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Liu Yong had been by Qin Yue's side for more than ten years. When they entered Qin Yue's office, they knocked on the door but did not wait for Qin Yue's reply to come in.

In the past ten years, their family's big boss did not even have much of a chance to split his attention. They had never thought that they would see such a beautiful and ambiguous scene in Qin Yue's office.

However, although he had never seen such a scene before, after all, Liu Yong had followed by Qin Yue's side for so many years, so his reaction was still very fast.

"I'm fine." Liu Yong quickly closed the door and ran away as if he was escaping.

If he dared to say that he had something on at this time, their CEO would definitely think of a way to kill him afterwards.

Don't think that their CEO looked like a noble and elegant man, but his actual methods were so cruel that it would cause chills to run down one's spine.

Others might not know, but it was impossible for them to not know that they had been by his side for more than ten years.

"What's wrong?" Xu Huiyi's voice sounded out from behind Liu Yong.

"I think I might not live long." Liu Yong wailed.

Thinking about the dark gaze the CEO had just shot at him, Liu Yong could already foresee that there would be a long period of time in the future when his days would not be good.

Although he said that he didn't do it intentionally to destroy the CEO's good news, the truth was that he did, and their CEO definitely wouldn't care about whether you had any reason or not.

Xu Huiyi glared at him: "What nonsense are you spouting?"

Liu Yong lowered his head and said sorrowfully: "I have ruined the good news for Boss Qin, he will definitely let me work overtime, and add me to my work."

Xu Huiyi patted Liu Yong's shoulder and gave him a thumbs up: "You know that your wife is inside, and you didn't even get a call to go in. I admire your guts."

"What?" Liu Yong felt wronged, "In the past, how could Boss Qin do anything other than work in his office?"

Xu Huiyi rolled her eyes at Liu Yong again, as if she was saying, "You have been by Boss Qin's side for more than ten years, and have made great progress in your work. Since when did your EQ become as low as his?"

This was blatantly ridiculing their Boss Qin's low EQ.

As for the CEO that they had mocked, he was still carrying the soft fragrance of a flower in his heart. He tossed his work to the side and only wanted to properly enjoy the wonderful moment.

"Jian Ran..." Qin Yue held the back of Jian Ran's head and kissed her again, but this time it was much more gentle.

He lightly pursed her lips, as if he was carefully tasting the taste of Jian Ran's lips.

Jian Ran's hand that was hanging around his neck subconsciously tightened as she closed her eyes to feel the kiss he gave her.

She could feel that Qin Yue did not have any skills to kiss her, he was only using his unique way of kissing her.

When he kissed her, she could feel the elements that were already in him, but she could also feel the care and the care he gave her.

They had only been registered for a short three months, so it was unlikely for them to get to know each other.

However, Jian Ran was willing to believe that Qin Yue was someone that she could entrust her entire life to. She believed that as long as the two of them opened their hearts, they would definitely walk to the end.

After thinking about what would happen during the banquet a few days ago, Jian Ran had given her a chance to explain, but she couldn't say it out loud.

Jian Ran guessed that the reason she had lost control of herself this way was because she saw Gu Nanjing hugging her and thought that she had something to do with Gu Nanjing.

However, he was not sure what was going on between her and Gu Nanjing just because he saw it. He had even given her a chance to explain.

It was she who had refused to explain, who had refused to let him into his heart, who therefore said that he was angry.

As a man, no man would want to see his wife cuddle with another man.

Last time at the company, Wang Weiming had a hand on his shoulder, so he had asked her about it very clearly.

He was her husband, and he would be jealous to see her so close to another man.

Even Qin Yue, who had nothing to do with her, would feel "jealous" when facing her, let alone Gu Nanjing, who was once engaged to her.

If not for the events that happened afterwards, she might have married Gu Nanjing, and not the current Qin Yue.

The reason why Qin Yue acted that way, was because he stopped at the very last moment.

The reason why Qin Yue erupted was because he was "jealous".

Perhaps this jealousy had nothing to do with love, but because he was her husband.

Qin Yue had stopped in time because he did not want to hurt her.

After thinking about it this way, the unhappiness and fear in Jian Ran's heart disappeared.

For a man like this, he usually spoke a little less and would not say anything nice to her. However, as long as she stayed by his side, she would feel at ease.

On the day of the blind date, he had told her that they were all adults, so she shouldn't believe that there was love in this world. So their marriage was loveless.

They did not have any love, but Jian Ran had still felt Qin Yue's care and love for her in this period of time.

He had never mentioned every single detail of life, but Jian Ran could truly feel it.

For example, she was particularly afraid of the cold. When winter came, her hands and feet would always be covered in ice, so he secretly prepared gloves for her, as well as various types of thermal equipment.

One night, when she woke up in the middle of the night with his feet in her hands, he passed his warmth to her in this way, and that was how he cared about her.

Such a considerate man had become her husband. If she didn't cherish him, how could she give him to others?

No, she would never give him up to someone else. Since they were married, he would be hers.

Thinking of this, Jian Ran's slender arms slipped down from his neck and wrapped around his slim waist, tightly hugging him.

Since he didn't say much, then she would be the one to take the initiative from now on.

Just when Jian Ran had finally thought things through, she let go of her. Looking at her captivating red face and slightly swollen lips ...

He kissed her cheek again, caressing her lips with his rough fingers, his deep eyes watching her silently.

Jian Ran felt embarrassed looking at him, but she did not try to avoid her gaze, and instead looked straight into his eyes.

The sea of stars in his eyes was brighter than anything she had ever seen before.

At this moment, his eyes held only her, only she, making her feel that he was the only one.

However, just as Jian Ran was thinking about this beautiful scene, Qin Yue's magnetic and sexy voice sounded out: "What did you just say? What do you mean not being here?"

Jian Ran grabbed a piece of dessert and stuffed it into Qin Yue's mouth, struggling to escape his embrace as she looked at him with eyes full of grief.

Could he not see that she did not want to answer this question?

In order to not answer this question, she had even used the beauty trap. Why did this man keep on asking?

Just as he was about to make up his mind to live a good life with him, he met such a stupid man.

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