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When Gu Nanjing was in Jiangbei, he tried all kinds of ways to fail to see the person in charge of Shengtian, loqn.

Just now, when he returned to Kyoto, Sheng Tian's people took the initiative to take him and asked him to take Miss Jane's second daughter to see loqn.

Jianran has been in Jiangbei. It is said that loqn is also in Jiangbei. Today, Jane Ran has just returned to Kyoto, and loqn has also arrived.

Gu Nanjing thought that it would never be a coincidence.

He guessed that loqn had been interested in Jianran for a long time, but Nian and Jianran were his subordinates' wives, so it was not easy to start in Jiangbei.

Seeing that Jane left Jiangbei to come to Kyoto, such a good opportunity, a good woman man will not easily miss it, so loqn will follow.

After coming here, I didn't want to meet you directly. Then it would be more appropriate for him to take this line through Gu Nanjing.

Even if loqn's subordinates find out about it later, they can also plead that they don't know about it. They never ask the source of the gifts they have received.

Gu Nanjing doesn't care what loqn looks for or how long loqn's interest in Jane lasts.

He only remembers one sentence. As long as he takes Jane through completely, loqn will promise him anything he wants to do.

Gu Nanjing doesn't want to do many things. He wants Shengtian to cooperate with Gu, so that the major shareholders of Gu can't look down on him any more, and let him take over the real power of Gu.

Although he still has some nostalgia for Jianran in his heart, Gu Nanjing chose the latter without hesitation compared with the cooperation with Shengtian.


The Jane's family is not big. Compared with the luxury house, there is no spacious place for the servants to live.

Jian Zhengtian takes a fancy to this place, because it's the rich area of Kyoto. He thinks it's more noble than ordinary people to walk out here.

But it's such a big place. After several times, Jane can't find her mother.

She also realized that she was too impulsive.

Since Jane Zhengtian is trying to lure her to come here, she will surely send her mother to another place in advance and will not let her see you again.

Jane Zhengtian can't tell her mother's whereabouts, so she can only think of other ways.

Jane closed her eyes and took a breath of cool air. When she opened her eyes again, a white light flashed in front of her eyes.

She looked intently and saw a glowing thing lying in the grass a few steps away.

Jane came close and picked it up. It was a platinum ring.

Jane remembers that she earned the ring. She smiles, nods and agrees, without hesitation.

If he had known that Jane was so easy, Gu Nanjing thought he should have dealt with her as early as he was in Jiangbei, and didn't have to wait until today to see loqn.

Jane doesn't really want to meet that loqn with Gu Nanjing. Her real purpose is to borrow Gu Nanjing to leave Jane's house and the cold and impersonal place.

Her mother, her mother

Thinking of her mother, Jane clenched her fists and her eyes flashed a cold light.

Jane Zhengtian, wait!

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