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Before going back, Qin Yue accompanied Jian Ran to the supermarket, and bought meat and vegetables for lunch.

There was a stall at the entrance of the supermarket that sold fried chestnuts. Jian Ran liked to eat them, so she would buy some every time she came here.

The one selling the millet was a middle-aged lady. She had a kind personality and her voice was especially loud.

As she helped Jian Ran to act pretentious, she asked. "Girl, is that your boyfriend or your husband?"

Women loved to gossip. Especially when they saw a pair of handsome men and women like this, no one would be able to resist thinking twice and wanting to gossip for a bit.

Hearing this question, Jian Ran unconsciously turned to look at Qin Yue.

Whenever she bought anything, he would wait by her side, carrying large bags without a trace of impatience.

She looked back at the woman and smiled. "He's my husband."

When she said that, Jian Ran suddenly felt as if she owned an entire world.

To tell others so loudly and proudly that he was my husband.

"Little girl, there are a lot of men who are willing to come and buy vegetables with you, but there are very few who will always be with you. "If you encounter one, you have to hold on tight. Don't let anyone snatch it away, or you'll cry."

"Yes, I know." Jian Ran vigorously nodded her head, "Thank you, Auntie."

Yes, how could such a good man be taken away by others?

The woman reminded Jian Ran of her mother, as if she was an elder talking to her own child.

In fact, her mother truly loved her dearly. When she agreed to the engagement with Gu Nanjing, her mother had said this.

She wiped away her tears and said, "Of course, Mom doesn't really want you to marry someone who's rich. Mom only wants him to be nice to you, to love you, to protect you. "But Mommy can't make the decision for you ..."

Sometimes, Jian Ran really wanted to call his mother and tell her that his daughter had found someone she wanted to spend her life with.

But she still didn't have the courage ...

Perhaps it wasn't that she didn't have the courage, but that she was afraid that if she called her mother, her mother wouldn't know what kind of treatment she would receive.

"Look at how nice her husband is, he often comes to buy vegetables with his wife."

After Jian Ran and Qin Yue walked for a distance, the Shouzi Auntie's loud voice reached their ears.

Jian Ran looked up at Qin Yue, and laughed: "Another person is praising you."

Qin Yue held the bag in one hand, and used the other to hold Jian Ran's hand: "Mhm."

Jian Ran rolled her eyes, was there a need to be this cold? The weather in winter was already cold enough. If he turned into a large block of ice, would he want to freeze her to death?

Just as Jian Ran was extremely dissatisfied with him, she heard him say, "Because you're not bad too."

Hearing his words, Jian Ran curled her lips, raised her eyebrows, and started laughing happily.

Because they were all good, they chose each other in the midst of thousands of people, before they even had any love for each other.

Jian Ran looked at Qin Yue's straight back, and carefully reached out and hooked his arm, telling himself again that if he tried to take a step forward, he might be able to see a different sky.

"Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, how do you do!"

With an exceptionally sweet voice, Julie, who looked like a doll, came bouncing over and greeted them with a smile.

"What about your husband?" Qin Yue knew that Zhu Li would appear here, so he must be nearby.

Julie turned around and looked at the car, and spoke in broken Chinese: "He told me to take Die Lian."

The car was parked not far from them, its windows open.

Jian Ran looked over and could clearly see that the man sitting in the driver's seat had black hair and brown eyes. His hair was disheveled on his head, as if he had not tidied it up in a few days. His features were Italian, with deep eye sockets and a high nose bridge.

As if he had sensed Jian Ran's gaze, the man turned and looked over, colliding into Jian Ran's gaze, revealing a profound smile.

Jian Ran felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze and quickly retracted his gaze and looked at Julie. "Originally, it should have been me who gave the gown back to you, and even allowed you to come and get it.

"You're welcome." It was rare for Joley to leave the villa, and now that he had the chance to do so, he didn't even have time to be happy. How could he feel troubled?

also did not go over to greet him. The two of them should be good friends, but he did not plan to pay any attention to them.

Jian Ran couldn't help but turn back to look at Ivan. He was an idol of Ivan, the famous Italian designer.

However, this Ivan was different from what she had imagined. He was handsome and sunny on the internet, but when she looked at him, he gave off an unruly feeling.

Back then, Jian Ran's biggest dream was to go to Italy and learn from Ivan.

In order for her to go abroad to study with her idol, her mother had sold the emerald bangles that had been passed on to her from grandmother to mother for generations.

His mother said, "Of course, as long as you like it, anything your mother does is worth it."

But her mother's money was intercepted by her father. Her father chose to be a professional for Jian Ran, but Jian Ran refused to do so.

After that, his mother's money was used by his father to send Jian Xin to America to study. His father then deprived him of the chance to go abroad to study.

At this moment, her idol was right in front of her, right in front of her eyes, as if a tentacle could be obtained. This kind of feeling was really very excited and complicated.

She wanted to run over and ask Ivan if he was still taking in apprentices, and if he wanted to take her in, she could give him a dime instead of working for him.

Jian Ran really wanted to do this, but she suppressed her impulse.

Right now, she was not alone, so no matter what decision she made, she would have to consider Qin Yue's feelings first.

After going back home to get her gown, Jian Ran sent Julie downstairs.

Because of the incident that happened that night, Jian Ran had stitched the dress back then, so she felt that she should apologize to the original designer.

Jian Ran had just arrived at the side of the carriage, when the man inside spoke out: "Mrs. Qin, the man in your carriage isn't cute at all. How can he not see me when I'm sitting here? "

Jian Ran did not think that Blood Ruin's Chinese was so good. After being surprised, she said: "Qin Yue is like that, he does not like to speak normally, I hope that you do not argue with him."

"You want to quibble with him? I'm too lazy to bother with him. " Ivan smiled and said, "Seeing as Mrs. Qin is so beautiful, this gown will be considered as one that I lend to him for one day. I won't take his rent."

Jian Ran laughed: "Thank you!"

Ivan continued, "Mrs. Qin is indeed very polite. Look at your Mr. Qin, we are already so familiar with him, yet he still keeps a straight face all the time. Who is this Gao Leng showing this to?"

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