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Because Qin Yue arranged people to guide the message on the Internet, the message under this hot topic is almost a good voice.

Qin leran's first appearance in front of the people of country a is perfect, which can be regarded as achieving the expected effect of Qin Yue.

Seeing that he appeared in the eyes of the people of a country in such a beautiful and kind image, Qin lelan was not very happy.

Because she is very clear, about her topic can set off such a big prodigal son on the Internet, it must be her father pushing behind.

As for the comments on the Internet, the wind direction is also very easy to change. The last second is still green, and the next moment is likely to reverse.

Qin lelan knows that her father loves her so much, and his ability will never make it possible to reverse, but she really doesn't want to rely on him for anything, and she really wants to deal with it alone.

After all, if one day she becomes the president's wife of a nation, her father can't do everything for her. She always has to do it herself.

Jingling bell -

the ring of the mobile phone on the side suddenly rings, which makes Qin Yueran, who is meditating, wake up and immediately sit up straight and reach for the mobile phone.

The call is from Lin Xiaoxiao.

Qin Yueran answers, "little."

Lin xiaonovel: "Le ran, I'm downstairs, pick you up to give my friend a lift. Come down, I'll wait for you. "

Qin leiran nodded: "OK. You wait for me for a moment. "

Lin Xiaoxiao is Qin lelan's classmate and friend, and she has known the most iron friend besides her brother in country a for a long time.

When I was with Lin Xiaoxiao, Qin leran was always more casual. What kind of personality he was was was what kind of personality he was. He never disguised his true feelings.

Qin lelan is very comfortable with Lin Xiaoxiao, so she is very willing to play with Lin Xiaoxiao, although the girl is a fool.


Seeing Qin leran coming out of the community, Lin Xiaoxiao, who had been waiting for a long time, jumped and jumped, waved at her: "leran, leran I'm here. "

"Why do you jump so high, you girl? I'm not blind. " A lot of times, Qin leran will think that Lin Xiaoxiao is really a big horse.

"Haha I'm afraid you can't see me. " Lin scratched her head, revealing her signature silly smile.

Qin ran walked to her side: "let's go."

"Well, take my car. I let the driver drive. " Lin Xiaoxiao leads Qin lelran to her car, and the driver who drives for her will drive for her.

Qin leran sat in the car and didn't speak. Lin Xiaoxiao came to her side and chattered: "leran, I know you've seen any senior club, but after going to my friend's place, I hope you can say more words to encourage him."

Qin Le ran glanced at Lin with a small glance: "unless someone else provokes me, have you ever seen me make people who are not very familiar get down?"

The main purpose of doing things for others is to test one's Eq.

Qin leran inherited his father's intelligence quotient. She never inherited his father's Eq. her interpersonal relationship is quite good, so many people are willing to be friends with her.

"Haha......" Lin Xiaoxiao scratched his head again and said, "I know you are smart and smart. You can't say anything bad on such an occasion, but I'm worried."

Lin Xiaoxiao's worry is that Qin lelan also understands. If she brings her friend to the audience, if she says something bad, maybe she and her friend will be difficult to be friends in the future.

Qin leran patted her shoulder: "silly girl, don't worry. I'm your friend. I won't embarrass you no matter what kind of occasion I am. "

Lin Xiaoxiao holds Qin lelan and giggles: "lelan, I know that you still love me."

Qin Le ran smiled and pinched her face: "silly girl, you are my friend, of course I love you."

The two of them are two years older than Qin leran. However, Qin leran is more like her sister in terms of their relationship mode and speaking tone.

After driving for a while, seeing the car entering the north direction of the ring road, Qin leran suddenly felt something was wrong.

She heard that Lin Xiaoxiao said that his club is in the south of the city, and the driver drives the car in the opposite direction.

Qin tried to look at the driver from the rearview mirror, but the mirror was set so low that she could not see the driver's face from the rearview mirror.

Qin lran quietly shook Lin Xiaoxiao's hand and whispered, "Xiaoxiao..."

"Le ran, what's the matter?" Lin Xiaoxiao sits next to Qin lelan, but she is always careless. She doesn't seem to find anything unusual. She asks back loudly.

It seems that it's hard for Lin Xiaoxiao to cooperate with her. After thinking about it, Qin leran said, "my stomach suddenly hurts. If I want to go to the bathroom, can you let your driver find a place to stop and let me down for a while?"

Because of the last kidnapping experience, these days brother tianlie protects her very tightly and does not allow any stranger to get close to her.

She was also very careful not to let strangers' cars, communicate with strangers and go out alone. She was very defensive, but she ignored that those bad guys might start from her friends.

Because she is not wary of Lin Xiaoxiao. Lin Xiaoxiao lets her get on whatever car she wants. The people and Chang Li who are arranged by her brother are the same as her, so everyone ignores them.

This driver is probably not Lin Xiaoxiao's driver. Before Lin Xiaoxiao came to pick her up, her driver changed, but Lin Xiaoxiao didn't find out.

Qin leran said that he wanted to find a chance to escape, but Lin Xiaoxiao didn't understand her meaning, and said foolishly, "leran, this is the ring expressway, so you can't park it. Otherwise, we can park in the front service area for a while."

Qin lelan: "..."

Lin Xiaoxiao once again made her realize that she was not afraid of God like opponents, just afraid of pig like teammates.

Lin Jiacheng arranged for Lin Xiaoxiao's driver, who was trusted by Lin Jiacheng anyway. At least he worked in Lin family for many years, but Lin Xiaoxiao was so stupid that she didn't find anyone to change.

Lin Xiaoxiao doesn't cooperate with her. There's really no way to park here. So we have to wait and see if we can find a chance to escape in the high-speed service area ahead?

Qin leran looked at the roadside signs. There was a high-speed service area ten kilometers ahead. She hit Lin Xiaoxiao again: "Xiaoxiao, let your driver pull over." /p

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