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Without giving Jian Ran a chance to interject, Ivan continued, "I have been friends with him for many years, and he took away all the dresses that I will give to my 'Madam' in the future. She was not cute at all, not cute at all. Julie, what are you still standing there for?

"Mr. Ivan, please wait." Jian Ran called Ivan over and told him about sewing on Die Lian.

Before she could finish her sentence, Ivan's face changed drastically. He took off his gown and angrily said, "Who told you to touch my work?"

The person who was smiling merrily a moment ago suddenly roared, causing Jian Ran to retreat a step in fright. But thinking that she had done wrong, she decided to wait and see how the Ivan was going to solve the problem.

But when he saw the areas that Jian Ran had processed before, Ivan's expression changed from anger to joy, and then from joy to sorrow.

After a long while, he said, "Mrs. Qin, I will come back to find you."

The dinner for the employees of the Innovation Technology was held in the two hundred odd square meter restaurant of the Lily Restaurant.

The banquet would have 10 tables, the highest table being the seats of CEO and the company's upper echelons, while the rest would be arranged in order of position.

The oversized LED screen on the wall was constantly broadcasting the latest advertisement for innovation.

It would make people feel that after the Sheng Tian bought the innovation, the advertising campaign would become even more grand than before.

To put it bluntly, Innovation was now a subsidiary under the Sheng Tian. With a powerful "father" like the Sheng Tian, Innovation would no longer be afraid of being bullied by others when she was hungry.

The dinner started at seven in the evening, and by five o'clock, everyone had arrived. They played, sang, danced, and enjoyed themselves to their heart's content.

Jian Ran arrived rather late, and practically everyone had already arrived before her.

Because Qin Yue told her to wait for him, she agreed to come here with him.

When they were downstairs, Qin Yue had some urgent matters to take care of, so he left with Liu De and the Hutt's aid.

Ever since she understood some things, Jian Ran was no longer afraid of her relationship with Qin Yue being discovered.

The two of them were clearly a legal couple, so why did it feel like they were having an affair every time they were together?

Initially, she didn't want the company to know that she was afraid of gossip and being attacked again.

Recently, they had encountered some people and events from before. Many things were not as scary as she had imagined.

She could face Gu Nanjing who had betrayed her, and she could also face Jian Xin who had hurt her peacefully. Even when she heard her mother say that, she wouldn't feel as bad anymore.

Because she knew that she was not alone.

She had Qin Yue, and as long as Qin Yue was by her side, she wouldn't be so afraid.

"Jian Ran, you're finally here." Lin Mei was singing a love song with Wang Weiming. Seeing that Jian Ran had arrived, she took the time to greet him.

Jian Ran laughed, "You've all been playing around for quite some time now, right?"

"Yeah, we've been playing for so long. You're the only one left." Feng Jing Jing Jing moved closer to Jian Ran and whispered, "I didn't say anything about what happened that day."

Jian Ran laughed: "Thank you!"

Zhao Junqing was originally together with the management, but when she saw that Jian Ran had arrived, she walked over with a cup in hand. "Everyone is here, let me toast everyone first."

"Manager Zhao, your scarf and Jian Ran's scarf are the same, it's just the color is different. "I remember that there was no limit to the amount of money I could buy, so when I went to buy it, it was already gone." Feng Jing Jing Jing was a native of Jiangbei, her family background was not bad, and she did not pay too much attention to luxury goods, so she was very familiar with this area.

Zhao Junqing adjusted the fiery red scarf around her neck and laughed: "That's right, I spent half a month's worth of salary. Oh right, Jian Ran, how much did you spend on it? "

"It was expensive for me. My heart was bleeding when I swiped the card." At that time, Jian Ran only wanted to buy one for Qin Yue, but she bought two at the end. When she swiped her card, her heart was bleeding.

"Look at the bags you normally use, they're not luxury goods. I didn't think a scarf could be sold for such a high price." Zhao Junqing smiled meaningfully at Jian Ran, then turned and left.

How could Jian Ran not hear the hidden meaning behind Zhao Junqing's words, but so what? She was a righteous person, she would no longer be afraid of those despicable people biting on her back.

"Jian Ran, you sing a song." Lin Mei passed the microphone to Jian Ran, "Come here, which song do you want to sing? I'll help you choose. "

Jian Ran thought for a while, then said: "Xiao Liu will take a walk."

She wanted to borrow the song to say goodbye to the bad things in the past. In the future, no one would be able to hurt her.

Lin Mei immediately chose the song to explain. When the prelude rang, everyone followed suit.

However, just as Jian Ran was about to start singing, the biggest LED screen on the wall changed from an advertisement to a photo.

"Jian Ran, quickly look at the big screen."

Hearing Lin Mei's voice, Jian Ran raised her head and looked over.

On the big screen, there were all sorts of pictures of her and Qin Yue together. There were pictures of him looking at her gently, she was smiling at him, and there were even pictures of Qin Yue kissing her.

If not for seeing these photos today, Jian Ran wouldn't even know how happy she felt when getting along with Qin Yue.

But these photos were all secretly taken by her and Qin Yue, and they were not taken by them, causing Jian Ran to feel a chill on her back.

Who took these pictures?

The first person that appeared in Jian Ran's mind was Ma Dannuo.

Ma Dannuo had always been jealous of her, and had always been obstructing her path.

Other than Ma Dannuo, who else could it be?

Jian Ran seriously thought about every possible person, and of course she ignored the various gazes that were thrown her way.

"Jian Ran, how did this happen?" Lin Mei, who was beside Jian Ran, forcefully pulled him.

The photos in the first part were still seen as floral pictures of an idyllic drama.

While he was there, the scene suddenly changed. It was a photo of Jane, dressed in low-cut, exposed clothes, being helped into the hotel by a strange man, and a lot of news that Jane had even tried to steal from her future brother-in-law.

Jian Ran looked at the pictures and the information that was criticizing her.

The scenes from three years ago seemed to reappear before her eyes.

Her lover's betrayal had made her the abandoned son of the Jane family. Her father couldn't even pretend to be nice to her.

Her sister Jian Xin used the internet to incite the netizens, causing her to lose her life.

In the end, she was forced to leave the Jiangbei, the place she was born and grew up in.

Coming to Jiangbei with Ling Feiyu, the two of them struggled hard in this place, and finally got a bit of a result. But those bad people, and the bad things, attacked her again.

Jian Ran clenched her teeth and clenched her fists. This time, she would not let anyone else have their way.

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