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Seeing Jian Ran's angry look, Qin Yue laughed in a low voice.

Jian Ran, "..."

Was this man mocking her?

Although she was a little angry at him, she had to admit that this man looked really good when he smiled. She couldn't tear her gaze away from him, and she didn't even want others to see.

Just as Jian Ran was about to let her imagination run wild again, she had already turned off and walked to her side. She raised his hand to rub her head and asked: "Then can we go home?"

What did this man mean?

If she listened to his words alone, the meaning would be simple, meaning that the two of them would go home together.

If it was associated with the words "not here", then the meaning was very warm.

Jian Ran stared at him angrily: "If you have something to say, then speak frankly. Don't always make your words so ambiguous, and let others guess."

Qin Yue's brows twitched, and said: "What?"

When Jian Ran saw his incredibly sincere and innocent gaze, she also felt that he was simply saying that she was going home, and that she was the one who was overthinking things.

"Nothing." She blushed again. It seemed that she had really been thinking too much. To hide her feelings, she took his arm and said, "Come on, let's go home."

Go home!

Go back to their home together!

At the same time, Gu Nanjing also received internal news that Sheng Tian had bought over half a year ago.

The Sheng Tian had acquired innovation, but not long ago, he announced that the Gu's would never cooperate with innovation again. This meant that he had destroyed the chance to work with the Sheng Tian herself.

Ye Gucheng was not afraid of offending the Gu's and had to cooperate with them. It seemed that the Ye's had received the internal news long ago.

Hong Lin Jiang looked at Gu Nanjing and said worriedly, "Young Master Gu, let's return to the capital first. Let's leave this matter to Director Gu and let him handle it. "

I'm afraid you don't have the ability to handle it.

Hong Linjiang kept these words in his heart and didn't say them out loud.

Gu Nanjing shouted loudly in anger: "Return? "In what way?"

Before he came to the Jiangbei, he had promised those shareholders that he would definitely cooperate with the Sheng Tian on this trip to the Jiangbei.

Now, not only had he not seen Leo Qin, he had also suffered such a huge loss because of the matter with the Innovation Technology.

If he wanted to return to the capital in glory, he must work even harder. He must think of a way to meet Leo Qin, and even if he had to kneel and beg, he must request an opportunity to cooperate.

And to get close to Leo Qin, the only way Gu Nanjing could think of was to use a beauty. It was just that, Li Gang, that useless thing, not only did he not find anyone, but he had also played himself into a prison.

Gu Nanjing said again: "Think of another way, you must definitely get Li Gang out for me."

In terms of finding a woman, Gu Nanjing believed in Li Gang, and he did not dare to use the Hong Lin Jiang that his father had assigned to him.

"Yes, I'll go and think of a way." Hong Linjiang accepted the order and left.

When Hong Lin Jiang left, Gu Nanjing was so angry that he slammed his fist on the desk, "Damn it! Why didn't we find out that the power behind that Qin is actually the Sheng Tian? "

Now, all of his doubts could be made.

Qin Yue was from the Sheng Tian, so the Chief of the Jiangbei's Public Security Bureau, Chen Sheng, would definitely give him face. Qin Yue was from the Sheng Tian, so he was present at the charity banquet that Leo Qin organized.

Qin Yue was someone of the Sheng Tian, that was why he was so calm and collected when he found out that the Gu's was no longer working with innovation.

If he had known that the Qin person was from Sheng Tian, he would not have made such a reckless decision.

"Jing ..." Jian Xin walked behind Gu Nanjing, raised her hand to help massage his back, and said gently, "Don't be angry, it would be bad if you get angry and ruin your body."

"How is it going with Ran?" Gu Nanjing was currently angry, and the tone he used towards Jian Xin was also not very good.

Jian Xin did not mind, her smile was still warm and gentle: "Ah Jing, you are also aware of Ran's personality. If she doesn't want to do something, no one can force her. "

"It was because I knew her temper that I asked you to go and persuade her. You told me that you were confident, and now you're telling me that these useless things ..." Gu Nanjing turned and cursed, but as he cursed, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

Wasn't he looking for a beauty? Wasn't this woman in front of him just like a living beauty?

Although Jian Xin's appearance was not as breathtaking as Jian Ran's, but he had to admit that she was also a pretty and pretty girl.

Especially every time she was pressed down by him to do that thing, Jian Xin could be said to be an extremely seductive woman.

Gu Nanjing believed that sometimes, when men like women to look at not only their faces, but also their skills in bed are very important.

Thinking about it, Gu Nanjing immediately changed his attitude, he cupped Jian Xin's face and said: "Listen, I've been through too many things these few days. My emotions exploded, would you forgive me?"

Jian Xin laughed: "I am your fiancee, I don't care about you, then who would care about you."

"I have a very difficult matter to deal with right now. Would you be willing to help me?" Gu Nanjing's eyes shone with a bright light. If Leo Qin could set his eyes on Jian Xin, then there would be hope for cooperation.

Jian Xin nodded: "Go ahead. As long as I can do it, I will do my best. "

"Listen, let me have a taste of you first." Gu Nanjing carried Jian Xin and walked towards his room in large strides. Very soon, the mixed heavy breathing of men and women could be heard.

From time to time, one could hear Gu Nanjing shouting the word "of course", and the Jian Xin under him had his eyes covered, so he could not see her current appearance. The only thing she could hear was Gu Nanjing calling someone else's name one after another.

From the very first time they had done it until today, Gu Nanjing would cover her eyes every time he did it, or perhaps he would cover his own eyes as he shouted out the name of someone else.

In the beginning, Jian Xin did not mind, because she was the one who snatched the man away from Jian Ran.

No matter who Gu Nanjing was calling out to, she was the only one he wanted.

And in all these years, only she, Jian Xin, was publicly acknowledged as the Gu family's future daughter-in-law.

Jian Ran?

Hehe ...

Jian Xin laughed and cried. She was afraid that after tonight, there would not be any place for Jian Ran in Jiangbei.

She didn't want to do it. After all, Jian Ran was her own little sister.

But Jian Ran was stubborn, and refused to listen to her advice. She was not willing to leave obediently, so she had to force her to do the same thing and force her to leave in a sorry state.

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