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"Kid, long time no see!" A middle-aged man who looked to be around fifty years old walked over to greet Qin Yue. As he spoke, he patted Qin Yue's shoulder, as if he was familiar with him.

"Good morning, Uncle Liu!" Qin Yue slightly nodded, replying politely.

The two of them conversed for a short while, but it seemed to have something to do with Qin Yue's mother.

Jian Ran could not help but perk up her ears, wanting to understand more about Qin Yue's family matters. Unfortunately, in a short conversation, it was almost as if the elder had kept talking, while Qin Yue merely said a few words.

Qin Yue seemed to really speak very little, especially during social occasions where he seemed to have a slightly better time with her.

Jian Ran could not help but think, could it be because she had too much to say, that was why he was forced to say so much?

"This is?"

The middle aged man's topic suddenly shifted onto Jian Ran. Jian Ran smiled politely, and just as she was thinking about how to answer, she heard Qin Yue say, "My wife."

"You, you're married. How come you haven't heard of it?" Uncle Liu was very surprised.

Compared to the Uncle Liu's surprise, when Jian Ran heard Qin Yue introducing her in such a way, her heart throbbed.

This Uncle Liu obviously knew Qin Yue's family members ...

In that case, did he inform his family about their relationship?

But, would Qin Yue's family like her? Both of them... Could he go all the way to the end?

"Not bad, kid. The girl is very pretty. But your family's old man does not know about your sudden marriage, right? Haha, didn't he always want you to marry Xiao Bao ... "

"Uncle Liu." Qin Yue suddenly cut him off, his voice sounding much more severe than before: "I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first."

Before he finished, Qin Yue immediately dragged Jian Ran and walked away.

However, Jian Ran still heard what the Uncle Liu said clearly.

Marry ... Xiao Bao.

What do you mean?

However, before she could even ask, a few more men came over to greet Qin Yue. However, Jian Ran was no longer in the mood to listen to what they had said.

"Boss Qin, Uncle Tang and the others have been waiting for you inside for a long time." After a long while, Liu Yong walked over and said.

Qin Yue nodded, and turned to look at Jian Ran, only to discover that Jian Ran was in a daze, and so she asked: "What's wrong?"

Jian Ran came back to reality and shook her head, smiling awkwardly: "Nothing."

Qin Yue frowned, as if he did not believe Jian Ran's answer. He looked down at her feet, but the hem was too long to see.

He looked up and said gently, "I'm tired from wearing high heels. There's a resting area over there. Go and sit for a while."

Qin Yue's attitude was gentle and considerate, Jian Ran could not find a hint of deceit and falsehood in his pitch-black, deep eyes.

She could not help but feel a little vexed at herself for doubting everything because of that sentence. Hadn't he already married her? What was there to doubt?

nodded, looked at him and laughed: "I'm not a child anymore, I will take care of myself. "Go ahead and do what you need to do."

To be honest, Jian Ran did not wish to rely too much on Qin Yue.

If Qin Yue left her now, what would she do?

A woman being too dependent on a man can cause a woman to lose herself.

Her family was a prime example.

It was said that when her mother had married into Jane's family, their relationship had been quite good. Later on, it was because her mother had no opinion of her own that her relationship gradually turned into what it was like later on.

When Jian Ran was very young, she often saw his mother hiding in her room and crying silently. At that time, she had thought to herself that she must protect her mother and sister when she grew up.

However, those people she wanted to protect had mercilessly abandoned her as if she was their abandoned son, as if they had never cared about her.

Jian Ran didn't want to think about the bad things of the past, but for some reason, she had been thinking about a lot these past few days.

Looking at Qin Yue's leaving figure, Jian Ran quietly clenched her fists.

She didn't want to be tied up in the past. She had him now.

The banquet continued. The music and the neon lights alternated, and the sounds of conversation filled the air.

Jian Ran was an unknown person who appeared here, causing a huge commotion, and that was when she entered the banquet with Qin Yue.

After Qin Yue left, there were also some people who cast furtive glances at him, watching from afar. However, no one approached him to strike up a conversation.

Tonight, they were not the most outstanding couple, because the real protagonist should be Sheng Tian's legendary leader Leo Qin. However, up until now, they have not seen her appearance, which was truly mysterious.

Jian Ran who had no one to disturb him sat in the resting area, the moment she sat down, a waiter brought him snacks and tea: "Mrs. Qin, this is what Mr. Qin asked me to prepare for you. "Please enjoy."

Jian Ran nodded and laughed: "Thank you!"

It seemed that Qin Yue was worried that she did not eat tonight, so he arranged for people to send his some snacks so quickly.

It was already past nine in the night, so Jian Ran was really hungry. She could not help but take a piece of dessert and threw it into her mouth.

En, the dessert tasted good. It was crispy and sweet with a mouthful of fragrance.

She took another piece, and just as she took a bite, a person sat in front of her. "Of course, our fates are not shallow, I didn't expect to meet you here. Or did you come here specifically for me? "

"You, why are you here?" Seeing Gu Nanjing's sudden appearance, Jian Ran could not help but frown, the dessert that she thought was extremely delicious instantly made him unable to swallow it.

Gu Nanjing chuckled, his gaze arrogant and disdainful, "Could it be that it's not the time for me to ask you, why are you here?"

Jian Ran felt that Gu Nanjing's smile was extremely dazzling, but she could not find any reason to refute him.

But Jian Ran did not want to come into contact with him either. The man in front of her was the hero she had once hoped to see, but now, he was the one she didn't want to see the most in her life.

She did not want to bother with him anymore, she got up and was about to leave when Gu Nanjing grabbed her: "Of course, sit down, I want to talk to you."

Gu Nanjing intentionally raised her voice, causing everyone around her to notice her, and for a moment, she was once again the center of attention.

Jian Ran didn't want others to laugh at him, so she sat down obediently and said coldly: "Gu Nanjing, I have nothing to say to you. Please don't bother my life again. "

Hearing this, Gu Nanjing laughed, then suddenly stood up and looked down at Jian Ran from above. After that, he pulled out a smile that he thought he was very handsome with, and said: "But I do, follow me."

This smile, was so arrogant and vulgar that it made Jian Ran feel disgusted.

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