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"Leave, this house doesn't welcome you." Jian Xin glanced at Jian Ran, and turned to leave.

"Are you deaf? I want to see my mother. Who wants to come back to your home? " Jian Ran really wanted to rush in and give Jian Xin a fierce slap.

Jian Ran had yet to settle the scores with her for the drama that she led two days ago, and now she was here participating again.

"Xin'er, open the door and let your sister in." Jian Zhengtian's voice came from behind Jian Xin.

Jian Xin would never disobey her. She would open the door whenever he told her to, and she would do whatever he told her to do.

When the door opened, Jian Ran rushed in, wanting to look for her mother, but she was blocked by the two servants that Jian Zhengtian had ordered.

Jian Zhengtian said unhurriedly: "If you want to see your mother, then promise me one thing."

"Don't even think about what I'll promise you." Looking at the face in front of him, if it wasn't because he was close to her, Jian Ran would have spat at him.

"You delivered yourself to me. You can't blame others if you have to blame others in the future." Jian Zhengtian laughed coldly, and said, "Send the Second Young Miss to her room to dress up, and then call to rush the young master of the Gu family, see if he's arrived."

"Hehe ~ ~ ~"

Jian Ran looked at the man in front of her. Was this man really her father?

If it was her father, would he force her to be with another man despite her wishes?

At this moment, Jian Ran only saw benefits in's eyes, other than that, she did not see any kinship at all.

She already knew that Jian Zhengtian was someone who would go all out to get benefits.

Isn't it?

Jian Ran took a deep breath and said, "Jian Zhengtian, I want to see my mother. If you have any humanity left, let me see her. Let me take her away. "

"After you and the Gu family's eldest young master finish what you need to do, I'll let you see your mother." Jian Zhengtian waved his hand, signalling two servants to take action.

Jian Ran's cold gaze swept over Jian Zhengtian, Jian Xin and the two servants, and suddenly laughed: "Jian Zhengtian, do you think you can do whatever you want to do? If you dare to act recklessly, even if I die, I won't let you succeed. "

No, how could she bear to die? She was just scaring them with her words.

She had just become Qin Yue's woman, and she wanted to give birth to many little monkeys together with Qin Yue.

How could he take his mother back to live with them? How could he play with these heartless people?

Jian Ran's eyes were especially sharp, the two servants were startled where they were and did not dare to move forward.

Jian Ran ignored them and walked inside. She was here to find someone, not to be bullied.

Jian Zhengtian did not care about his anymore, since he was already at home, he was not afraid that she would run.

Right now, he could only hope that the young lord of the Gu family would hurry up and bring her over. As long as the rice was cooked, everything would be fine.

Turning his head, he saw Jian Xin's envious and resentful gaze, and said, "Xin Er, don't worry, we want her child, not her. The position of the Gu Family's Young Madam can only be yours. "

"Dad, I ..." Jian Xin blinked, tears welling up in her eyes, "I know, you are the one who loves me the most."

"Because Daddy only has a daughter like you." Jian Zhengtian patted Jian Xin's shoulder and said, "If I don't love you, who else can I love?"

"Father, who is Jian Ran's biological father?" Jian Xin couldn't get the answer from her mother, so she wanted to find out some more clues from her father.

Jian Xin did not want to give up any opportunity to grab hold of Jian Ran's weakness. The more things she held in her hand, the more advantageous it was to deal with Jian Ran.

Jian Zhengtian said: "You don't need to worry too much about this matter, go and watch out for his. Since you have delivered yourself to my doorstep, you cannot let her escape. And about your mother, for the time being, don't leak the news. "

"Dad, Mom ..." That person was still her own mother after all, and Jian Xin still couldn't bear to see that person.

"Hmm?" Jian Zhengtian frowned, and snorted.

Jian Xin bit her lips and nodded: "I'll go watch her now."

Jian Ran searched the entire Shi family but did not find his mother. If his mother was not in the Shi family, then where could she go?

Jian Ran thought about it again and again, but she really didn't know where else her mother could go besides the Jane family.

Could it be that Jian Zhengtian had hidden it in the Gu family?

If Jian Zhengtian and Gu Nanjing were really colluding to swindle her to come back, then it was extremely likely that they had hidden their mother at the Gu household.

She could return to the Gu Clan, but the Gu Clan was heavily guarded, making it difficult to enter. The key point was that entering was like entering a tiger's den.

Most importantly, Jian Xin had been bringing people to follow her the entire time, so it would probably be difficult for the Ju Family to leave.

I wonder if Qin Yue saw her WeChat?

If Qin Yue met with things like hers, how would he deal with it?

Thinking about Qin Yue, Jian Ran found a place to sit and planned to call him to ask for her opinion.

She took out his phone, and only then did Jian Ran realize that she had forgotten to turn it on after getting off the plane.

She turned on her phone and saw that there were more than ten missed calls from Qin Yue.

Unable to contact her, he must be worried. Jian Ran quickly called her, but she was also switched off.

Because Qin Yue was also currently on a plane heading to the capital.

Due to the sudden departure of Qin Yue, there were some problems in the events in the west.

Qin Yue communicated with the people at his side through the videoconference this afternoon, and they talked for a few hours.

After he finished, he saw Jian Ran's WeChat, and then called Jian Ran. Her phone was always turned off, and he couldn't contact her.

He got someone to transfer the hospital's video call to understand the situation, and then sent someone to the airport to investigate. She confirmed that the two elders of the Jian family had returned to the capital last night, while Jian Ran had flown back to the capital a few hours ago.

Even Gu Nanjing, who had always wanted to see Leo Qin, had rushed back to the capital early in the morning.

Thus, before Qin Yue boarded the plane, he immediately made a decision to ask the person in charge of the Sheng Tian in the capital to meet Gu Nanjing.

After getting off the plane, Qin Yue received a message from the person in charge of the Sheng Tian's capital, and had already contacted Gu Nanjing himself.

After hearing Xu Huiyi's report, Qin Yue then said, "Hutt's aid, get someone to tell Gu Nanjing that as long as the second young miss of the Ji family is brought to me in one piece, I will give him everything he wants."

At this time, if Qin Yue hurried back to the Ji Family, there would be some things that would be too late to stop Gu Nanjing, so he could only use his identity as Leo Qin to do so.

That Jian Zhengtian really isn't a person. Back then, he had done such a crazy thing to his wife. Now, he wants to use Jian Ran again.

If it were not for the fact that he knew Jian Ran would be injured, he would have minced him into a thousand pieces.

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