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At night, the sky filled with drizzling rain.

Jiangbei City, the southern city, had fallen a few degrees due to the cold air from the north.

The weather in the south was not as cold as in the north, nor as warm as there was in the north. Every year, on those cold days, the only thing that could be done was dry and cold, and look enviously at their little fellows in the north.

Jian Ran wrapped a thin blanket around herself and laid lazily on the sofa as she watched an entertainment show. Watching the weird people on both sides intensely discussing about it, her blood boiled.

Thinking back to before, Jian Ran was even the captain of the debate teams on the university's campus. Every time a debate competition was organized in the school, as long as she took the field, no one would lose.

It made her the "goddess of debate" for the boys at school.

Qin Yue was busy working in the study room, and he could only accompany his continuously. When Jian Ran saw that the weirdo had started talking, she became so excited that she couldn't find anyone to talk to.

She held Em in her arms and pointed to the debate on the TV screen. She said proudly, "Em, Mommy told you that Mommy was even more amazing than them when she participated in the debate at school."

"Woof woof woof ~ ~" Although she couldn't understand a single word, she still responded to Jian Ran in a very respectful manner.

Jian Ran continued: "When those people from the debate team heard that Jian Ran was the main debater, they were so scared that they peed their pants."

Wuu ~ ~ ~" Wuuu ~ ~ ~, without giving any face, Wuuu ~ ~ ~

It was already so late and he wanted to sleep. He didn't want to hear his mother nagging at him.

Why didn't mother go and chat with Uncle Qin? Why did he insist on pestering it? It's just a little pet, so it doesn't understand human speech, okay?

Mom, please let me go!

"Kid, are you that unwilling to chat with your mother for a while?" Jian Ran rubbed her head, "Alright, Mom won't make things difficult for you, go sleep."

She rubbed herself in Jian Ran's embrace again, then ran off to its room to sleep.

After going to sleep, Jian Ran watched the television for a while by herself.

Although she was watching TV, she was constantly paying attention to the movements in the study, paying attention to when Qin Yue was coming out.

After waiting for a long time, there was still no sound from inside the study room. Jian Ran did not want to continue waiting foolishly, she planned to take the initiative and attack.

Jian Ran thought for a while, then went to the kitchen to boil a cup of hot milk. She knocked on the door of the study with the milk, not hearing the word "enter", she pushed the door and entered.

"Mr. Qin, you must be very tired." Jian Ran brought the hot milk over, as if trying to curry favor with her, "I made it specially for you. Have a drink."

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Qin Yue was busy looking at the documents, and did not even raise his head as he asked.

"Because it's cold, I can't sleep." She was indeed afraid of the cold, but these words at this moment definitely had another meaning.

Qin Yue raised his head and looked over. She was wearing a cartoon pajamas that was pink, making her originally white and tender skin look even more alluring.

After looking at her for a bit, Qin Yue then shifted his gaze back to the computer screen, no longer planning to care about her.

Jian Ran limped behind him and helped him massage his shoulders and back: Mr. Qin, I've learned massage before, do you want to try it?

"Jian Ran, stop messing around!" Qin Yue called her by her name again, but his tone was heavier than before, as if he was a little angry.

To be honest, they had been together for so long, but Jian Ran had never seen him like this before.

Yes, it was indeed very cute!

Jian Ran went closer to him, and quickly gave him a secret kiss on his face. After that, she proudly raised her pink lips, as if she thought she wanted to kiss him, what kind of attitude could you possibly have towards him?

Qin Yue endured, not because he wasn't willing to, or for any other reason.

After being teased by Jian Ran so many times, if he still endured it, then she really wouldn't be a man anymore.

Just as Jian Ran was feeling proud, he reached out her arms and pulled Jian Ran into her embrace, quickly and fiercely kissing her.

From the very beginning, Jian Ran didn't have the ability to resist. After all, in terms of kissing, she had no experience at all.

Qin Yue was also inexperienced, but he was a man. When it came to kissing, it was as if men were born without teachers, and were very experienced.

His kiss had been extremely overbearing from the start. It made Jian Ran unable to breathe and made her want to escape.

But before Jian Ran could escape, Qin Yue suddenly pushed her out of his embrace and said hoarsely: "Jian Ran, I still have some work to do."

She clearly felt that Qin Yue still desired her, but why did he stop?

Jian Ran had thick skin, but could not directly say to him, "Qin Yue, I want to give birth to your little monkey, right?"

"I know how to drink milk. You go sleep first, I'll be back in a while." he said, his voice a little husky and his face a little dark red.

"Oh, then I'll go to bed." The first attack ended in failure. Jian Ran was very depressed, but at the same time, she felt very ashamed.

She was already at this level, but this man still wasn't enlightened. Could it be that he was going to take a cold shower?

She bowed her head, cursing him in her heart as she walked: "Stupid man! What a stupid man! This kind of man truly deserves to be a bachelor for a lifetime. "

After Jian Ran left, how could Qin Yue still have the mood to work?

How could someone as smart as him not know that Jian Ran had suddenly barged into his study to curry favor with him? However, he did not want it to be today.

The incident that happened during the day today once again tore apart the wounds that had barely healed on Jian Ran's body. Once again, it pushed Jian Ran to the heart of the struggle, causing her to experience the betrayal and injury she suffered three years ago once again.

At that time, she did not admit defeat, did not cry, did not scream, and did not let anyone see the weakness in her heart ... She looked reasonable and elegant, but inside she must have been as helpless and frightened as she had been three years ago.

Just when Jian Ran needed someone to stand behind her and give her strength, her husband had appeared. He stood by her side and gave her the strongest support, pulling her out from the quagmire.

Protect her, love her... All of these should be within his duty as the husband, but Jian Ran wouldn't think that way.

At this time, Jian Ran was grateful towards his feelings.

She couldn't repay him with money, so she wanted to use the only way she could think of to please him, but this kind of cheap and grateful "repay with your body" was not what Qin Yue needed.

What he needed was her true feelings. He willingly handed her over to him and gently said, "Qin Yue, I am willing to be your wife!"

What he wanted was just that simple.

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