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The winter in Kyoto is called the real winter. The temperature at this time is more than ten degrees below zero. It seems that the breath spewed out can quickly form ice.

When living in Kyoto before, Jane didn't feel how cold the place was.

Living in Jiangbei for the past three years, Jane has been used to and liked the relatively warm weather in the south.

Now back to Kyoto, not only the weather is too cold to bear, everything else is strange to her as if she had never been familiar with it.

Sitting in Gu Nanjing's car, the heating in the car is very big, but she still feels cold, as if she is in a cold ice cellar, shivering with cold, pale without a trace of blood.

Thinking of her mother, the mother who suffered from domestic violence for a lifetime, until the end

Thinking about this, Jane closed her eyes and took a deep breath with her face in her hands.

At this moment, she can be so calm as if nothing has happened. That's because she didn't see her mother jumping off the building or her body, so she doesn't believe it is true.

Sometimes people just like to deceive themselves. If they don't see it with their own eyes, they still have a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

At this time, Jane is deceiving herself. She thinks her mother is still alive. She can't find her mother because she is hidden by Jane Zhengtian.

Or, she felt that she was having a terrible dream. When she woke up after sleeping in the evening, she could see her mother well in front of her.

"Ran Ran......" Gu Nanjing reaches out and wants to hold Jane in his arms, but with a pair of cold eyes, he puts his hand back.

Jane gave him a cold look and turned to look out of the window.

Looking at the fleeting scenery outside the window, the snowflakes are more and more big, and the streets are white. There are almost no pedestrians on the road, and there is a city that is cold and lifeless.

After staring at Jane for a long time, Gu Nanjing sighed and said, "but I will tell you the truth. Sheng Tian's loqn takes a fancy to you and wants to get you. "

"Loqn is interested in me?" Jane thinks it's funny. She and loqn have never been masked. How does that good looking man like her?

"You may wonder how loqn got to know you? And how can I see you? " Gu Nanjing smiled. "Then you have to ask your good husband Qin Yue."

"What do you mean?" she frowned

Gu Nanjing added: "why did Qin Yue take you to the charity dinner not long ago? Why didn't he touch you when you were married so long? He just registered with you and then took the post of president of innovation? A lot of things. Just think about it. "

Jane sat in Gu Nanjing's car, never thought of running away, because she received a wechat from Qin Yue before getting on.

Qin Yue asked her to follow Gu Nanjing. Gu Nanjing asked her to see whoever she wanted to see. Don't resist. He's in charge of other things.

So she did nothing. She followed Gu Nanjing to see the Legendary Super boss, loqn.

She believed that Qin Yue, who asked her to do so, had his intention and did not think about other bad aspects.

However, at this time, hearing Gu Nanjing's words, Jane had some doubts in her heart.

Will Qin Yue have the same idea as Gu Nanjing? Only because Sheng Tian's loqn takes a fancy to her, so in order to gain power, he will surrender her to others?

Jin Quan, power, interest

For these ethereal things, Jane Zhengtian can beat his wife violently and use his daughter as a tool.

In the eyes of men, are wives and daughters all things that can be taken out?

Jane knew that she shouldn't doubt Qin Yue like this, but she had to think about that.

With this idea in mind, Jane's heart is a little uneasy.

What if what Qin Yue has shown her these days is false?

What if Qin Yue is the same person as Jane Zhengtian?

So how can she deal with this loveless marriage?

Thinking of this, Jane felt that she had to go to see loqn with Gu Nanjing. Only when she went there could she know what Qin Yue thought and did.

Knowing that she successfully planted a seed of doubt in Jane's heart, Gu Nanjing continued: "loqn should be the man that all women dream of. He is young and handsome. The most important thing is that he is the master of Shengtian group's huge business empire."

"To be seen by him is probably the greatest wish of many women in their lives. He will reward you with anything, and it will be enough for you to live a good life. "

"And your nominal husband, Qin Yue, after all, he is not enough to be a running dog under loqn. He can give you very little in his life. He can use you to get more benefits from loqn. "

"I know you don't want to come back to me, but you can take the opportunity to seize loqn, he can help you do many things you can't do."

After saying so much, Gu Nanjing still didn't see any changes in Jane's expression, and finally added: "for example, borrow loqn to do something for your dead mother."

Hearing this, Jane suddenly smiled and her eyebrows curved: "Gu Nanjing, aren't you afraid that I can use loqn to deal with you?"

Gu Nanjing: "..."

He didn't really think about it. He only thought about giving Jane to loqn. Loqn would give him benefits, but he never thought that Jane might bite him back.

"Gu Nanjing, as long as I don't want to, no one can force me to do anything. Including the loqn you all want to hold your thighs

Loqn is a man with a lot of money and good looks. It's also a man many women dream of, but what about that?

Although Qin Yue's status is not as high as loqn and has no money, but Qin Yue treats her well. As long as Qin Yue treats her sincerely and lives with her well, she will never have two hearts to Qin Yue in this life.

Jane really wants to do something for her mother and let Jane Zhengtian fall into disrepute, but she has her own way, who says she has to borrow the power of loqn.

Gu Nanjing said a lot at a time, not to guide Jane to use loqn to help her do something, he said that in fact, he didn't want Jane to live with that Qin again.

After Jane and loqn get along well, they will naturally shake off Qin. At that time, he needs to have a good look at Qin's upset appearance.

Gu Nanjing is a typical kind of person who can't get it by himself and would rather destroy it than let others get it.

But what Jane just said makes Gu Nanjing feel that what she just said to her is actually throwing stones at her feet.

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