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Julie led them up the long spiral staircase, saying, "The clothes are on the second floor."

When they went upstairs, Jian Ran discovered that other than them, there seemed to be no one else. There were no other staff members or customers .... She could not help but be puzzled. Was this really a shop?

The furnishings on the second floor were different from those on the first floor. The famous paintings and antiquities on the first floor were nowhere to be seen. There were only numerous fabrics and innumerable clothes on this floor, like a sea of clothes.

Jian Ran looked at the clothes that were full and suddenly felt a wave of excitement in her heart.

No matter how much time has passed, no matter how much she doesn't want to remember, her love of fashion design has not yet cooled.

She thought for a long time, then picked up the brush again to design a perfect wedding dress for herself.

In the past, she had tried, but before the wedding dress could be completed, she had died in the collective betrayal of her loved ones. After that, she no longer had that thought.

Jian Ran could not help but look towards Qin Yue --

Qin Yue, can I help you hold the brush again?

Qin Yue felt Jian Ran's gaze and turned to look at her. He knew that she had once been a very talented clothing designer. It was because of the storm three years ago that she had given up on that dream.

Lovers, betrayals, dreams broken... How did this weak body manage to withstand such suffering all those years ago?

Qin Yue couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart. He would never, ever let anyone hurt her again.

"Go try it out." Qin Yue said, "Choose the one you like."

Jian Ran nodded her head and walked into the sea of clothes. She was wearing a fish-tailed dress, a miniskirt, and a pleated cotton dress. Beautiful clothes are endless, pure, seductive, sexy... There were all kinds of them. Every design amazed her, and she clapped her hands in praise.

She couldn't help searching for the logos of the clothes, trying to find out which designer had made them, but she couldn't find any signs, just like this villa.

"What? Don't you like it?" Jian Ran who was in a daze suddenly had a big palm on her waist, the low and sexy caring voice reached her ears, causing her body to soften a little.

She shook her head. "I like it. Very much."

"Then why aren't you wearing it?" Qin Yue leaned his head against the top of Jian Ran's hair and asked.

"I don't know what to choose anymore." Jian Ran rubbed her neck like a little kitten and said spoiled: "Mr. Qin, please help me choose one."

A soft voice sounded out beside Qin Yue's ears. His heart was suddenly itchy, and he couldn't resist lowering his head and kissing Jian Ran's ear, then used a somewhat hoarse voice to say: "Okay."

After saying that, Qin Yue released Jian Ran and lifted up the clothes on her body seriously.

He looked around, but there was nothing that could stop his gaze for a moment. After a long while, he turned to Julie who was beside him and asked, "What about Ivan's Die Lian?"

"Ivan said he couldn't give it to you. That's for Ivan, the bride." Julie answered gruffly.

"Give it to me." Qin Yue said, his voice was not loud, but it was also not something that could be refused.

Julie curled her lips in grievance, but due to Qin Yue's pressure, she still obediently went to grab the clothes called Die Lian's clothes.

After Julie left, Jian Ran could not help but ask: "Ivan? Yes... The Italian designer? "

Qin Yue nodded: "It's him."

It was like a thunderclap in Jian Ran's mind.

If not for her father's refusal, she would have gone to Italy to become Ivan's apprentice.

And now, she actually wants to wear the clothes that Ivan designed for his wife... In the end ... No, it's Qin Yue, who is he? How could he be friends with Ivan?

While Jian Ran was still stunned, Julie had already taken Die Lian out.

When the clothes were unfolded in front of Jian Ran, she was once again shocked.

This really was a piece of clothing, the [Die Lian] was perfect for it.

The dress was very long, and the hem was spread out in layers, but it didn't feel heavy at all. The pale gray tint was unique yet eye-catching, the muslin fabric was soft and comfortable, and the light and graceful texture added a dreamy beauty to the dress.

The lifelike butterflies on the hem of her skirt danced upwards, yet there were still some butterflies falling, as if they were a picture of life and death.

Butterfly after butterfly, flying up, for what?

Qin Yue nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked at the dress, then reached out to caress her head: "Go and try."

Jian Ran nodded blankly, then followed the unwillingly looking Julie into the locker room in a trance.

The process of changing clothes was very smooth, it was as though Die Lian had created this for her. All the dimensions were just right, any more would be wider, and any less would be tighter.

Even Julie, who was reluctant to leave, exclaimed in admiration after Jian Ran had put on the [Die Lian]. She then pushed Jian Ran and said, "Let Mr. Qin see!"

Jian Ran looked at her reflection in the mirror and nodded.

When Jian Ran walked out, the first thing she did was look in her direction.

Qin Yue squinted his eyes under the golden mirror. He was so deep and complicated that it was hard for one to tell what he was thinking.

He once asked Ivan why he called this dress Die Lian. Was it only because there were so many butterflies?

"Can't you see that butterflies are desperately looking for something?" he asked, as Ivan sipped his coffee and looked at him with distaste.

What was he after?

Today, Qin Yue finally had an answer.

Butterfly after butterfly, chasing after the beautiful girl, for this, did not hesitate to offer his short life.

This is Die Lian.

After being stared at by Qin Yue for a long time, Jian Ran started to feel uncomfortable.

Qin Yue shook his head and did not say a word.

Jian Ran slowly walked to his side. He reached out his hand, gently rested it on her shoulder, then leaned close to her ear and whispered: "Very beautiful."

Such a straightforward praise made Jian Ran's white face flush red, and just as she was about to thank him, she heard Qin Yue say again: "I really don't want others to see you like this."

He spoke very seriously, like a child protecting his beloved treasure.

Jian Ran could not help but tease him: "How about I change the set?"

"No," Qin Yue rejected decisively, then turned back to Julie and said, "Tell Ivan that I'll take the gown. If he charges a fee, he will go to Hutt's aid. "

Jian Ran had never seen such a dashing Qin Yue before, she guessed that he should be very close friends with Ivan, that's why she threw aside that layer of cold clothing they had in the business world.

When they left, they did not notice the astonished gaze that landed on Jian Ran from the rooftop.

Shock, admiration --

That person's gaze kept changing in a very short period of time, because his "Die Lian" seemed to have found its real owner.

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