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Jian Ran's struggling body instantly stiffened. Was Gu Nanjing using his mother's life to threaten her?

How could he?!

She was so angry that she forgot to struggle. She raised her head and glared at him. The hatred in her eyes seemed as if it wanted to shatter this shameless person in front of her.

But Gu Nanjing did not care about Jian Ran's expression in the slightest, and continued to speak proudly: "Of course, how much money can Innovation Technology earn in a year? How much money can your CEO earn? That Qin guy can't give you anything. Come back to me, I promise I won't make you work so hard every day. "

Hehe ... Did Gu Nanjing really think that all the women in the world could only live by relying on him, Gu Nanjing?

Jian Ran really wanted to fiercely slap this arrogant man, until his mother couldn't recognize him.

According to her own temper, she would do this, but when she thought about how her mother was still lying in the hospital, thinking about Qin Yue's safety, all of Jian Ran's thoughts turned pale and powerless.

"Naturally, let's return to my side and start again!" Gu Nanjing strongly pressed Jian Ran's head into his chest as he said this with deep emotion.

"Hutt's aid, please return to the resting room."

Jian Ran was about to resist, but suddenly she heard a bone-chilling voice sound out from behind him.

It was a voice she knew well, and how many times it had given her hope, warmed her in the dark.

But now, this voice was as cold as an arrow piercing the heart. The cold air was wanton, causing one to be unable to help but tremble.

She pushed Gu Nanjing away with all her might and escaped from his embrace. When she raised her head, she saw the cold face of Qin Yue.

Qin Yue looked at her, his pitch black eyes unable to find any light, but the depths of his eyes were surging with dark waves.

Jian Ran felt as if she was about to be engulfed by the dark tide in his eyes. She wanted to explain, but she couldn't say a single word.

Xu Huiyi immediately ran over: "Mrs. Qin, please follow me to the resting area first."

Jian Ran did not move.

She stubbornly looked at Qin Yue, wanting to pass her thoughts to him. She wanted to explain, to tell him the truth.

Ever since Qin Yue had appeared, Jian Ran and her gaze had always been on him, as if no one could barge into their world.

Gu Nanjing, who had been ignored for a long time, finally could not endure the atmosphere and jumped in front of Jian Ran, "Qin, if you have the guts, come at me, how are you going to bully women?"

He shouted loudly, hoping to attract Qin Yue's attention.

However, Qin Yue didn't even look at him, his gaze still fixated on Jian Ran.

They looked at each other, but neither could read the other.

"Hutt's aid!" After a long while, Qin Yue shouted again in anger.

"Qin Yue..." Jian Ran wanted to talk to Qin Yue, but this time, Qin Yue turned his head away and did not look at her.

Jian Ran did not want to start a fight with Qin Yue here, and even more so, did not want Gu Nanjing to laugh at all. She could only leave with Xu Huiyi and explain everything to him later.

As soon as Jian Ran left, Gu Nanjing started laughing, "You Qin, you've also seen your attitude. The person in her heart is me, so why do you insist on keeping her by your side? "

Qin Yue squinted his eyes and looked at Gu Nanjing coldly. Even if he did not say anything, Qin Yue would still far surpass him in terms of temperament and aura.

Every time he saw Qin Yue, Gu Nanjing had the illusion that he would be engulfed.

But why would a CEO of a small company have such a strong aura?

Gu Nanjing couldn't understand no matter how hard he tried.

Since he couldn't win in a battle of qi, Gu Nanjing could only take the lead.

He said disdainfully: "Someone with the surname Qin, as long as you are divorced, then our Gu's will retract what we said before. As for how we should work together, CEO like you can still properly stabilize your position. "

"What if I don't agree?" After a long while, the corner of Qin Yue's lips rose slightly, and with a smile, he spat out a few words that were so soft, so light that it seemed as if he was chatting.

Those who were not familiar with Qin Yue, from his tone and his expression, thought that he was just casually chatting with someone, but Liu Yong who was by his side for more than ten years understood that their big BOSS was truly angry.

For all these years, there were very few things that caused Qin Yue to reveal such a slight smile.

Liu Yong vaguely remembered that last time, Polestar suffered a grievance and Qin Yue laughed at the person who bullied her. That person seemed to have disappeared for a long time.

"Of course we grew up together. We are childhood friends, we have loved each other for many years, and we cannot leave each other."

As Gu Nanjing spoke, he did not notice the smile on Qin Yue's face gradually disappearing.

After a long while, Qin Yue finally said coldly: "So what?"

Jian Ran was now his wife.

"Haha ..." Gu Nanjing still did not know how high the sky was and how deep the earth was. I was the only one in her heart. Now, she is only temporarily angry with me, when her anger, will naturally return to my side. If you ask for a divorce now, you'll have more face than if she dumped you later on. "

Qin Yue nodded his head, as though he had just understood the situation.

Gu Nanjing thought that he would win, but he saw that Qin Yue was suddenly laughing again. His smile was like the wind in early spring, it was warm on the surface, but bone-piercing on the inside.

"And if I don't?" Qin Yue smiled as he looked at Gu Nanjing. His eyes that contained a peculiar glint coldly fell on Gu Nanjing's body.

"You!" Qin Yue's change in attitude caught him off guard, and for a moment, he felt as if a fist had landed on cotton.

Where had he been contradicted like this in the capital? Just a small CEO, and he still did not know what was good for him?

The anger in Gu Nanjing's heart could no longer be suppressed and was about to set fire to the prairie in an instant.

However, before he could even take a step forward, a sturdy man appeared in front of him, blocking his way.

Gu Nanjing took a closer look and saw that it was actually Qin Yue's lackey. He could not help but shout: "Scram!"

However, the man in front of him didn't move at all.

"Liu Yong." Suddenly, Qin Yue opened his mouth.

"Boss Qin." The man standing in front of Gu Nanjing answered respectfully.

Qin Yue continued: "Please, Mister Gu, please leave."

"Yes." Right after Qin Yue finished speaking, Liu Yong immediately walked up to him. He first politely nodded towards Gu Nanjing, then coldly said, "Elder Young Master Gu, we do not welcome you here. Please go out."

With that, Liu Yong brought Gu Nanjing out.

But before Liu Yong even touched Gu Nanjing, Gu Nanjing had already cursed: "Fuck, why the f * ck are you letting me out? Who the ** are you? "

He was just a small CEO, what right did he have to invite him out? Who is he? Did he think he was Leo Qin?!

Gu Nanjing had never suffered such an insult before, he was so angry he completely lost his reason for doing so. He suddenly raised his fists, preparing to counterattack, his movements extremely quick and violent, but the one he wanted to hit was not Liu Yong, but Qin Yue who stood at the side and did not move.

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