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Qin Yue's eyes that were behind the golden frame slightly narrowed, and said with a deep voice: "Pull that person's number into the black list. In the future, you are not allowed to pick up his phone, and you are not allowed to meet him again."

Qin Yue was worried that Jian Ran would be silly, being so deeply hurt and thinking about others, so he had to help her to cut off her feelings that she shouldn't have stayed back.

Qin Yue's words were extremely domineering, but Jian Ran did not hate for the words to come out of his mouth. She obediently took out her phone and put Gu Nanjing's number on his blacklist.

After adding them to the blacklist, Jian Ran showed his phone to Qin Yue: "Hey, it's added to the blacklist. I won't see him again. "

"Yes." Qin Yue stared intently at Jian Ran, a glint flashed past his eyes that were hidden underneath the golden mirror, "I forgot one thing, I want to make up for it now, is that possible?"

"What is it? Do you need my help? " Jian Ran did not know what Qin Yue was referring to and asked foolishly.

"I need your help in particular." Qin Yue approached Jian Ran, smiled, and held her head.

Jian Ran was a little angry: "Qin Yue, it's enough to play this kind of childish game once, it's really childish to play it again."

She thought that Qin Yue was just pretending to kiss her, and would not even bother to kiss her, but before she could finish, she was fiercely kissed by Qin Yue.

Lip teeth entanglement, breathing confluence... The more he kissed, the more overbearing he became, the harder he kissed, as though he wanted to swallow Jian Ran whole.

Jian Ran's limbs were weak, her hands grabbing tightly onto the corner of his clothes. She was willing to let him lead her into a brand-new dream world.

But, the continuous scalding kiss suddenly stopped, Jian Ran was still in the midst of his fierce kiss, yet Qin Yue had already pushed her out of her embrace.

Qin Yue wiped his lips, which still had her scent, off with his finger in front of her, and said, "I still need to continue working, rest early."

Jian Ran stood in place, and only regained her senses after a long while: "What kind of person is this, it's always like this."

She also understood that Qin Yue had forgotten one thing, which was that he had not kissed her when he came back from his business trip today.

Pursing her lips, which still had Qin Yue's warmth, Jian Ran suddenly felt a bit of worry. Could the warm times he had with her continue indefinitely?

As long as Gu Nanjing stayed in the Jiangbei, and did not settle all the new things, Jian Ran's heart would never be at peace.

He was afraid that the warm days in front of him would be broken by someone, and everything would return to its original state.

In a luxurious five-star hotel in Jiangbei, Gu Nanjing was so angry that he smashed his phone.

Last night, not only did Jian Ran hang up his phone, she actually put him on her black list. In this lifetime, he could only watch Jian Ran become Qin Yue's woman?

No! No! No!

Gu Nanjing shouted in his heart. He definitely would not let that Qin guy take advantage of him, he would definitely snatch Jian Ran back.

If Jian Ran was stubborn, he would use some methods, but no matter what, she would not let that Qin guy get away with it.

That surnamed Qin guy was not worthy. He did not have the qualifications.

"Li Gang!" Gu Nanjing roared. After roaring, he remembered that Li Gang had been captured and sent to the police station, but he was unable to get him out.

Another person who was in charge of handling Li Gang ran in: Young Master Gu, what orders do you have?

"Did you meet the actress named Polaris?" It didn't matter if that female star was Leo Qin's woman or not, as long as there was a one in a million chance that Gu Nanjing would not let her go.

The man who took over Li Gang's job was called Hong Lin Jiang. He was sent by Gu Nanjing's father, Gu Shian.

He said, "Young Master Gu, that person has already agreed to meet us. However, the meeting address is chosen by her, we still need about half an hour to get there."

Gu Nanjing took a step and said, "I'll be there right away."

After wasting so much time, he was already impatient to see Leo Qin again. He wanted to get his cooperation quickly, so that he could gain merits in front of his father.

"Jing ..." Walking to the hotel lobby, a warm and gentle voice called out to Gu Nanjing.

Hearing the voice, Gu Nanjing turned his head around and faintly frowned. "Your body isn't well, so you should rest at home. Who let you come here?"

"Jing." The woman walked towards him and helped him adjust his suit jacket. "You've been out for so long. Everyone in the family is worried about you, so Dad asked me to come and take care of you."

"You don't need to come and serve me. Go and rest, I still have things to do." Gu Nanjing grabbed her hand, and spoke with a warm voice.

"Jing, actually, I know your true purpose for coming to Jiangbei this time." The woman smiled bitterly. The voice that came out of her cherry lips was even more gentle and pleasant. Her expression was also very lovable.

"You're just a woman, what do you know?" Gu Nanjing said snappily.

Because he would always see Jian Ran's figure in women, and he could not bear to say too many words to her every single time.

"Jing, I know I'm useless. I failed to bring our child into this world, and it became impossible ..." As she spoke to here, tears glistened in the woman's eyes. A teardrop rolled down from the corner of her eyes, making her look even more heart-wrenching.

"What are you crying for? I don't blame you. " Gu Nanjing's face revealed helplessness as he hugged the girl.

The woman raised her head from Gu Nanjing's embrace and blinked her watery eyes, then said: "Ah Jing, you are the eldest son of the Gu family, you cannot lose your own child. So no matter what method you think of using, I am willing to help you."

"Jian Xin, you, are you speaking the truth? "Even if that person is the real deal ..." After being overjoyed, he took it for granted. After all, after this woman miscarried, she would no longer be able to conceive, and would not be able to give birth to a man and a woman in the Gu family. This could not be blamed on him finding someone else to continue burning incense for the Gu family.

Jian Xin rubbed it twice in his arms, "There are some things that the effect might not be good if you do it yourself. If I do it, I might get a different effect. As your sister, I know her temper better than you do. "

"You mean ..." Gu Nanjing did not dare believe that what Jian Xin was saying was what she was thinking in her heart.

"I will find time to meet him." Jian Xin threw out a heavy bomb, and with a single move, he could firmly grasp Gu Nanjing in her hands.

"Listen, you're too kind to me!" Gu Nanjing held Jian Xin tightly, as if he had already seen Jian Ran waving at her.

He kissed Jian Xin on the forehead. "Listen, as long as you can help me settle this matter, I will definitely treat you well in the future."

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