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All the major media organizations had been chasing after Leo Qin to the point where they couldn't even get a picture of him, how did such an explosive piece of news come out? Who would have the guts to spread such news?

The Qin Family was a famous family, both wealthy and expensive. Moreover, they paid great attention to their sect's etiquette, so for many years, they had never heard of any bad news about the Qin Family.

No matter if they were hiding it well or if they could truly cultivate their character, the Qin Family gave people the feeling that it was a quality to be low-key.

Suddenly hearing this news, Gu Nanjing was very excited in his heart, but at the same time, he was a little worried.

If this news was true, then he could let Li Gang find a few beautiful women and send them to her.

If this news was fake, sending the woman to Leo Qin was just asking for trouble.

Therefore, before he decided to do this, Gu Nanjing had to know where this news came from and how much of the credibility of it was.

Li Gang was naturally aware of Gu Nanjing's misgivings, so he told his all of the information he had gathered, "Young Master Gu, when I first heard this news, I sent people to investigate."

Gu Nanjing asked anxiously: "Then what did you find out?"

Gu Nanjing really hoped that this news was true. If just sending a few women could move Leo Qin, that would be too good. Furthermore, Gu Nanjing believed that he had the absolute advantage in finding girls.

"I got my people to follow up on the clues, and finally found out that it was from Sheng Tian's Entertainment. It was specifically a star in the crew who spread the news. " With that, Li Gang immediately took out his phone and flipped through to a photo, "It's this female star named Polaris, who had just gotten popular."

The woman in the photo was heavily made up, so it was hard to tell what she looked like. However, from her facial features, she must be a beauty.

Li Gang continued to speak, "Polaris claims to be the girlfriend of the Sheng Tian's Leo Qin. At first, everyone thought that she was just trying to climb up the ladder. Who would have thought that she would actually take out a photo with Leo Qin? The background picture seems to be a mansion in Qin Family America. "

"Find the other photos. Let me see them." The more Gu Nanjing listened, the more excited he became, as though he had found a lifeline when he was about to drown.

Li Gang immediately flipped through a few more photos and found the other two: "Young Master Gu, do you think the description of this mansion is similar to the ones in the media?"

Gu Nanjing had Li Gang send the photo to the computer so that it could be enlarged and look at it.

The mansion in the photo was not magnificent and gave off the feeling of a manor, a very leisurely and comfortable living environment.

This photo matched well with the news that came out from the media. Coupled with Qin Family's low-profile personality, they were sure that this was Qin Family's mansion in the United States.

As for the other photo, it was a man wearing a blue suit. Just by sitting there, he gave off an imposing aura without anger.

As for the long image, it was also very good-looking, it should have completely inherited the Qin Family's good genes. Looking at its age, it should be around twenty-eight years old, and Leo Qin shouldn't be wrong.

No matter how many people from the various big media organizations spent, they could not get a single photo of Leo Qin. They never thought that he would be exposed by a little girl like his.

"It seems that this matter cannot be faked." Gu Nanjing was so excited that he stood up and walked around. After thinking about it, he said, "Think of a way to bring that female star named Polaris over to me. I want to personally confirm it with her."

They had wanted to see Leo Qin touch his nose multiple times, and in his opinion, it was very likely that they had not taken advantage of him.

Now that he received such exciting news, Gu Nanjing would definitely grab hold of this opportunity.

Li Gang revealed an ugly expression, "Young Master Gu, when I received this news last night, I went to invite her.

"Are you willing to accept?" Gu Nanjing coldly snorted, "You can't even invite such a small brat like you? Could it be that you want me to personally invite him? "

Li Gang wiped off his cold sweat: "That little girl is Leo Qin's person. Even if we don't look at the face of the monk, we should look at the face of the Buddha first."

"Then this young master will personally go see her." With these photos in her hands, it showed that her relationship with Leo Qin was definitely not ordinary. Gu Nanjing thought that maybe he could get to know Leo Qin through this woman.

"Then I'll go and arrange it." After he finished speaking, Li Gang turned around and was about to do what his master had asked him to do.

"Li Gang." Gu Nanjing called out to him, "It doesn't matter if this news is true or false, you should first find a few beautiful women, and it would be best to choose a few different ones.

Li Gang smiled mischievously, "Don't worry Young Master Gu, I am an expert in this area. I can guarantee that the beauties I choose will all be top-notch beauties. At that time, you can still have a taste of it Young Master Gu. "

Gu Nanjing casually grabbed a teacup on the table and threw it at Li Gang: "No matter what, there's always a fool like you by this young master's side."

"Young Master Gu, didn't you always ..." Before he could finish, Gu Nanjing glared at him again, causing Li Gang to quickly change the topic, "I was wrong, in your heart, there is only our Second Miss Jane."

"What did you say?" A thought flashed through Gu Nanjing's mind.

Although this idea was despicable, it had actually appeared in Gu Nanjing's mind at this moment.

"Young Master Gu, what do you want me to say?" Li Gang asked carefully.

"Who are the people who cooperated with you in the past, and who is Sheng Tian's Leo Qin? "What kind of woman has he not seen with his identity? How could ordinary women enter his eyes?" Gu Nanjing pushed the thought that he shouldn't have out of his mind and said, "When you go find someone, use the second young miss of the Jian family as your standard."

"Young Master Gu ..." Li Gang still wanted to say something, but was shocked by the cold gaze that Gu Nanjing shot over.

He could only silently criticize in his heart. The more he looked at the second young miss's beauty, the more astonished he became. If he wanted to find a woman as beautiful as the second young miss, was his master making things difficult for him?

Ai, if not, if his mistress had a deep crush on the second young miss of the Jian family and even offered her up, he wouldn't need to go around looking for people.

Li Gang was suddenly frightened by the thoughts in his head, he instinctively raised his head to take a look, and then patted his chest to suppress his shock.

If this thought of his were to be known by his master, it would definitely tear off a layer of his skin. What Li Gang did not know was that Gu Nanjing had the same thought as him that had just flashed past his mind.

Gu Nanjing's mind was currently filled with Jian Ran, the Jian Ran who used to be in a relationship with him, and the Jian Ran who now married someone else.

In the past Jian Ran, what filled her heart was only him, Gu Nanjing, and he was also reluctant to part with him.

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