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All sorts of looks, discussions, and fingers were being pointed at ...

The scene seemed to have returned to three years ago.

Cursing, berating and mocking laughter filled the air.

Those who had nothing to do with her, those who did not know the truth, stood up and pointed and scolded as soon as they heard the news.

Those people put themselves at the top of their morality, stood up and accused others without knowing that they were just following the wind to hurt others.

The gigantic LED screen continued to display information about Jian Ran's unbearable state of affairs. Over a hundred employees of the company all looked at Jian Ran.

Once again, she was the target of public criticism.

"Dogs really can't change their nature of eating feces. They know clearly that Boss Qin has a wife, but they can still do such a thing."

Finally, someone broke the silence, and then one after another, the discussion began.

"Truly, one cannot judge a book by its cover. The waters of the ocean are not something one can fight over."

"That's right, that's right. She's usually a pretty good girl, but she's actually that kind of person."

"Boss Qin probably doesn't know about what happened to her in the past. Ifhe knew, she wouldn't have gotten along with this kind of woman."

Jian Ran listened to her words, but it did not cause any more harm to her, but her words had hit her fatal points.

She didn't care what others thought or said about her, but she cared about what Qin Yue thought and whether or not he would believe her.

She never dared to bring up the matters of the past with Qin Yue, and was even more unwilling to bring up the matters of the family.

Qin Yue was so outstanding, no matter how one looked at him, he was outstanding in terms of speech, work ability, knowledge and appearance, etc.

Sometimes, Jian Ran felt that Qin Yue was like a rare treasure in a museum. You could look from afar and admire him, but never get one.

She didn't want Qin Yue to look down on her. She didn't want Qin Yue to look down on her family.

Qin Yue --

What would he think of her?

Would he be like these people?

Just as Jian Ran was lost in thought, she heard someone speak again.

"Manager Zhao, Jian Ran is an employee of your department. Come out and say something."

Zhao Junqing stood on stage unwillingly while being recommended by the crowd. She held her microphone and said, "Jian Ran is a staff member of the Operations Department, even her work results were all seen by everyone. As for her private life, this is her private life, I don't really care about it."

It was said that she took the lead when she shot the bird, and Zhao Junqing was not stupid. Even if she had participated in this matter, she would not step out to offend anyone while she was still in the shadows.

And it would be fine if the person who exposed all of this was that stupid Ma Dannuo. In any case, she was willing to pay any price to take revenge on Jian Ran.

After today's mess, Jian Ran would no longer have the face to stay in Innovation Technology, but as her boss, as long as she continued to be an uninformed person, after this matter, she would be the innovative manager of Operations Department.

Now that the innovation had been bought by the Sheng Tian, the position of manager was even more important to her. Jian Ran was an existence that she could never tolerate.

Wang Weiming looked at Jian Ran and shook her head in disappointment. Her eyes seemed to be saying: She once thought of her as a goddess.

Feng Jing Jing Jing remained calm and collected as she looked at Jian Ran. Only the corner of her mouth slightly raised, showing her true intentions, she was waiting to see a good show.

The rest of Operations Department's also looked at Jian Ran, as if they were watching a good show.

"Jian Ran..." Lin Mei looked at Jian Ran, and gently tugged at Jian Ran's sleeves, "Is all of this true?"

Is all this true?

Some things were originally fake, but there were too many rumors circulating around. A few people even knew if these rumors were true or false.

Jian Ran took a deep breath, straightened her back, and raised her head. Stepping on the five inch high heels, she walked to the stage and stood still under the LED screen.

With a slight smile, the corner of her mouth curved into a smile as she swept over everyone who was watching her make a fool of herself.

Indeed, these people looked at her with disdain and contempt, as if she was an unforgivable sinner.

She picked up the other receiver and said with a slight smile, "I don't care who's behind all this today. I'll reserve the right to pursue their legal responsibilities."

"Haha ..." It was unknown when Ma Dannuo arrived at the scene, but she sneered in disdain, "You once seduced your own would-be brother-in-law, got a room with a man, and now you're seducing a married man."

Hearing Ma Dannuo's voice, Jian Ran turned and looked, with a smile that was not a smile, at Ma Dannuo's body.

Ma Dannuo was frightened by Jian Ran's stare and quickly looked away. She then said, "A shameless bitch like you still f * cking have the face to ask for other people's legal responsibilities. If there really is a need to pursue the matter, then the person accused would also be you, shameless Little San. "

So it was actually Ma Dannuo who was behind all of this, but Jian Ran believed that it wasn't enough with just Ma Dannuo, there must be other people.

But who could that person be?

Her gaze lightly shifted, and landed on Zhao Junqing who was beside her, and she thought back to the words Zhao Junqing had just said to her.

However, Zhao Junqing and Madan were people she had only met in Jiangbei, and with their backgrounds, it was impossible for them to find out about her past.

Behind them...

There must be someone else.

Gu Nanjing, or... Jian Xin?

Although Gu Nanjing was a despicable person, it wasn't enough for the public to force a woman who had no power or influence to do so.

Moreover, this scene today looked so similar to how it was three years ago, and the director of that show three years ago ...

Jian Xin, oh Jian Xin, you really are my good sister.

I recited the last bit of my sisterhood deep in my heart. I didn't fight with you to the end, leaving my hometown and flying high in the sky. Why do you have to suffer so much?

Do you know that even rabbits can bite people when they are forced into a corner?

Jian Ran squinted her eyes, just as she was shaking her head and smiling bitterly, someone shouted, "A woman like you, you should just resign and leave, don't stay and embarrass yourself anymore."

Someone else spoke up: "Manager Zhao does not care, and the HR Department does not want to wade in. Why don't we wait for Boss Qin and let him handle it?"

Let the Boss Qin handle it.

Hearing this, Jian Ran's body uncontrollably trembled slightly.

Although she still had a smile on her face, her heart was slowly in turmoil.

But other than panic, endless hatred surged in her heart.

What would Qin Yue think of her?

Would Qin Yue believe that woman?

It wasn't easy for her to get her happiness, but was she going to be plotted to death by her elder sister like this?

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