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Xu Huiyi and the others had followed beside him for many years, he treated them as her friends or family, and most importantly, Jian Ran was his wife.

Doctor Liang also understood that what he said just now was an exaggeration. He awkwardly smiled and said: "Mrs. Qin, hello!"

Jian Ran laughed, polite and courteous at the same time, "Hello, Doctor Liang!"

Xu Huiyi continued, "Because I was too impatient this morning, my attitude towards Mrs. Qin was not good. I hope that Mrs. Qin can forgive me."

Xu Huiyi and the rest had followed by Qin Yue's side for many years, their abilities were strong, and they were well trusted by Qin Yue. Over the years, they seemed to have become half of Qin Yue's family.

It was because he understood Qin Yue too well. He knew that would not easily get sick, and once he got sick, the situation would become very serious. That's how it happened this morning.

It was because they had not known Jian Ran for long, so naturally, they treated Jian Ran as an outsider in their most urgent moments.

Jian Ran was about to speak, when Qin Yue said again: "Jian Ran, do you know what a marriage certificate represents?"

Jian Ran was a little stunned, she did not know what Qin Yue wanted to say.

Qin Yue looked at Xu Huiyi and Doctor Liang, and at the same time, slowly said, "In law, if two people get their marriage certificate, it is equivalent to handing their lives over to the other. If I am really sick today, and need the family's signature to save me, then the person who can give me the autograph is you, Jian Ran! "

From Jian Ran's point of view, registering for a marriage meant that the two of them would live together. If they could continue to live together, they would continue to do so.

She never thought that in Qin Yue's eyes, a marriage certificate would have such an important meaning. In other words, he was willing to give his life to her.

Hearing Qin Yue's words, Xu Huiyi and Doctor Liang looked at each other. What Qin Yue said was reasonable, during an emergency, of the people in the room, only Jian Ran could do it.

Qin Yue said again: "If you want to change the medicine, then hurry up and help me change it.

"Yes." The doctor quickly changed the blood transfusion bag for Qin Yue and gave him an oral medicine, saying, "Young master, there's a small amount of sleeping pills in this medicine, go to sleep for a while after taking it."

When the doctor and Xu Huiyi left, Qin Yue looked at Jian Ran with her burning eyes. He patted the place beside him: "Come and lie down with me for a while."

"Alright." Jian Ran walked over and squeezed to his side to lie down.

Just as she laid down, Qin Yue extended his arm and pulled her into his embrace, burying his head into her shoulder and sniffing her unique fragrance, "Jian Ran ..."

"Hmm?" Jian Ran did not struggle as he let him hug her honestly.

"I woke up today and didn't see you. I don't know why I feel so disappointed." Qin Yue's low and sexy voice came from above her head. When he spoke, his aura circled around her head, and when he heard his words, Jian Ran's heart raced.

What Qin Yue had said was not love words, but it made people feel like it was more touching than love words.

Jian Ran guessed that Qin Yue must have been an expert in picking up beauties in the past, but he was already so old. There was no need to pick him up, a bunch of beauties had already pounced towards him.

Jian Ran did not reply with a voice. Instead, she gently reached out her arms and hugged his skinny waist, and the face that was on his chest rubbed slightly. "Qin Yue, I will not disappoint you anymore."

If she encountered such a situation again in the future, Jian Ran would definitely not allow anyone to bring Qin Yue away. She would definitely stay by his side and take care of him as his wife.

Qin Yue did not reply, Jian Ran laid in his embrace for a long time, she was so tired that her entire body was cramping, she raised her head and looked, only to see that he had already fallen asleep.

The doctor said just now that Qin Yue had taken the medicine and added a sleeping pill. First, let him have a good night's sleep, and when he slept well, it would help his body recover.

Jian Ran carefully took away the hand Qin Yue was holding her in, and lightly moved in his embrace, wanting to find a more comfortable position to lie beside him.

Unexpectedly, she had only moved a little, but Qin Yue, who was clearly in deep sleep, had unconsciously tightened the strength in his arms and hugged Jian Ran tightly.

Jian Ran couldn't help but raise her eyebrows, her tender lips slightly raised, and her arms around Qin Yue unconsciously increased her strength.

It was a light drizzle today, and the temperature dropped by several degrees in an instant, as if winter had just arrived.

However, not only was Jiangbei City not affected by the cold air, it had become even more lively these few days.

After the news that the current leader of the Sheng Tian, Leo Qin, was going to move the headquarters to the Jiangbei was spread out, all the business elites in the entire country gathered at the Jiangbei to make a ruckus.

If the Sheng Tian wanted to develop in the Jiangbei and move to the headquarters far away in the capital, then that meant that the Jiangbei was a piece of fat and the entry of the Sheng Tian would bring a greater business opportunity.

Some people rushed over to the exploration market, while some people rushed over to see the leader of Sheng Tian, Leo Qin, and hoped to cooperate with him.

Amongst them, the person who had the most desire to see the Sheng Tian at the helm was none other than Gu's's Young Dong Gu Nanjing.

He wanted to gain more trust and power from his father Gu Shian. Then, the most direct and effective way would be to work with the Sheng Tian.

He had already sent several threads to Sheng Tian with his secretary, but the answer he got every time was that Leo Qin was busy and did not have time for now.

Once or twice was fine, but he had already handed it over to her no less than ten times, and did not even manage to get the number to make an appointment.

Seeing Gu Nanjing who was seated at the desk and frowning, Li Gang opened his mouth several times, but in the end, as he shut it again, he could not hold it in any longer and said: "Young Master Gu, I heard a long time ago that those who wanted to meet Leo Qin have already been waiting until three months later. It's not easy to meet him, he's not targeting us at all."

"About three months later? "Let's think carefully about whether there are any other shortcuts we can take. The sooner we see him, the better." Gu Nanjing had just taken over some business with the Gu's, but many of the higher ups did not seem to be satisfied with him.

Therefore, he wanted to urgently meet Leo Qin from the Sheng Tian and cooperate with him so that those people who had underestimated him could know his strength.

Li Gang thought for a while and said: "Young Master Gu, I've heard some news recently, but I don't know if it's true or not."

Gu Nanjing looked at Li Gang coldly: "If you have something to say, then fart. If you have something to say, then say it.

Li Gang then continued, "The people of the Qin Family are low-key, and no media have ever taken a picture of Leo Qin, so his love life has always been the focus of attention. However, no one has been able to get any news of him. But recently I heard that Leo Qin really likes women, to the point of even saying that she's one night to get six women. "

Hearing that, Gu Nanjing's eyes lit up, but he did not easily believe the rumors, and asked: "Where did you hear the news from?"

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