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During the weekend, Qin Yue worked in the study room, while she sat on the balcony and read a book.

Although it looked rather tasteless, Jian Ran liked this kind of peaceful days very much.

Today, Qin Yue suddenly asked to go out for a walk. Was he apologizing for last night's matter?

Regardless if it was true or not, Jian Ran thought so, and forcefully pulled out a smile, and said: "I have something to discuss with someone in the afternoon. Shall I go out with you later? "

"Yes." Qin Yue nodded and did not say anything else. Then, he turned his head and looked out the window.

Looking at his lonely back, Jian Ran suddenly felt a little upset, and added: "I'm just going to talk to that person, I won't take much time."

Agreeing to see Jian Xin, Jian Ran's goal was simple to ask how her mother was doing, and did not want to talk to him for long.

Qin Yue turned his head back, and his deep eyes shone with a glimmer of light. "After eating, I'll accompany you there?"

He was asking her a question, waiting for her to answer.

Jian Ran went to see Jian Xin, that was a very painful memory in her past life. Instinctively, Jian Ran did not want Qin Yue to go with her.

Qin Yue was her current self, his future. He would take care of everything that had happened in the past cleanly by himself, and would definitely not drag him in to get covered in filth.

However, she didn't have the heart to reject Qin Yue, and was so conflicted that she didn't know how to say it out loud. She then heard Qin Yue say, "Go wash up, I'll wait for you outside for lunch first."

He walked over and picked Emiko up and carried her out to the living room, where he stared at her torchingly as he laid her down on the sofa.

"Woof woof woof ..." Sensing that Qin Yue's gaze was not friendly, he used his own method to fight him.

This man was too terrifying. Just by looking at him, his aura was able to suppress its aura.

If he could talk, he would definitely tell his mother to take him far away and not to play with such a cold and aloof man.

"Wuu, wuu ~ ~ ~"

This man was so scary, why was he looking at it with such a terrifying gaze?

Well, it couldn't beat him, so it ran to his mother to save him.

But just as it ran, Qin Yue extended out his hand to bring it back, and imitated Jian Ran as she rubbed its head: "Be good."

"Wuu, wuu ~ ~ ~"

Lying on the ground, it didn't dare to move. It was really afraid that this bad guy would twist its neck.

Qin Yue rubbed its head again. To a person who was obsessed with cleanliness, he had never come into contact with this kind of small animal.

The reason she accepted this little fellow was because it was a pet that Jian Ran valued greatly. She treated it like a child.

After a period of interaction, he also discovered that this kind of Little Dong was not as annoying as he had imagined. Sometimes, he could be quite cute.

Especially when he was trying to please Jian Ran.

It was so easy to make fun of Jian Ran, but not as a man.

When Jian Ran came out from washing up, what she saw was a scene like this. It squatted down beside Qin Yue and did not feel wronged, as Qin Yue gently rubbed its head.

At first, she was worried that Qin Yue wouldn't accept it, but after observing for a while, she realized that Qin Yue just didn't like to express his feelings, but he actually still liked to do it.

But then again, how could anyone not like her loveliness?

"Wumeng, what are you playing with the Uncle Qin?" Jian Ran walked over to their side and also rubbed her head.

Uncle Qin?

Qin Yue was extremely dissatisfied with these three words. With a slight knit of his brows, he said: "Jian Ran, I'm your husband."

Not knowing why he suddenly emphasized the matter, Jian Ran looked at him in a daze and nodded: "I know."

So she was emphasizing, was it legal for him to do that thing to her yesterday?

She said that she wouldn't think about it anymore and that they would live a good life together, Jian Ran really wanted to slap herself.

Qin Yue, "..."

Qin Yue did not say anything, and carried his over, "Let's go, Mom will give you food to eat. When we're full, we'll go out for a walk. "

The Aunt Chen prepared and delivered lunch as it was a normal dish, but the taste was good and Jian Ran enjoyed her meal.

However, Qin Yue didn't use his chopsticks, and his gaze occasionally fell on Jian Ran's face.

Most of the time, she wore a light smile, and her words were gentle and gentle, giving people a feeling of tranquility. It was as if no one could stir her heart again.

"Jian Ran, I'll drive you there later." After enduring for a long time, Qin Yue still said what he wanted to say in his heart.

"Oh, okay." Qin Yue replied without raising his head as he ate.

Last night's charity dinner could be said to bring together all of the famous people from the Jiangbei, but Gu Nanjing was chased out.

Even if the media wasn't invited to come, this matter was quickly spread around the circle, and reached Gu Nanjing's ears.

It was not transmitted to his ears, but rather, he had sent people to investigate. He was very concerned about what those people thought of him last night.

He said that he had no morals, no cultivation, and no manners. Most importantly, he had offended Leo Qin, who was in Sheng Tian.

Last night, that was the first time Gu Nanjing had lost face in front of so many people since he had lived for over twenty years.

Let alone Gu Nanjing, even an ordinary person would not lose face in such a situation.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Gu Nanjing became. His entire being was like a fireball, as if he could explode at any time.

Hong Linjiang hurriedly ran in and shouted as he ran, "Young Master Gu, something has happened! Something big has happened!"

Gu Nanjing said in dissatisfaction: "What are you panicking for, what other major event can there be?"

Hong Linjiang passed the Jiangbei over to Gu Nanjing. "Look, the Ye's actually jumped out to work with innovation."

"Ye's?" Gu Nanjing picked up the newspaper and quickly glanced at it, then angrily said: "What does Ye Gucheng that thing want to do?"

The Gu's was one of the top enterprises in the capital, and the Ye's was the representative of the south. From Gu Nanjing's perspective, if the Sheng Tian were to choose a partner, it was most likely that he would choose from the two of them.

These few years, Gu's and Ye's had worked together, the two families could not be considered as friends, but it was still a partnership.

Why did Ye Gucheng want to wade through this mess with innovation at this time? What ability did he have to innovate that small company?

Could it be that Ye Gucheng wanted to show his magnanimity at this time, so that Sheng Tian's Leo Qin could see and increase the chances of Sheng Tian cooperating with him?

Just as he was thinking, Gu Nanjing's phone rang. Just listening to the bell, he knew that it was his old man.

He took a deep breath before answering. "Dad ..."

"Bastard thing, what in the world are you doing in Jiangbei during this period of time? Why are you making trouble for me? "Get the hell back here right now ..."

Gu Nanjing had just called out his father's name when he was scolded badly.

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