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Jian Ran walked into the dining hall and saw Jian Xin sitting in a daze from afar.

After not seeing her for three years, Jian Xin's appearance was still the same as she remembered. She was soft and weak, as if she could be blown away by the wind.

Jian Ran walked towards her. When she was still a few steps away, she raised her head and looked at her.

"Yes." So the next time he saw Jian Xin, he could be this calm, as if the person in front of him was not the creator of the matter from three years ago.

Jian Xin said, "I ordered your favorite dish, Crab Yellow Fish Wings, Stir-Fried Cucumber Sauce, and ..."

"I've already had lunch. "I thought you said you wanted to tell me about Mom. Just tell me straight out." Jian Ran mercilessly cut him off. Seeing Jian Xin's disappointed eyes, she did not regret at all.

That year, Jian Xin had knelt on the ground and apologized to her with such a wronged expression in her eyes, but what happened afterwards?

The matter was already over, and Jian Ran was not willing to think about it. But no matter what, she could not forget the terrible things that Jian Xin had done.

"Father told me to come find you this time." Jian Ran didn't want to hear nonsense, so Jian Xin didn't want to waste time either.

"Heh ..." Jian Ran sneered.


She had almost forgotten that she still had a father.

Jian Xin then said, "Father hopes that you can return with me to the capital, and stop wandering around outside."

"What else?" Jian Ran asked coldly.

She had been away from the capital for three years, but no one had asked about her. Now that Gu Nanjing had come to look for her, and the so called father wanted her to go back, he would know what was going on just by thinking about it.

"Of course ..." Jian Xin pursed her lips, tears of grievance immediately welled up in her eyes. "My child has flowed out, I can't give birth to another child from now on, I can't give birth to the Gu's's bloodline anymore ..."

"So he wants me to go back? You want me to give birth to a child for the Gu family? " Jian Ran said these words very calmly.

She seemed calm, but her heart still ached. Even if she didn't want to admit it, that person was still her father.

She longed for him to love his wife and daughter the way other fathers loved them, to live their lives happily, not to fight for fame, not to ignore his wife and use his daughter as a tool, as he did now.

Jian Ran guessed that when Jian Xin had a relationship with Gu Nanjing and even a child was born, her father should have been aware of it.

They were all daughters of their own family. Whoever married the Gu family didn't have to marry, as long as they could climb up the tree known as the Gu family.

Although he and Gu Nanjing had an engagement, because she was young and also because she was busy, the two of them did not have any substantial progress.

Her father had even hinted for her to do what a husband and wife should do with Gu Nanjing earlier so that they could firmly grasp a man's heart.

Jian Ran had her own thoughts, and she also believed that if the relationship between the two of them were to be maintained through physical means, how far could that relationship go?

Jian Xin would soon be pregnant with Gu Nanjing's child after returning to their country, which should be extremely good news for their father.

Once Jian Xin gave birth to the Gu Clan's bloodline, the relationship between the Gu Clan and the Ji Clan would be strengthened. Who would underestimate the Gu Clan in the future?

So in the end, when they told her to cancel her engagement with Gu Nanjing and allow Jian Xin to marry into the Gu family, her father said this -- Who told you to be useless? As a woman, you can't even have children.

Now that Jian Xin's child had fallen, and couldn't be reborn, their father had set his sights on her, Jian Ran.

Just the thought of it made him feel extremely disgusted.

Jian Ran said, "Please go back and tell him that he should never think about having any ideas about me. I, Jian Ran, have never had a father like him before. "

Jian Xin said in a gentle voice, "Of course, I know that you have always been a strong and independent girl.

Jian Xin was extremely clear about Jian Ran's personality, she had a strong temper, and her eyes could not hold even a little bit of sand.

She could even say such words about not wanting her father, let alone a Gu Nanjing who betrayed their relationship.

The reason why Jian Xin dared to use the rice to cook the cooked rice back then was because she knew that once Jian Ran knew that she had betrayed them, she would definitely not forgive him.

It was because Jian Xin understood Jian Ran's decisive personality too well, that Jian Xin had already known that she would definitely not listen to her father's arrangements. She definitely would not return to the capital with her, which was why she came to the Jiangbei to advise her.

Rather than saying that she was here to advise Jian Ran to return, it would be better to say that she was here to confirm Jian Ran's thoughts.

As Gu Nanjing's fiancee, she could not have children. She could let any woman give birth to children for Gu Nanjing, but that woman definitely could not be Jian Ran.

If Jian Ran was asked to return to the capital, to return to Gu Nanjing's side, then how would Gu Nanjing still be able to see his, Jian Xin, in his eyes?

Gu Nanjing had treated Jian Ran well, so naturally, his father could only see Jian Ran, and there was no place for Jian Xin in the Jidao Family.

The things that Jian Ran had experienced three years ago might very well become a portrait of her in the future. How could she possibly let Jian Ran return?

Jian Ran knew that Jian Xin must have something to say, so she did not ask. If she wanted to say, she would listen and if she did not say it, she would not be interested to know.

Jian Xin took out the bag that was placed on the chair, and especially showed the bag's LOGO to Jian Ran. A certain luxury brand, a small bag was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Then, he looked at the bag on Jian Ran's back. It was something that could be bought with a few hundred dollars from some unknown brand in the country. It was very popular.

Jian Xin played around with it for a while, then took out a bank card from her bag and placed it on the table, pushing it towards Jian Ran.

She smiled and said, "Of course, this card has five million. Five million is enough for one person to find a small city and buy a house. If you save up a bit, you can live a lifetime without working. "

So it turned out that Jian Xin's real purpose in finding her was to let her take the money and leave the Jiangbei.

Jian Ran found it really funny, and also gently laughed: "Jian Xin, you want to send me off with just five million?"

Jian Xin was startled, she blinked her eyes, and pretended to be innocent and helpless as she looked at Jian Ran.

Jian Ran continued: "If I were to return to the capital and give birth to a child for Gu Nanjing, the Gu family would not treat me so unfairly. "Who knows, if Old Man Gu had been happy, he might have given his grandson a share of the shares. At that time, as a mother, I would have to rely on my own son. Do you think I would need five million from you?"

She, Jian Ran, would also do such a thing, it would not be much worse than her, Jian Xin.

"Of course, how can you ..." Jian Xin could not hide her smile anymore. She bit her lips and looked like she was about to cry.

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