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When he mentioned Qin Yue, Jian Ran's face instantly flushed red, and she couldn't help but think of the trashy things that Ling Feiyu had said that night.

Seeing her blushing like this, Ling Feiyu pointed at her forehead: "You useless girl. You can't just mention a man. "

"Fei Yu, can we not talk about men and change the topic and chat?" Jian Ran did not want to continue with the topic of Qin Yue. If her words were to be leaked, he would definitely be scolded to death by Ling Feiyu.

While talking, Jian Ran put some food into the pot and said, "Let's see you fly for more than ten hours, tonight, let me serve you a meal."

"At least you're sensible." Ling Feiyu laughed, then said: "I have yet to meet your man, don't you plan to introduce me to him?"

"I already planned to introduce him to you, but you guys can't make up for your time, and he's been away on business for the past few days." Jian Ran placed the plate into Ling Feiyu's bowl and said.

As they were talking about Qin Yue, Qin Yue suddenly called.

Jian Ran smiled gently: "He called. I'll pick up the phone first."

Qin Yue's voice on the phone was still as low and sexy as ever: "Where did you run off to if you didn't go home this late at night?"

It sounded like a reproachful tone, but Jian Ran still cared a lot and laughed, "Fei Yu and I are eating hotpot outside."

After a short moment of silence, Qin Yue asked again, "Where are you eating?"

"This seabed on this side of the Corner Road." Jian Ran paused for a moment, and then said, "It's because you don't want to eat hotpot, otherwise, I can invite you to eat some other day."

"Okay, I understand. You can continue to eat."

Jian Ran wanted to talk more with Qin Yue, but Qin Yue didn't seem to be in the mood to continue, so he said goodbye and hung up.

On the other hand, she had forgotten one important thing. It was impossible for Qin Yue to find out that she had not returned home when he was out on a business trip, but Qin Yue had just asked her why she had not returned home yet.

"Of course, why do I feel like you are just an infuriated wife in front of your man, who doesn't even dare to boast? You blush when you make a phone call. You weren't like that before. " Ling Feiyu did not miss the expression and tone of Jian Ran just now, and she was extremely shocked.

Jian Ran also felt that it was strange. When she was discussing business, he could be considered thick-skinned and talkative. Why did she like to blush when she met Qin Yue?

In the past, when Jian Ran and Gu Nanjing were in a relationship, Ling Feiyu had never seen Jian Ran blushing before.

Logically speaking, it was Jian Ran's first love, so it should have been easier for girls to be shy. However, at that time, Jian Ran was just like a boy, wild and unruly.

Ling Feiyu thought, maybe Qin Yue was the person that Jian Ran was destined to be.

No matter how strong a woman is, once she meets someone who really loves her, she will act like a little woman.

After finishing their hot pot meal, it was already late. Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu put on their coats and started chatting as they walked.

Today, Jian Ran was wearing an orange-red overcoat. She was originally white, and this color of clothes made her skin seem white and rosy, giving her a unique flavor.

Ling Feiyu praised her as she walked. Her exaggerated tone almost made Jian Ran go crazy from happiness.

"Second Miss Jane, Miss Ling, please wait!"

As Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu were happily chatting, Li Gang and his men blocked their path.

"Why are you here?" The one who asked was Ling Feiyu.

Li Gang had been following beside Gu Nanjing for many years. Both Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu recognized this person, and they did not have a deep impression of him in the past. They only knew that he was one of Gu Nanjing's lackeys.

When he thought that Gu Nanjing would appear, Ling Feiyu, who did not know that Jian Ran had already met Gu Nanjing before, looked at him worriedly. "Of course ..."

Jian Ran smiled at her. "Silly girl, don't worry, I'll be fine."

Li Gang said: Second Miss Jian, Young Master Gu would like to invite the two of you to a drink together.

Jian Ran laughed and said: "I'll have to trouble you to inform Young Master Gu that we are not free, and that we should not let him disturb our lives in the future."

Second Miss Jane, Young Master Gu just told me. If I can't get you, I can cut off one of my fingers and go back to see him. Li Gang's words were pitiful, but he still maintained a stern expression.

Hearing that, Ling Feiyu became anxious: "You let that bastard, Gu Nanjing, die. He had done such a shameless thing back then, and now he still has the face to appear in front of Jian Ran, do you believe that I will kill him with a single slash?"

Jian Ran quickly pulled Ling Feiyu back and shook his head at her. "Fei Yu, calm down."

"How do you expect me to calm down when that beast comes looking for you?" As she roared, Ling Feiyu finally felt that something was amiss, "Of course, are you alright?"

She was so agitated, why was Jian Ran so calm, so calm that it was as if Gu Nanjing had never appeared in her life before.

"In that case, the two of you are not willing to give me convenience." Li Gang shook his head regretfully, "But Young Master Gu must see someone tonight, so I can only offend the two of you."

With that, Li Gang waved his hand, and the few men behind him immediately surrounded him.

Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu both took a step forward at almost the same time to block the other party's front. Jian Ran sneaked a glance at it, which Ling Feiyu received and immediately retreated behind Jian Ran.

Jian Ran looked at Li Gang and laughed softly. "Li Gang, in the end, we can still be considered old acquaintances, don't you think?"

Li Gang said: "So you're saying, Second Miss Jian is willing to follow us?"

Jian Ran nodded her head, a smile still hanging on her face: "Young Master Gu is so considerate, what reason do I have to reject such a grand invitation from you two."

Just as Jian Ran was busy fighting with Li Gang, Ling Feiyu had already secretly called 110. It was most likely that after the call was made, Ling Feiyu would drag Jian Ran and retreat, purposely saying loudly, "Of course, you can't go with them. I believe that we are a society governed by the rule of law, and they are not bold enough to openly kidnap. "

Jian Ran received the look from Ling Feiyu and understood that they had reached 110 and said: "Fei Yu, they are trying to kidnap us. However, their target is me. This is 200 Science Park Avenue, not far from your home.

Li Gang said: "Since Second Miss Jian said that we are kidnappers, then she wanted to force us to make our move.

"Who the hell dares to touch me!" When those people came over, Jian Ran changed from her gentle appearance and shouted angrily, as expected, she had scared off the person who was standing next to her.

But the bluffing could only be done for a short time, and they could only pray that the police patrolling the area would arrive before they were taken away.

Li Gang then said: "Brothers, please get on the carriage for Second Miss Jane!"

"Let's see who dares to touch her!"

A low and cold voice sounded out from behind them, causing them to uncontrollably shiver when they heard it.

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