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Feng Jingjing added in her heart, who would believe that they just happened to bump into each other while they were wearing a couple's scarf for a limited number of movies.

Lin Mei scratched her head, as though she had understood something.

Jian Ran quickly ran back to the place where she had just been separated from. She had never been this impatient to see Qin Yue before.

After running to a distance, Qin Yue's shadow could no longer be seen. Jian Ran circled around once more, but still couldn't find anyone.

Jian Ran panicked. She just remembered that she still had her phone, so she quickly took out her phone to call Qin Yue's low and sexy voice: "What's wrong?"

"Where are you? I couldn't find you there after we separated. " Jian Ran said anxiously.

The other end of the phone paused for a moment, then he heard him say, "Why are you back?"

Jian Ran didn't think too much into it, and said: "Because I want to go shopping with you."

Qin Yue asked again: "Are you not afraid anymore?"

Jian Ran pursed her lips, and said gently: "Aren't you still here? "With you here, I'm not afraid."

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, causing Jian Ran to become even more anxious, as she asked: "Where are you?"

Qin Yue's pleasant voice once again travelled from the phone to her ears: "Turn back."

Hearing the voice, Jian Ran turned her head to look, only to see Qin Yue's tall and straight body standing a few steps behind her, quietly and gently staring at her.

Looking at him, for some reason, Jian Ran's heart felt at ease in an instant.

Qin Yue walked over to her side with large strides, and gently embraced her in his arms. He rubbed her head, and thought to himself, "I've been here the entire time."

If she wanted to look back, she could see him standing there, waiting for her.

At this moment, Jian Ran only felt a warm feeling slowly enter her heart as she rubbed her arms like a kitten.

It was great that he was here!

In the eyes of the outside world, Gu's's suppression had caused devastating damage to the innovation. Many employees of the innovation team were also busy looking for new owners, but the internal upper echelons of the innovation team were calm and peaceful, as if the fire had not reached them.

In the office on the 23rd floor, Qin Yue stood by the window that had fallen down, his torch-like gaze quietly looking down at the booming international city beneath his feet.

The Innovation Technology was established a little earlier, but its development was slow. If not for the fact that he bought this land and built this building, his life might not have been as good as it was now.

The Jiangbei City's economy had been developing rapidly in recent years, and the price of the building had skyrocketed. The innovation building was located in the center of the city, a prime location that many wanted to snatch away. The price of this building was now a thousand times higher than it was in the past.

The reason why the Sheng Tian bought the Innovation Technology was not because of its products, but because of this land that everyone wanted.

"Knock knock ~ ~ ~"

Liu Yong knocked on the door and entered the room, "Boss Qin, everything is progressing according to your plan. Many companies have offered and reneged on innovation and will not work with innovation in the future. They're saving us a lot of work by doing this. "

"Yes." Qin Yue replied softly without even turning his head, causing people to not be able to guess what he was thinking.

Qin Yue did not give the next instruction. Liu Yong waited for a while, then asked: "Sheng Tian has long since purchased an innovative source, would you like to announce this to the company?"

"Announce it." Qin Yue decisively threw out these two words.

Liu Yong paused for a moment, then said: "Boss Qin, Gu's's Gu Nanjing wishes to invite you to meet him."

Qin Yue turned around and looked at Liu Yong, and said warmly, "We have not seen anyone from Gu's, have you remembered?"

Liu Yong understood, Gu Nanjing had truly angered his family's CEO. To deal with people like Gu Nanjing, his family's CEO, was as easy as lifting a hand.

As for that Gu, he was still trying to think of a way to meet Leo Qin. However, he didn't know that had already been seen before, and had even offended him quite a bit.

Just because he didn't know that he had already offended Leo Qin, that Gu fellow still wanted to think of a way to meet the CEO in his house.

The dumbest thing about a person is that he lost a long time ago and still thinks that he has the advantage.

Liu Yong said again, "Polaris spread some messy news a few days ago, saying that you're a woman, and that Gu Nanjing wanted to give you a woman."

Mentioning Qin Xiaobao, Qin Yue's calm expression finally relaxed a little. He let out a silent sigh: "Send someone to watch over that girl, don't let her cause any more trouble. The next time I catch her, I'll tie her up and bring her back to the States. "

Only the little girl, Qin Family, would dare to mess around and ruin the image of their CEO, but their CEO only sighed helplessly.

Sheng Tian had long bought the Innovation Technology, and when this message was sent by CEO, the entire Innovation Technology was immediately in an uproar.

The reason they were so fired up was not only because their innovation had been bought by a big tycoon like Sheng Tian, but also because they had retained all of their staff. Furthermore, the pay for everyone's benefits had increased depending on their qualifications and achievements.

"Oh my god, so our innovation had already been bought by the Sheng Tian half a year ago."

"So Boss Qin is actually the person sent by Sheng Tian to take over management innovation."

"That's right, that's right. The most fortunate thing is that we can continue to work on innovation, and we also have a big backer like the Sheng Tian behind us. We are no longer afraid of the Gu's bullying us."

Jian Ran, who never liked gossip, and her colleagues also talked animatedly for a while before finally returning to her desk.

The Sheng Tian had already purchased the Innovation Technology half a year ago, so with Gu Nanjing's power, he wouldn't be able to make any innovations.

To Jian Ran, not only was her job steady, her salary had increased, and she was no longer worried that Gu Nanjing would do anything to him, it was truly exciting news.

The haze that hung over the heads of his colleagues scattered in an instant, and every one of them was dancing with excitement at the great news.

Not only did they not have to change to a new job to adapt to the new environment, but the benefits for their employees would be even better in the future.

The Sheng Tian Group, ah, Sheng Tian Group, was a group of tycoons that many people couldn't even squeeze their way into. To the old and innovative employees, this was something as good as dropping a pie from the sky.

Gu Nanjing made such a big fuss that even then, he still maintained a calm and composed appearance. Jian Ran had thought that he wouldn't be able to handle it.

So he actually had a backer as big as the Sheng Tian, he was naturally not in a hurry.

The Sheng Tian was a thigh that everyone wanted to hug. To the top two Gu's in the country, the Sheng Tian was also a peak that they could only look up to and never surpass.

Like this, Gu Nanjing's previous actions were like that of a clown. In the future, if he wanted to work together with innovation, he probably wouldn't have a chance.

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