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After Gu Nanjing asked, how he hoped that someone would come out and answer him - no, but he didn't wait for someone to come out and say no, Xue Zhixiao came out and said, "Gu Shao, this is our general manager Qin. What's your question?"

"He, he's really loqn? The loqn in charge of Shengtian? " Gu Nanjing shakes his head. I hope Xue Zhixiao can deny it.

This man, Qin Yue, happens to be surnamed Qin. He happens to work in Shengtian, but he is definitely not the leader of Shengtian, loqn.

"Yes." Xue Zhixiao said without expression.

"No way, no way he could be Shengtian's loqn." Gu Nanjing looks at Qin and Yue again.

Qinyue is Qinyue. It's just a small innovative president. There's no big force behind him. How could he become loqn in a blink of an eye?

If Qin Yue is really loqn, his purpose of cooperation with Shengtian will be lost.

The thought that he could not cooperate with Shengtian made Shengtian declare that he would never cooperate with Gu. Gu Nanjing was shocked and sweating.

His position in Gu family is not stable and may be replaced by others at any time. To strive for cooperation with Shengtian is his only hope.

Now as soon as Shengtian sends out the news that he will never cooperate with Gu, he can only watch himself abandoned by his father and can no longer enter the core Department of Gu.

In fact, he should have thought that loqn is the famous name of Shengtian as a family. For many years, people used to call him that, but they forgot that he should also be famous.

And Qinyue gas field, the kind of gas field that stands there doing nothing but crushing everyone.

That kind of aura is definitely not something that a small president of innovative technology can own. He should have a different identity behind it.

But he was too opinionated or too trusting of Li Gang's fool. He never thought of Qin Yue as Sheng Tian's loqn.

"No, Mr. Qin..." At this time, Gu Nanjing was even more bitter than having eaten Coptis. He was so bitter that he could not say a complete word.

Qin Yue coldly glanced at Gu Nanjing, turned around and left.

Gu Nanjing wants to pursue, but when he thinks of what he has done, where can he still have the face to pursue, even if he can?

"Gu Shao..."

"Get out of here, a group of drummers. I'm good to eat and drink. Let's see what you've done for me one day."

Gu Nanjing kicks the people around him, kicks several feet in a row, and sprinkles all the cowards he received here in Qinyue on the people under his hand.

Maybe it was too shocked. For a long time, Gu Nanjing was still in a trance. His legs were also soft. When he came to the door, he didn't pay attention and fell into **.

He ran under him to help him, and was kicked twice by him. He scolded: "get out, get out for me. Who the hell will come here to kill his family?"

Xue Zhixiao looks at Gu Nanjing, roaring and scolding. He can't help shaking his head. If Gu family gives Gu Nanjing to take over, he may have no future.

The same 28 year old is also born in a wealthy family.

One is the second generation of people who have dirty exports and make troubles everywhere; the other is Sheng Tian, who is calm, introverted, low-key and very principled.

In such a comparison, their Qin is more than ten million times better than Gu Nanjing.


Jane stood at the floor window of the room, holding the ring she picked up, with her back straight and her eyes fixed on the white snow outside.

As if my mother was standing outside the window, smiling softly and kindly at her: "my family's Ran Ran is the best, and my mother likes ran most..."

"Mom..." Jane rushed to hold her mother, but she hit the glass window.

The pain made her wake up instantly. She let her know that the original picture was an illusion of her own.

"Jianran" Qin Yue opened the door and saw such a scene. When he saw her hit the glass window, his voice was gloomy.

Jane looked up and smiled at him. "You're back."

Qin Yue looked at her and frowned. After a while, he said, "Jane, you have me."

"I know." Jane winked at him playfully.

He was clearly smiling, but Qin Yue thought she was more sad than crying. He put her in his arms and put his arms around her.

Qin Yue hugs her, and his body temperature is passed to her, which makes her body and heart less cold.

His strength is really great, as if he wanted her to rub into his body, he said nothing, but she felt his concern.

She pushed him gently: "Qinyue, you are holding me so fast that I can't breathe."

Qin Yue ignored, and after a long time said, "I will accompany you to the funeral home."

"No." Jane refused without thinking.

Qin Yue let go of her and held her face instead: "Jane, some things have happened, you can't wait for them to happen."

Jane admitted that she was afraid. She was afraid that her last fantasy would disappear. She was afraid to see what she didn't want to see.

But Qin Yue is also right. Something has happened. She can't pretend that it didn't happen. She has to face it bravely.

When I was little, my mother often touched her head and said, "I am the bravest and the strongest. When I grow up without my mother, I will take good care of myself."

Now that she's grown up, she can take good care of herself, but she wants to take good care of her mother. On that day, they said well that their mother would go home with her after discharge.

Mother promised her, but why doesn't mother wait for her for a while longer? When she arrives at Jane's house, she can pick up her mother.

"Jane ran..."

"Let's go." Jane took a deep breath of cool air and looked up at Qin Yue and smiled.

Qin Yue has never hated a simple smile like this.

She can smile to anyone with a strong smile, but here, he only wants her to be the most real self.

However, he has no way to take her. He doesn't even want to let him know. In fact, he has seen through her disguised smile.


For Jane's personality, Jane Zhengtian is also quite familiar.

He had expected that Jane would come to the funeral home, so he had been waiting for someone to enter the funeral home.

He looked at Jianran and then at the Qin Yue beside her.

Qin Yue also looked at Jian Zhengtian, with a smile in his eyes, but he couldn't help but let her shiver.

Jian Zhengtian avoids Qin Yue's eyes, looks at Jian ran again, and says, "however, when you did that three years ago, your mother had already given up on you. Now that she died, don't disturb her again."

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