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Ha ha...

With a sneer, Jane looked coldly at Zhengtian.

This is her dignified father.

She had never known that Jane Zhengtian had such a knack for turning black and white.

Jane Zhengtian said, "Jane, you'd better go back. I won't let you disturb your mother. "

"And what else?" Jane is not angry. She stares at Jane.

She will have a look today to see how shameless Jane Zhengtian can say.

When Jane looked left and right, she didn't dare to look at her directly. After waiting, she said, "if you still think she is your mother, you will be kind enough to let her go quietly and quietly. Don't let her die in peace."

When it comes to the words "die with one's eyes closed", Jane's anger will rush upward. If it wasn't for him, Jane Zhengtian, her mother would still be alive now.

It was he who killed his wife and her dearest mother.

"Jane Zhengtian..." Jane was about to get angry when Qin Yue reached out and pulled her back.

He rubbed her head and whispered, "Jane, we're here to see mother-in-law."

Before he came, Qin Yue had expected that Jian Zhengtian might make such a move, so he asked Xu Huiyi to make a phone call to find someone.

After Qin Yue pulled him, he heard his low voice again, and then Jane pressed back her anger and glared at Jane Zhengtian.

At this time, a black car quickly drove to their side to stop, and a fat middle-aged man came down from the car.

Seeing Qin Yue, the fat man nodded and said, "President Qin, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

Qin Yue nodded, "please, Zhang Ju, lead the way."

The fat man, known as Zhang Ju, hurried forward two steps and said: "President Qin, please come here. I don't know what I'm doing. Please forgive me for neglecting president Qin. "

"Zhang Ju, you promised me..." Jian Zhengtian also followed up, but before he had finished saying a word, he was glared back by Zhang Ju.

Jane Zhengtian's "work" every day is to think about how to cling to the power, which has been the case for decades, so she has developed a skill of observing words and colors.

He heard that Jane had married, but he didn't check who the man was.

Jane left Jane's house, and she left with a bad name on her back.

It's easy to marry a man with a bad reputation, but it's impossible to find someone who has more money than the family, so he didn't care.

But just now I saw the man's appearance, the cool and noble temperament that I couldn't hide all over my body, plus Zhang's attitude towards him, I think that man must not be ordinary.

Not ordinary people, who would he be?

What about the forces behind them, compared with the family?

Instinctively, these are the first things Jane Zhengtian measures when she looks at a person.

The power behind one's back is the standard for him to judge whether to please or not.

"Dad, what are you looking at? Has Jane come yet? " Jane Xin has two bottles of water in her hand, which she just asked her to buy.

Jane Zhengtian looks back at Jane Xin, and then looks at the two people who are far away: "Xin'er, have you seen the man Jane ran married?"

Jianxin thought for a moment and said, "I saw it from a distance in Jiangbei that day. It was too far away. I didn't see it very clearly."

Jane Zhengtian said: "I think that man looks and temperament are good. You can go over and have a look later and try to find out his details."

"Here they are?" Jianxin also looked at her father's eyes, only to see the back of Jianran and Qinyue, who had gone far. "Dad, did you stop them?"

Jian Zhengtian narrowed her eyes and said, "Zhang Ju, who came here to release himself, where can I stop him?"

"Zhang Bureau's person?" Jane can't help but look at the two people in the distance, and can't help but think of the man she met several times a few years ago.

The back of the man Jane ran married is quite similar to Qin Muzhi.

It just shouldn't happen to be the same person.


Zhang bureau leads Jianran and Qin Yue to the frozen room of the funeral parlour, which is a big cold storage. Every body is packed in a lattice.

When the family members come, they will be led by a specially assigned person, who will take the number and pull them out of the grid.

Jane didn't want to believe that her mother really passed away, until she lay in that small lattice with her own eyes, and saw the white changed face and frozen blood on her forehead

"Mom..." Jane wants to touch her mother again and look at her mother at a close distance, but her legs are soft and her whole body strength is suddenly drained.

If Qin Yue didn't hold her in time, she would have fallen to her knees.


In addition to this word, Jane's voice is so hoarse that she can't say a second word any more.

Her heart seems to be hollowed out, and a cool breeze blows through her heart, which is hollow.

"I'll grow up to be very good-looking."

"When I grow up, I must marry a hero."

"I am the only baby in my mother's life."

"My ran..."

What my mother said in the past is like a movie, which is easy to learn.

However, the person who once warmed her whole childhood can no longer say a word, touch her head and whisper: "my ran..."

Why is God so cruel? The knot between her and her mother has just opened.

A few days ago, she thought their future was still so bright and happy.

She'll be able to take care of her mother in a minute and live a good life with her.

However, my mother is now lying in the cold freezer, there is no future.


Jane is right. She killed her mother. She left Kyoto alone, but left her mother in Jane's hell.

Why didn't she come early to take her mother?

Why doesn't the cruel God give her a chance to take good care of her mother?


Jane's mood finally collapsed at this moment after a whole day's patience, and tears flowed down like beads of broken thread. (I) $(of) $(Book) $(city) $(net) free reading.

The heart is empty, as if nothing can be filled again.

Qin Yue hugs her. She doesn't say anything to persuade her. She just lets her tears wet his clothes. Let her cry. She shouldn't feel so bad crying out.

However, looking at her tears, his heart was also tightly clenched. His mood was not under his control. Qin Yue had never experienced this feeling before. Now he realized it in Jane ran. He didn't hate it.

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