell into crisis in a short period of time. For three consecutive days, Gu's stock fell to suspension less than two hours after opening.

"Mr. Gu, loqn's answer is still one sentence, and no one from Gu's family can be seen." Xiao He, assistant president, will report the news he just got.

Gu Shian, the head of Gu's family, looks at Gu Nanjing, his eldest son, and grabs the tea cup on his desk and smashes it at Gu Nanjing: "useless things"

"Dad -" Gu Nanjing is splashed with tea, but he dare not move. He hangs his head and says, "you give me another chance to talk to loqn."

"You going? What else can you do? " Gu Shian would like to kick this useless thing hard. If he offends anyone, he will offend Shengtian's loqn.

Gu Nanjing: "..."

Gu Shian said, "how did you offend loqn, you useless thing?"

Gu Nanjing takes a look at his angry father and knows that he can't hide. He has to be honest about how he offended loqn.

After Gu Shian heard this, he almost fainted. He slapped Gu Nanjing, "you useless thing, can you think of anything else except women all day long?"

Gu Nanjing lowered his head. He didn't dare to make a sound.

Gu Shian added: "go to find the old thing of Jane Zhengtian and ask him to put pressure on Jane. Jane is also his daughter. I don't believe that she can watch Jane's family follow Gu's misfortune. " Read the latest chapters of the novel, please search on Baidu or 360: my book \ city.com

"Dad, aren't you afraid of Jane Zhengtian's defection?" Gu Nanjing said.

Jian Zhengtian is a person who is only interested in profit. There is nothing that can't be done for profit. Once he feels that he has a bigger and more stable backing, he may lose Gu at any time.

Gu Shian sneered and said: "you can go to him. He knows how to do other things. " what kind of person is Jane Zhengtian? Gu Shian knows better than Gu Nanjing. How could Gu Shian take this risk without a 100% assurance.

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