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This charity banquet would be held on the Jiangbei City's Yanran Mountain.

This mountain wasn't big, and according to the specifications, it could only be called a hill. However, the scenery on the mountain was extremely good, and it matched the proverb: Spring has a hundred flowers, autumn has a month, summer has cool winds, winter has snow, the four seasons have different scenery. In Jiangbei, this busy city, there was a unique scenery line.

However, this mountain was not originally called Yanran.

Legend has it that dozens of years ago, it was here that the young master of the Sheng Tian met her daughter.

At that time, the peach blossoms filled the sky, shining brilliantly. At that time, the young miss of Zhan Family, Zhan Yan, who was in her prime, stood in the field and smiled sweetly. From then on, she captured the heart of the young master of Sheng Tian.

After that, the young master of the Sheng Tian bought this mountain and changed her name to Yanran. She then built an extremely luxurious and elegant villa on Yanran Mountain as a witness of their love.

Unfortunately, the two of them went to the United States together. Zhan Yan's health wasn't good, so she rarely came back to live.

However, their son Leo Qin took his parents' worry about the house being deserted. Every time he returned to the Jiangbei, he would hold a charity dinner on this mountain where his parents were connected by fate, to pray for his parents' blessings.

Naturally, those invited to such a prestigious charity dinner were all celebrities, but not everyone was invited. Each of the guests had to be carefully screened before they could be present in person.

Therefore, anyone who participated in this banquet would feel honored. This was the equivalent of affirming their own identity.

However, there would occasionally be some uninvited people sneaking in, for example Gu Nanjing who was currently in the middle of a banquet.

Gu Nanjing did not receive the invitation letter, in order to get the Sheng Tian's invitation letter, he had no choice but to spend a lot of money, licking his face and begging a lot of people to get the thin invitation letter.

It wasn't easy for him to sneak into the upper echelons of the Jiangbei, so Gu Nanjing naturally did not give up. No matter who arrived, Gu Nanjing would take the initiative to walk up and talk to them, as if he was treating this place as the home ground of the Gu family.

As a result, when Qin Yue led Jian Ran over, Gu Nanjing who was in the middle of the crowd hugging his thighs saw them immediately.

Qin Yue and Jian Ran arrived late at the banquet when they were halfway through, but the moment they entered the venue, everyone who was talking to each other, flirting with each other, or drinking with each other, looked up, as if for a second or two, the venue was completely quiet, followed by countless soft voices that gathered together to exclaim.

No extravagant words would be enough to describe the breathtaking feeling this pair of men and women gave off.

Qin Yue was tall and handsome, dressed in western attire, with a noble and steady temperament. The moment he entered the stage, he suppressed a room full of noise and excitement, as though an emperor had come to visit.

Beside him was Jian Ran. Jian Ran held Qin Yue's hand. She had a light smile on her face, her eyes shining with a soft sheen, her tied up long hair tied up with an exquisite water drill like a butterfly. Her clothes made Die Lian look like a blooming flower, blooming like a lotus on top of her head.

The two walked into the meeting place hand in hand, occasionally looking at each other. The men were gentle and firm, while the women were content and reassured -- it was as if they could have the world with a single glance.

Everyone couldn't help but sigh in amazement. What a celestial couple!

Gu Nanjing had to admit. He had always known that Jian Ran was very beautiful, that kind of beauty was like a mountain stream flowing with clear spring water. What he did not know was that Jian Ran could also be like this, beautiful to the point of suffocating, beautiful to the point of despair, able to make the butterfly follow suit with its life on the line.

As for Qin Yue, who was beside her, he used a low key to perfectly suppress the clamor on Jian Ran's body, making her look even more beautiful.

Unconsciously, Gu Nanjing's hand that was holding onto the wine cup became so tight that it turned white. He even wanted to rush over to snatch Jian Ran back and let everyone know that this woman belonged to him.

The noisy banquet seemed to have turned completely silent in an instant. Gu Nanjing could no longer hear anything and could only see the existence of Qin Yue and Jian Ran in his furious red eyes.

The smile on Jian Ran's face when he was together with her, was extremely dazzling in his eyes. It was as if she was laughing at him silently.

No, he could not sit still and wait for death. He had to take the initiative and make that surnamed Qin look bad.

If he had to choose between the two, then it would be tonight. He had to let that Qin guy know that this kind of upper class circle was not something that a little innovative CEO like him could enter.

Gu Nanjing raised his wine cup and drank the red wine in it, then turned to find a concealed location and hid in the darkness, waiting for the right opportunity to make his move.

After Jian Ran left the capital, she had never participated in such a charity banquet again. Now, faced with such a gorgeous banquet venue as well as all sorts of upper class people, she felt a bit apprehensive.

Many years ago, Jian Ran had also participated in the so-called charity dinner, but at that time, she had gone there with her father.

There was only one reason why her father brought her to attend such a banquet, which was to hope that she would be able to get to know more upper class people. Even if Gu Nanjing made a mistake, the Ji family would have other choices.

Therefore, even if she was his daughter, she would reveal as much as she could when choosing a dress. She was afraid that the people from the Wealthy Class could not see her daughter.

It was precisely because of this that such a thing had happened before, that later on, when such a thing had happened, those famous figures in the capital had even posted pictures of Jian Ran participating in the banquet to tell the story.

What did he mean? The second daughter of the Jian family was already that kind of trash. They relied on Lu Lu to seduce men, but now they even wanted to snatch away their future brother-in-law.

At that time, Jian Ran had also resisted, but whenever it came to this, her father would scold him, and even hit his frail mother, hitting her until her body was covered with wounds.

And her mother, a weak and useless mother, would only silently cry, not dare to struggle, not dare to resist, not even dare to beg for mercy.

Thus, she struggled, resisted, and begged for mercy. She had tried all kinds of ways to stop her father, but her father was fearless while hugging onto Gu's's thigh.

She could not save her mother.

In this kind of situation, her father only started to withdraw his feelings until she and Gu Nanjing had confirmed their relationship. Back then, she had still foolishly thought that Gu Nanjing was her hero ...

With that thought, Jian Ran could not help but look at Qin Yue.

Under the warm light, Qin Yue's eyes flashed with a dazzling brilliance, causing the sea of stars in his eyes to become even more dazzling.

Qin Yue, will you be my hero?

Riding the rainbow clouds and promising to live the rest of his life?

As if she felt Jian Ran's gaze, a pair of warm and powerful large hands gently embraced her waist, bringing her to his side.

Qin Yue turned his head, looked at her gently, and said softly, "I am here."

Yes, you are.

Jian Ran could not help but straighten her back and raise her head.

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