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Qin Yue wore a black overcoat on his silver-grey suit. Due to his tall stature and elegant footsteps, when he walked towards her, it made people feel that he was a work of art.

Jian Ran looked at him quietly, watched as he got closer and closer to her, and finally reached her side.

He called out her name in a low voice: "Jian Ran -- --"

At this moment, Jian Ran did not hesitate at all and took the initiative to throw herself into his embrace, extending her arm to tightly hug his slender waist. "Mr. Qin, why did you come back at such a opportune time?"

Because he knew she needed him now, he had come back at the right time.

Qin Yue hugged her with one hand and patted her back lightly with the other. He said softly, "Jian Ran, Yue Mu will be fine, don't be afraid."

"Originally, I was very afraid. However, now that you've come, I am no longer afraid." She rubbed her hand against his chest. She spoke softly and felt a bit wronged, but she was still more at ease.

Originally, even she did not know that Qin Yue, this man, was already able to give her such a great sense of security.

As long as he was there, her heart was steady, as if nothing could make it difficult for her.

Qin Yue did not make a sound again, his chin on her head, smelling her fragrance, and slightly increased the force of his embrace with his.

Jian Ran moved, she raised his head and asked: "Are you done with your work over there?"

The leaders of the several provinces were all waiting for Qin Yue to go for a meeting, but suddenly he turned and left. This was definitely an explosive and terrible event.

Once Qin Yue left, the people who were left behind to guard the west immediately started a series of public relations activities to stabilize the situation, to prevent people with ulterior motives from causing trouble.

Fortunately, Liu Yong and a few of the person in charge were trusted generals of Qin Yue who had stayed in the west to take care of things. They often followed him to war, and were quite capable in handling matters.

Qin Yue's departure would definitely cause some people to be unhappy, but after everyone's efforts, the situation was settled, as for whether or not things could be settled, it would be to test the abilities of the few people.

In the face of Jian Ran's inquiry, Qin Yue instead calmly threw out a sentence, "Other people can deal with the remaining matters there."

After hearing that Qin Yue was done with his work, Jian Ran also felt at ease, and forcefully rubbed his chest twice. "It's good that you're done with your work, if you're not done with your work, I'll feel bad delaying you."

"Yes." He stroked her face, lowered his head and kissed her forehead, then said, "Don't worry too much about your mother-in-law. I've just asked the doctor about her condition, and as long as she recovers, she'll be fine."

"Mr. Qin, thank you for doing so much for me." Jian Ran laughed and said.

"Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin should do something for you." He was serious again, but there was a faint smile in his eyes.

"Of course, who is he?" Mother Jian who was on the sickbed had already opened her eyes for a while, but did not say a word, until she heard them calling each other the Great Mrs. Qin.

Jian Ran pulled Qin Yue and walked to the side of Jane's mother's sickbed and said: "Qin Yue, this is my mother."

"Hello, mother-in-law!" Qin Yue nodded, his tone polite and polite.

Jian Ran then said: "Mother, he is called Qin Yue, we have already registered for marriage, he is your son-in-law."

She looked at Qin Yue with a pair of sharp eyes, looking at him from top to bottom, sizing him up again and again.

"Mom, what are you looking at?" felt very bad when his mother stared at him like that.

She stared at Qin Yue for a long while, then turned her head to look at Jian Ran: "Of course, I want to speak to him alone for a bit."

"Mom, what can you say to him alone?" Jian Ran was not at ease, and looked at Qin Yue.

"Jian Ran, your mother-in-law might be hungry, go get something to eat." Since Qin Yue had said so, Jian Ran had no reason to stay anymore.

Before leaving, Jian Ran looked at the two of them again, and reluctantly left.

Once Jian Ran left, her mother asked him directly, "Qin Yue, do you like my daughter?"

"I don't like your daughter, the person I like is Jian Ran." Qin Yue answered clearly, to prevent others from changing their way of thinking.

The Ji Family had two daughters, but Jian Ran only had one. She married the one and only Jian Ran in this world.

Hearing Qin Yue's answer, her mother paused for a bit, before throwing out another question. "Then can you treat her well for the rest of your life?"

"Jian Ran is my wife, she's not nice. I don't know who to be nice to." Qin Yue stood perfectly straight, his tone calm and forceful.

Hearing that, Jane's mother sized Qin Yue up once again, and asked: "No matter what kind of identity she has? "You'd think she was your wife?"

This was the first time in Qin Yue's life that she had answered so many questions about a single person. However, because they were related to Jian Ran, he was not annoyed.

Hearing his suddenly ask that question, Qin Yue knew what he was worried about.

Moreover, he decided to marry Jian Ran. Married Jian Ran, it had nothing to do with her identity.

Therefore, Qin Yue stressed once again with absolute certainty: "Jian Ran's identity is the Mrs. Qin."

Jane's mother said, "I mean her old..."

"Mother, please listen to me." Without waiting for his mother to finish speaking, this was the first time Qin Yue did not have the courtesy to interrupt his.

He looked at his mother and said sincerely, "Mother, I know about the matter that you are worried about. I just want to tell you that your thoughts are the same as mine. We all want to protect Jian Ran well and not cut open her wounds to hurt her. And I can tell you very clearly that all I know is that she is my wife. "

Jane's mother had been attached to others for most of her life, but that didn't mean she didn't know how to read people.

On the contrary, because most of the time you stand behind people and listen more than you say, people tend to be more accurate than others.

Just like back then, she had opposed Jian Ran's engagement to Gu Nanjing, and got Jian Ran to give Gu Nanjing up to him instead.

Actually, she had her own selfish motives. She felt that her own daughter was definitely not someone that a person like Gu Nanjing could be worthy of.

More importantly, she was afraid that if Jian Ran was too unyielding, she would be hurt by the Gu family members and that man.

Then, he looked at the man in front of him. His temperament was elegant and refined, and his appearance was one in a million. More importantly, his gaze was sincere, and he could feel the sincerity in his words.

Only a man like Qin Yue, who had an impeccable appearance and character, could be worthy of her strong and sensible daughter, Jian Ran.

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