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"The patient's health was not good to begin with, and she suffered severe trauma, which resulted in her being temporarily unconscious. We must immediately have emergency treatment."

The patient's health was not good to begin with!

He had also received a severe injury!

It was unknown how much time had passed, but Jian Ran's ears were still repeatedly ringing with the words that the doctor had said before entering the emergency room.

When he thought about the bruises on his mother's body and how his mother looked at him with grief, pain, and regret, Jian Ran's heart ached and his breathing stopped.

In this life, her mother had been a coward and had no opinions, but the love her mother had given her from a young age wasn't any less than the other mothers.

Jian Ran still remembered that she was very mischievous when she was young and that she often broke her knees. Her mother would often treat her wounds while crying from the pain.

Her mother was such a weeping woman, a woman who could easily be solved with tears.

Even this cowardly mother who loved to cry often didn't dare to speak loudly to her father. Yet, for her, her mother had contradicted her father time and time again.

What Jian Ran remembered the most was her promise to marry Gu Nanjing. This was the first time her mother had quarreled with her father about this.

It was because his mother had always loved her in Jian Ran's heart, that Jian Ran felt that she was the most unforgivable when she said those words to her sister from her mother's mouth after what had happened.

To her, it was just another person who had betrayed her and hurt her. She could use the same method to fight back, or even double the amount of attacks she had.

But her mother was the closest person to her. She was a piece of flesh that had fallen from her body.

Jian Ran held her face and took a deep breath. Why had her mother come to the Jiangbei this time?

Would it really be like what Jian Xin said, for him to listen to his father's advice and persuade her to return to the capital to bear Jian Xin's and Gu Nanjing's children?

If that were the case, my mother might not have cried so much and fainted on the side of the road.

Jian Ran held his head and thought again and again. Could it be that she had misunderstood his mother, and perhaps her mother did not come this time to advise her to return to the capital?

Just as Jian Ran was thinking about it, the phone suddenly rang, waking her up from her deep thoughts.

When she saw the two words "Mr. Qin" on the phone, she didn't dare to pick up the phone for a long time as she was worried that she would cry when she heard Qin Yue's voice.

Staring at the phone number on the screen, Jian Ran took a deep breath, trying her best to calm her emotions. She slipped her finger and answered, trying to use a relaxed tone to speak to him: "Mr. Qin, is there a problem?"

Couldn't he call her if he had nothing to do?

She could not see that Qin Yue, who was on the other side of the phone, was frowning slightly, but at the same time, he remained unaffected as he calmly and deeply said: "It's noon, don't forget to eat lunch."

"Alright." Although Qin Yue could not see her, he still forced a smile.

Jian Ran did not take the initiative to find a topic to talk, and Qin Yue did not know what to say.

"Miss Jian, the patient's condition is not very good. Although I have temporarily woken up, I can tell that her body is on the verge of fainting again. " The lights in the emergency room went off, and a doctor came out to report to Jian Ran.

Hearing the doctor's words, Jian Ran became anxious, she anxiously forgot that her phone was still connected to Qin Yue.

She grabbed the doctor and asked hurriedly, "Doctor, what is the possibility of fainting again at any time? "What about my mother?"

The doctor took away Jian Ran's explanation and sighed: "Miss Jian, don't be agitated. You should know that your mother is in very poor health. "Under the condition that your body isn't in a good condition, how many people can bear being beaten up again?"

If his body wasn't good, he would be beaten up again?

So this time, Mother went against that person's intentions and was unwilling to come to the Jiangbei to persuade her to go back.

"Jian Ran, which hospital are you in?" Back then, Qin Yue had heard the situation from the conversation between the doctor and Jian Ran.

"I ..." Jian Ran was about to blurt out those words, but at the last moment, she paused again and subconsciously bit her lips.

Actually, she wanted to tell Qin Yue about this matter. She needed him to give her some strength at this time, but she did not want to disturb Qin Yue's work, nor did she want Qin Yue to see her family in such a miserable state.

"Jian Ran, tell me, which hospital are you in?" Qin Yue's low voice once again travelled to Jian Ran's ears from the phone.

Jian Ran took a deep breath and said, "I'm at the People's Hospital of Jiangbei."

"Jian Ran, with the doctor here, your mother-in-law will be fine, don't be afraid." Qin Yue comforted her gently.

"Yes." Jian Ran nodded strongly.

"Then I'm hanging up." After greeting Jian Ran, Qin Yue hung up the phone and said, "Hutt's aid, arrange a flight back to Jiangbei for me as soon as possible."

"Boss Qin, you want to return to the Jiangbei?" Suddenly, hearing that Qin Yue wanted to return to the Jiangbei, Xu Huiyi was startled as well, and only realized what was going on, "Boss Qin, no, the afternoon meeting is about to begin soon. This meeting is related to the development of Sheng Tian in the west, if you leave now ... "

Qin Yue did not care about what Xu Huiyi said and continued to instruct: "Contact the People's Hospital of Jiangbei. Have them transfer the most outstanding doctor to be in charge of Jian Ran's mother. Give me the medical history of Jian Ran's mother before I board the plane."

Xu Huiyi then said, "Boss Qin, the meeting is about to begin. The highest leaders of the western provinces have all come."

"You don't understand my words?" Qin Yue stopped and coldly looked at Xu Huiyi. His voice was neither light nor heavy, but it carried an aura that absolutely did not allow anyone to resist.

"..." Xu Huiyi opened her mouth, but did not dare say anything else, and secretly glanced at Liu Yong who was beside Qin Yue.

Liu Yong received Xu Huiyi's gaze and quickly followed her footsteps, persuading him, "Boss Qin, in order to stay in the west, you took three years to prepare. This is the most important meeting. If you leave, all of these three years that Sheng Tian spent would be completely destroyed. "

However, Qin Yue ignored him. He lifted his watch and looked at the time: "How long will it take to get to the airport?"

Xu Huiyi said, "It will take at least half an hour."

"Order a flight to the Jiangbei in forty minutes." After instructing Xu Huiyi, Qin Yue then looked towards Liu Yong, "Let Qiao Mo manage the meeting in the afternoon, you stay behind to help him."

"Boss Qin ..." Liu Yong still wanted to advise her against it, but when she saw the look in Qin Yue's eyes, she did not say anything.

In the entire six years that their Boss Qin had officially taken over the Sheng Tian, not a single one of them had failed in their decisions, nor had they ever been so willful.

Today, he would say that he was leaving before such an important meeting began. What on earth could make him make such an outrageous decision?

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