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when it comes to her strong brother, her smile is always so bright, and her light seems to be able to cover the bright stars.

This is her name, Qin lelan, who is also his natural baby.

What's the matter with your brother? Can you like him so much? He couldn't help but want to know what he was like in her heart.

She asked her when she didn't know that he was brother lie. What she said should be the most real idea in her heart.

He cares what he looks like in her heart.

My brother is good everywhere. Qin lelan just swallows the two words. Hum, her brother is really cunning. Do you want to hear her praise him?

Want to hear her praise his words, big square said, she can not sleep to praise him for a few days and nights, but he did not know that she knew that he was brother lie asked where good brother lie?

If he says that brother lie is good everywhere, he will have proud capital some day. What if he doesn't want to treat her well?

My brother, ah, said with a long sigh on purpose. She said sadly, my brother is good, but I always think he doesn't like me enough.

How? He blurted out, how could this little girl have such an idea?

He likes her to a great extent beyond his imagination. She even said that brother lie didn't like her enough.

You don't know my brother, how do you know he won't? Small sample, how can you explain it to me? Qin leiran thought proudly, but there was something wrong with her age on his face. Maybe he liked other girls, which was also uncertain.

How could he like other girls? He replied in a hurry, and then he felt something wrong.

Why doesn't he? Who are you? Can I know him better? Brother lie, I'm sorry. If you don't know who you are, but you can't be with brother lie in the right light, you'll have to play tricks on you.

I am your strong brother. I was the one who loved to listen to his stories when you were young. I also said that when you grow up, you will come to him.

However, when it comes to the mouth, he can't say it after all. The time is not ripe. He can only aggrieve his natural baby and wait for him.

You can't answer. Qin leran looks up at the distance, and suddenly his voice is a little harsh. No matter whether brother lie likes me or not, I will like him.

Seeing her sad, Quan Nan Zhai was extremely distressed. He reached out and rubbed her head: actually, I know. Think about it, the strong brother who can make you like him so much always has the advantages of attracting you. Maybe the advantage that attracts you is that he treats you well.

Mr. President, have you ever liked someone? She took back her eyes and looked at his well-defined face. She just put it on the tip of her heart and thought about it all the time. Mingming just saw it. As soon as he left, he would want to see him again.

Yes. He said that the two words are sonorous and powerful. The person I like, she is very excellent, much better than I thought.

It's Mr. President. Is that true? Is brother lie praising her? Are you praising her?

God, she was so excited and nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

It's true, of course. During the conversation, he naturally reached out his hand, gently stroked the broken hair in front of her forehead, and went on to say that she had been growing up under the care of others in my impression, but recently many things have made me look at her with great admiration. All she has done is far more than the one in my mind.

Would you like her more? If brother lie doesn't like her to work so hard, he likes her to hide behind him and be a little woman. What should she do?

Of course, I like him looking at her, his eyes are as tender as if they had been in love for thousands of years.

Of course I like

Qin lelan looks at him, his lips are slightly raised, and he smiles gently.

She smiled with curved eyebrows and eyes, and the stars in her crystal eyes were more brilliant and dazzling, which could illuminate the rainy night sky.

Quan Nanzhai also looked at her. In his eyes, there was also a star river, a bright star river. Their four eyes were opposite, as if they were almost intoxicated in each other's eyes.

Brother lie said that he liked her. Qin lelan was so excited that he cheered. He wanted to hold brother lie's hand and tell everyone that this person is my brother lie and this person is the one I like.

Bang -

a big bang broke the temporary peace. Quan Nanzhai and Qin lelan turned to look at the direction of the sound at the same time, and the rest of the people in the tent rushed out.

But because it was dark, we could only hear the voice, we could not see the situation, so Quan Nanzhai stood out at the first time: secretary he, you can find some people to go with me to see what the situation is.

When he ordered secretary he, he had left Qin leran and walked forward a few steps. He did not care about another one beside him. At this critical moment, in his mind, the safety of the people was the first.

Mr. President lie, I'll go with you. It's so dark, and there's a lot of post earthquake tragedies outside. Maybe one fell into the pit dug by others accidentally. Qin lelan is not at ease if he doesn't accompany brother lie.

If not, Zhai Nan will not refuse.

I'm going to bite her teeth and trot to catch up with him. After catching up with him, no matter what other people think of their relationship, she reaches out and hugs his arm. You said it yourself today. I'm not allowed to leave your sight. I did it this afternoon. Why not now?

Now the situation is different. You are good to stay in the resettlement area. You are not allowed to leave. Quan Nanzhai forces her hand off.

Although today is what he said personally, let her not leave his sight, but now the situation is different, he can not take her to risk.

What's different? It looks the same to me. She is not such a headstrong and disobedient person, and she doesn't want to make trouble for brother lie. But at this moment, she is afraid, so she doesn't think as attentively as usual.

Qin leran, this is the earthquake area, not the playground, not for you to play. He knew the little girl's temper too well. If he didn't let her get rid of her own thoughts, he would walk forward and she would surely try to follow him.

You say I'm here for fun? She was said to have come for fun. She was neither angry nor sad. Because that person is not her at all, she will not care what others say and do.

But he is not the same. He is her strong brother, the pillar of her persistence for such a long time.

Others don't know. Doesn't he know how hard she works?

She fell several times this evening to help carry the goods.

Once she fell into a mud pit, she didn't shout dirty, got up with mud, and continued to help carry materials.

Because it was dark, she felt her way forward a lot. She fell on a broken stone once, and her knees were all bruised with blood. But because she thought of helping brother lie, she could not bear it.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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