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Qin Yue was not by her side, but the two of them had not hung up the entire night, which made Jian Ran feel that Qin Yue was actually by her side.

When he woke up in the morning, the first thing he did was to hear Qin Yue's voice from the phone, "He's awake."

It was as if he were really sitting by the window, listening to her wake up and looking back at her.

Jian Ran laughed, "Mn, I'm awake."

Qin Yue then said, "I've already ordered my men to prepare breakfast."

"Mr. Qin, if one day you don't treat me right, what should I do?" Jian Ran said in grief.

Qin Yue was so considerate with everything he did, she would gradually get used to him and rely on him.

What if one day he stopped being so considerate to her, and everything went back to how it was before, but for a good person who was used to him, she would feel that he was not good to her, and what would she do then?

"As long as you are a Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin will not treat you badly." She was his wife, so it was only right that he treat her well. Qin Yue's thoughts were just that simple.

"Mm, I understand. I will definitely keep this position of the Mrs. Qin safe and sound. " Jian Ran had decided that she would occupy the position of Mrs. Qin for the rest of her life.

Jian Ran would immediately decide on the matter, thus she went to the company in the morning to hand over her resignation letter.

The Operations Department didn't have any leaders at the moment, so Jian Ran went straight to the personnel department. When the personnel department saw that the Mrs. Qin had resigned, they did not say anything further.

It was precisely because of this relationship with Qin Yue that it didn't take long for Jian Ran's departure procedures to be completed.

Walking out of the company's main entrance, the cold air that blew in her face caused Jian Ran to shiver.

The damn weather had suddenly dropped a few degrees. He didn't want to live a good life anymore.

She quickly pulled on her coat and tightly wrapped it around herself. She definitely couldn't allow herself to catch a cold.

"Of course ..."

Just as Jian Ran was about to leave after wrapping up her clothes, a familiar and gentle voice sounded out from behind her, causing her steps to abruptly stop.

She even thought that she was hallucinating and couldn't believe that someone would suddenly appear at her side.

"Of course, it's me ..."

That aged voice which carried the sound of crying once again sounded in Jian Ran's ears. Even though she thought that it was an illusion, she still slowly turned around.

Turning around, she clearly saw the person standing behind her.

But in the short span of three years, why had she aged so much and lost so much weight?

Before, she was already very thin, but she wasn't as thin as she was now. Now, she was as thin as a bag of bones.

Jian Ran opened her mouth, wanting to shout for someone, but the two words that were already spat out on the tip of her tongue did not come out.

She didn't want to think about what had happened three years ago when they had abandoned her, but the moment she saw her, the same thing would happen to her three years ago.

She would think of her mother crying and saying to her, "Of course, you are more independent and stronger than your sister. Just let her be."

Every time he thought about the reason his mother had given him, Jian Ran's heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife, the pain pierced through her heart.

Could it be because she was independent, because she was strong, that she was going to be abandoned and framed?

"Of course ..."

The woman looked at Jian Ran as tears flickered in her eyes.

After seeing Gu Nanjing again, Jian Ran had already thought things through in this period of time.

At that time, Gu Nanjing's cheating made her heart ache, but the attitude of her parents and family made her feel despair.

Love lost, still may find a new love, but the family love only once, lost and will never find again.

Jian Ran's nose started to ache, her eyes started to swell, and her tears started rolling in her eyes. She bit her lips and raised her head, in order to not let her tears fall.

"Of course, mom knows we let you down ..." After saying that, Jane's mother once again sobbed, "If you want to blame something, blame it on me. It's my fault for not having any opinions and being able to make a decision at home before something like that happened. I can only look on helplessly as you were wrongly accused and killed, but I can't do anything about it. "

Jian Ran bit her lips tightly, she tightly clenched her hands which were by her side, her nails digging into her flesh, she seemed to not feel any pain.

"Of course. You're not even willing to say a single word to me?" Because Jian Ran did not say a word, the woman became more and more upset.

It was not that Jian Ran was unwilling to speak, but she was afraid to speak. She was afraid that if she spoke one word, she would lose control of her emotions and start crying in front of her.

"I know, I've always known that I'm weak. I've been weak for my entire life, and I can't even protect my own daughter ..." Jane's mother cried as she spoke, her frail body trembling.

Jian Ran took a deep breath, forced herself to harden her heart, and said calmly: "If you are looking for me, so that I can go back to the capital and bear Gu Nanjing's child, then you can leave."

Three years ago, Jian Xin was pregnant with Gu Nanjing's child, so they followed the Gu Family's instructions to let him in.

But now that Jian Xin couldn't continue living, they followed her orders and wanted to bring her back, Jian Ran.

Whatever Gu Nanjing did, Jian Ran would never care about it. She never thought that her mother would also come from the capital to persuade him.

Three years ago, when she cried for Jian Ran to leave, she was forced to do so. Then three years later, she was also forced to force Jian Ran back into Gu Nanjing's side?

No matter what reason she had, Jian Ran was unwilling to listen to it. She glanced once more at the person who gave birth to her, bit her lips, and endured the pain as she left.

She walked very quickly, as if there was a monster chasing her. Actually, it wasn't a monster chasing her, but rather she was afraid that she would be unable to control herself and cry in front of them.

After running for a long distance, Jian Ran finally could not control herself and hid in an inconspicuous corner while covering her mouth and crying.

Three years ago, when there were so many people targeting her, she didn't cry and could even leave with a faint smile.

But today, she had already started a new life. That mother who once loved her so much, wanted to chase after her. Did her mother really take her, Jian Ran, as their daughter?

In fact, there was no need to think about it, Jian Ran already knew that in the eyes of his family, especially in the eyes of her father, she and Jian Xin were just tools to help the Ji Family prosper.

And her mother, a cowardly mother who had never had a mind of her own, would only listen to her father's instructions.

Three years later, when she met Gu Nanjing and Jian Xin again, Jian Ran could treat them as strangers, but facing this mother who had doted on her so much in the past, she couldn't do it.

In the end, Jian Ran couldn't bear it anymore. She turned around from the darkness and looked back, only to see her mother shaking twice and then falling to the ground.

At this moment, she couldn't care about anything else as she crazily ran back.

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