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Just as her mother and Qin Yue finished their conversation, Jian Ran came back with the porridge she had bought.

She looked at her mother, smiled sweetly and said, "Mom, I bought you a porridge that you like to eat. Try it, see just where in the capital and in the Jiangbei it tastes better? "

"I am still the most considerate and sensible one." Jane's mother smiled and said.

Perhaps the knot between her and her daughter had been lifted, but Jane's face looked much better than good morning, and her voice was softer.

Jian Ran opened her arms and hugged Jane's mother, acting like a child and acted like a spoiled child, "Because you are my mother, of course I have to be considerate of you."

"En, of course you're the most obedient!" Jane's mother smiled gently and kindly. She was satisfied that she was still able to be so close to her most beloved daughter in her entire life.

Qin Yue stood at the side and watched the mother and daughter pair, especially when he saw the happy smile on Jian Ran's face.

Before registering with Jian Ran, he had someone investigate everything about Jian Ran. Jian Ran's parents were definitely there as well, but they had unintentionally discovered the matter that her mother had mentioned.

That matter was something that's mother was unable to lift her head up from, and was also the reason why she was unable to do so in front of her father.

In order to protect Jian Ran, she had chosen to endure her father's violence and all sorts of sufferings. She had endured it for more than twenty years.

Twenty years, what kind of number was that?

That was when a woman was at her prime.

Her mother had practically wasted the best part of her life on Jian Zhengtian.

"Of course, it's getting late, you and Qin Yue can go back first, you just have to come back tomorrow to accompany me when you're free." When she finished eating, she lied down and also urged Jian Ran and Qin Yue to leave quickly.

"Mom, how can I be at ease leaving you alone in the hospital?" Jian Ran laid on her mother's body, rubbing her hands on her shoulders, "Anyway, I haven't been working lately, so I'll stay and chat with you."

"Who wants you to accompany me to chat? Quickly go back and accompany your husband. Be careful not to let others snatch him away." Her mother gently caressed Jian Ran's head and said gently.

"No, I want to accompany you." Jian Ran turned to look at Qin Yue, and said extremely confidently: "If it's a man that's able to get snatched away, it's useless to stay there."

"You child." Jane poked Jian Ran's head and sighed: "You're already married, why are you still spouting nonsense."

Jian Ran laughed again: "In front of mom, I will always be a child."

"Yeah, in mom's world, you'll always be a child, but now that you're married, you're an adult in front of your husband." Jane closed her eyes and said, "Of course, I promise mother that no matter what happens in the future, I will live a good life."

Jian Ran vigorously nodded his head, "Mn, mother, I will take good care of you in the future. We will live a good life together." She would never be bullied by that man again. She would never have to do something that went against her heart.

"Good child, I am really happy to see you being so lucky in Jiangbei this time." Jian Ran patted Jian Ran's head and said, "You must always be happy in the future."

Jian Ran said: "With mother by my side, I will definitely be happier than I am now."

Hearing this, her nose turned sour and tears almost fell from her eyes. In order to prevent her daughter from seeing her tears, she immediately waved her hands, "It's getting late, you two can go back. There's a nurse watching over me here."

Why did my mother suddenly kick him out?

Jian Ran: "Mom, I still want to accompany you."

Jane's mother said again: "Qin Yue, quickly take Ran Ran away, don't let her bother me here."

Jian Ran: "Mother!"

"Hurry up and go back, don't bother me here." Her mother waved her hands impatiently, thinking to drive Jian Ran away. She really couldn't bear to have Jian Ran accompany her in the night, what could she do if her pretty face became ugly after staying up all night?

"Mommy ..." "Then rest well, I'll come accompany you tomorrow morning." In the end, Jian Ran still couldn't force his mother, so they could only go back first. She planned to stay with his mother in the morning.

However, Jian Ran never expected that not even half an hour after they left, a middle-aged man had already arrived at his mother's sickroom.

He pulled off the blanket that was covering Jane's mother and sneered sinisterly, "What did I tell you to do? I let you come and enjoy life? "

"My daughter has grown up. She has found someone who truly wants to love her, so you can forget about harming her and making use of her."

Her father cursed angrily, "I raised her for more than ten years, shouldn't she do something for my family? I told her to have children with the first young master of the Gu family. In the future, half of the descendants of the Gu family will belong to the Jane family.

"Because she is my daughter. She is a man of blood and thought, not a tool." Thinking that Jian Ran had a reliable man by her side, her mother still smiled lightly. Even if she were to die immediately in this life, she wouldn't have anything to worry about.

In the future, her daughter would have a new life. Someone would protect her daughter, and since her mother couldn't help her, she had to try her best not to hold her back.

Her father was infuriated by her words. He grabbed her hair and coldly said, "Since you don't want to talk to her, then I'll have to trouble you."

"Jian Zhengtian, I won't let you succeed." Jane's mother did not make a ruckus because she had expected such a thing to happen.

Jian Zhengtian forced her to persuade Jian Ran to go back and bear the Gu family's children. As long as she did not follow his instructions, she would definitely not live a good life. And she didn't want to live this inhuman life anymore ...

Jian Ran was her daughter. She only wanted her daughter to live a blissful life, so she wanted Jian Ran to leave and never return to the capital, never to be used again.

"Do you want me to send these things out?" Her father took out another photo and showed it to her.

In the past, whenever he did this, Jane's mother would give in and endure it, but this time she didn't. She still smiled slightly, as if nothing could affect her any longer.

The more she didn't respond, the angrier her father became.

He pulled her up. "I'll bring you back to the capital. If your good daughter is still filial, she'll definitely come back."

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