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Thinking that Jianran has not had a substantial relationship with Qin and Yue, Gu Nanjing's heart is a little restless.

If it wasn't for loqn to see Jianran soon, he would really like to taste it first, and then send it to him.

But now he has only to think about it. He has not the courage to rob women with loqn. After all, if you want to mix in this circle, loqn is the only one he can't offend.

Shengtian Hotel, located in the central area of Kyoto, is a very distinctive building, which is also one of the landmark buildings in Kyoto.

After getting out of the car, I suddenly stood in the cold air, shivering with the cold, and I could not help tensing my clothes around myself.

Gu Nanjing wants to put on his coat to Jane, but he thinks it's not right. Jane wants to be a woman of loqn. He can't have any involvement with Jane in front of loqn, and he can't be an imaginary enemy of loqn.

Xue Zhixiao, the head of Shengtian group in Kyoto, had been waiting at the gate of the hotel for a long time. When he saw them, he immediately greeted them: "Miss Jane, you are finally here. We, President Qin, have been waiting for you for a long time."

"President Qin?" Jane read it in silence.

This title is very familiar, because we all call Qin Yue this way, but we forget that Sheng Tian's loqn is also named Qin. Under normal circumstances, we will call him president Qin instead of loqn.

Sheng Tian's top leader at the headquarters in Kyoto came to pick him up. It's not surprising that Jane didn't know him.

Gu Nanjing actually knew Xue Zhixiao. He hurriedly came forward and said, "President Xue, are you loqn here?"

"Jane ran..."

Suddenly came the low voice, attracted everyone's attention, Jane looked back and saw Qin Yue coming to her.

As Qin Yue walked, he took off his overcoat. When he came to her, he just took off. He put his overcoat with his body temperature on her, and then pressed her into his arms to hug her.

"Qin Yue..." Jane called his name, and suddenly felt sorry for him. Just now, she had doubts about him because of Gu Nanjing's provocation.

It turns out that he asked her to go with Gu Nanjing. It was him, not the legendary loqn, who was waiting for her here.

Qin Yue didn't say anything, just caressed her back gently and gave her silent comfort.

Seeing this scene, Gu Nanjing wants to rush to get Jane back and be stopped by people around Qinyue. He can't get close to Qinyue at all.

Can't get close to me, Gu Nan roared: "Qin, take your hand away, but my house is that dirty hand you can touch?"

Gu Nanjing brings Jane to see Shengtian's loqn, and Jane has no objection. Seeing that her own affairs are about to become, Qin Yue suddenly runs out of bad things. How can Gu Nanjing not be angry.

But Qin Yue can only see and hear people simply; Jane can see and hear people only Qin Yue.

They hold each other tightly, because of the appearance of each other, their hearts that have been hanging are finally falling.

"Qin, are you deaf? Do you know whose territory this is? My young master's land wheel gets you to behave wildly here? "

Gu Nanjing shouts and calls people. Kyoto is his base camp. No one dares to move on his head in this land.

Seeing his own people coming, Gu Nanjing was even more arrogant and arrogant: "Qin, get out of Kyoto immediately for my young master, and I will keep my two legs for you."

Qin Yue ignores Gu Nanjing and hands Xu Huiyi a look: "Xu special help, please go to the room to have a rest first."

"* * *, who dares to take away the people brought by my young master?" With a wave of Gu Nanjing's hand, his people want to rush to catch people.

Besides Xu Huiyi and Xue Zhixiao, Qin Yue also has two bodyguards, one is to stop Gu Nanjing, and the other is to stop Gu Nanjing's men from approaching Qin Yue.

Gu Nanjing's men were more than ten, but they were defeated by Qin Yue's men. Before they were close to Qin Yue, they were beaten down by Qin Yue's bodyguards.

The security personnel of the hotel didn't act either. They watched from afar and received the order in advance depending on the situation. They would only take action when waiting for the master's order.

Gu Nanjing rushes over and wants to take back Jianran. Someone immediately stops him and gives him a big blow. He can't get close to Qinyue and Jianran at all.

Jian ran looked up from Qin Yue's arms and looked at Gu Nanjing: "Gu Nanjing, thank you for sending me out of my house."

"Jane, do you want to cross the river and demolish the bridge?" Gu Nanjing stares at Jianran.

"Yes. If it wasn't for your help, Jane would not have let me leave her house so easily. " Simply do not deny that is to use Gu Nanjing.

But Gu Nanjing can let her use it. That's because Gu Nanjing wants to give her away to others. She's just a tit for a tooth.

"Go to the room first and rest. I'll take care of the rest." Qin Yue did not want to have too much involvement with Gu Nanjing. He rubbed her head and said softly.

"Qin Yue..." Jane didn't want to leave everything to Qin Yue. She wanted to deal with it herself.

Jane gave her a reassuring look and rubbed her head again: "listen."

Short words, like orders, like drowning, are always irresistible.

Jane nodded and followed Xu Huiyi into the room.

Seeing Jane into the elevator, the elevator on the eighth floor, Qin Yue just looked back at Gu Nanjing, his eyes seemed to smile, but with a piercing cold.

Gu Nanjing quarreled and roared: "Qin, what the hell are you? My young master has abandoned you today. Nobody dares to fart on this land."

Qin Yue just glanced at him coldly and turned to Xue Zhixiao: "Xue Zhixiao"

"President Qin." Xue Zhixiao immediately came forward to answer respectfully.

Qin Yue added: "immediately draw up a press release and announce that Shengtian will never cooperate with Gu and his subsidiaries. Find more media to publicize, the bigger the trouble, the better. "

Xue Zhixiao nodded: "yes, President Qin."

"Qin, who is your mother? Why do you want Sheng Tian not to cooperate with Gu?" Gu Nan jumped up and swore at Qinyue.

Qin Yue looked at him, his eyes were as sharp as an arrow, and even said in a cold voice, "just by my surname Qin."

"What about your surname Qin? There are many Qin people in the world. Even if your surname is Qin, you can't be Shengtian loqn. " When Gu Nanjing finished scolding, he suddenly realized something.

Xue Zhixiao, the general manager of Shengtian Kyoto, is appointed by loqn himself and has a very high position in the industry. He is only in charge of loqn, which is known to all.

But Xue Zhixiao was very respectful to Qin Yue, that is to say

Gu Nanjing looked at Qin Yue again, stared at Qin Yue for a long time, and began with a trembling voice: "difficult, are you loqn?"

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