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Now Jian Ran finally understood why Qin Yue used English to communicate most of the time he was working, it was because he originally belonged to the Sheng Tian.

To be able to get the Sheng Tian to appoint him as Innovation Technology, his abilities must have been confirmed. Furthermore, from the way Qin Yue had been working these days, his abilities were definitely not ordinary.

As he thought about it, Jian Ran's gaze fell onto Qin Yue's face, unable to move away.

He always wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, which he seldom took off except in his sleep.

Wearing glasses, he looked mature and reserved. Without wearing glasses, he looked a bit gentler.

Wearing his glasses or not, however, was unable to conceal his natural elegance and his face, which was filled with the indignation of the human race.

Suddenly, Jian Ran thought about a popular scene on the internet. The man wearing glasses looked gentle and refined, using his seemingly gentle appearance to bewitch people, but in reality, he was just a "beast dressed in white".

Jian Ran once again thought of the events that happened on the day of the charity banquet. That day, Qin Yue really made her afraid.

No, Jian Ran quickly shook her head and patted her face. How could she think of him that way?

Since she had chosen to forget what had happened that day, she should no longer let her imagination run wild.

Jian Ran was so engrossed in her thoughts that she did not notice the gentle gaze that Qin Yue had long ago cast on her.

She shook her head, then patted her face, then frowned, then flattened her mouth, and her face was so full of emotions that it was clear that she was immersed in her own world.

Qin Yue looked at her and couldn't help but want to know.

What was the world inside her?

Could she allow him to go in and see?

Maybe Qin Yue's gaze was too hot, Jian Ran finally regained her senses, and raised her head to look, only to meet Qin Yue's gaze.

She turned her head quickly, instinctively trying to avoid his gaze.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, nothing."

Listening to her say nothing, Qin Yue did not pursue the matter further, and returned his attention back to his work.

Qin Yue was busy with work, so it was not good for his to disturb him, so he just sat quietly.

However, not long after, Xu Huiyi sent a box of snacks and milk over, and said while smiling at Jian Ran: "Mrs. Qin asked me to prepare this for you."

After thanking Xu Huiyi, Jian Ran brought the snacks to Qin Yue's table and asked him with a smile: Do you want to eat a little?

"Yes." Qin Yue replied with such a simple nasal voice.

Jian Ran pushed the plate closer to him: "Then eat a little before working. Machines can't run 24 hours a day, and you're still human. "

"Feed me." Qin Yue said without raising his head.

"Ugh ..."

Hey at him?

When Qin Yue said such ambiguous words, why did he always sound so serious?

Was it because he didn't understand how ambiguous the act of feeding her was, or was he just trying to tease her?

Jian Ran's little heart was beating extremely fast.

But looking at Qin Yue, he was busy with work, he did not even look at her, much less have any other thoughts, he just did not have empty hands.

Okay, Jian Ran admitted that she overthought it again.

She picked up a piece of pastry and placed it next to Qin Yue's mouth.

Qin Yue looked at the numbers on the computer screen, and then obediently took a bite.

He took a big bite, taking a bite out of a piece of dessert.

After he finished eating, Jian Ran sent it over to him to feed.

It was unknown if it was done intentionally or not, but when he bit down, even Jian Ran's finger was bitten by him.

He did not use much strength. He sucked on it lightly, like a baby drinking milk. A numb feeling instantly spread throughout Jian Ran's body.

This frightened Jian Ran so much that she hurriedly retracted her hand. Once again, her face turned red.

Qin Yue's line of sight finally left the computer, looked at Jian Ran, and said in a neither light nor heavy tone: "Are you kidding with the monkeys?"

Jian Ran, "..."

Errr --

Could it be that she was overthinking things again? He actually didn't have the same meaning as she had in her heart?

She took another pastry and handed it over. "Eat another one then."

"Is it boring to be here with me?" Qin Yue no longer opened his mouth, but asked her a question.

"I'm not bored." felt that there was nothing bad in being able to talk to him here.

The most important thing was the double pay that he had just mentioned.

"Jian Ran."

Qin Yue called her name again, his voice still filled with charm. He had been together with her for two or three months, but he still felt that the time he called her name was very pleasant.


Just as the word "Okay" came out of his mouth, Qin Yue's long arm stretched out and dragged her onto his lap.

Jian Ran was so frightened that she reached out her hand and pressed it on his chest. Her body was extremely stiff, and when she opened her mouth she started to tremble: "Qin Yue, don't be here."

"What's not here?" He reached out and brushed the hair from her forehead. He looked at her steadily and seriously.

Jian Ran, "..."

She had thought he was going to do what he had done that night, and she had said it instinctively after the shock.

But looking at Qin Yue right now, he didn't want to do anything to her, and he was thinking too much, so how could she dare to tell him anything?

In the past, when she didn't want to answer any questions and wanted to escape, Qin Yue would always be very considerate and wouldn't chase after her to ask any more questions.

"Hmm?" Today, Qin Yue did not plan to let him go, he had to find out from her mouth what it meant to not stay here.

As his body was being hugged, moreover, it was the first time that he was hugging so intimately, Jian Ran's mind was burning so hard that he couldn't even find an excuse.

At this time, she wished that she could grow a shell. As long as she hid inside it, she wouldn't have to answer.

Qin Yue's eyes were always looking at her, focused and serious, as if trying to tell her with his eyes that if he didn't get the answer, he definitely wouldn't let her go.

Jian Ran wanted to escape, but she couldn't.

His arm seemed to gently caress her waist, but it was also so strong that it made it impossible to break free.

After struggling, Jian Ran gave up.

It was unknown if she was stupid, but under Qin Yue's gaze, she reached out and wrapped her arms around Qin Yue's neck, and took the initiative to kiss him.

No, she wasn't kissing him, she was biting him.

It was as if he was avenging the events of that night, paying back everything that he had done to her.

In terms of relationships, Qin Yue didn't have much experience, but in the mall, he was the top BOSS that could summon the wind and rain.

After a slight hesitation, he snatched the initiative and fiercely kissed her.

"Knock knock ~ ~ ~"

Knocking sounds suddenly came from the door. Liu Yong pushed the door and entered: "Boss Qin."

The two people who were kissing to the point of being unable to part with each other instantly separated. Jian Ran wanted to escape, but was pressed into her embrace by Qin Yue, and asked gloomily: "What is it?"

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