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Qin Yue ignored them. Jian Ran felt a little awkward, she could not just stand there and watch.

After a long while, Qin Yue finally raised his head and looked over.

He didn't want to force her into cold water, which would lead to a high fever. He was already in a coma from the fever, and this woman had the mind to go to work. She was a heartless woman.

Qin Yue's expression and manner of speaking made Jian Ran feel that he did not welcome her here. She was nervous and she pursed her lips: "Hutt's aid told me to come and see you."

The Hutt's aid had only asked her to come. If he didn't let Xu Huiyi make that call, would she not come?

Qin Yue frowned, and his voice became even more cold and calm: "You saw me too, then go back to work."

"Oh ..." "Alright." Jian Ran forcefully suppressed the grievances in her heart, smiled and nodded, then turned and left.

This woman really left!

Looking at her back view, Qin Yue's eyes darkened. His expression was not good, and the newspaper in his right hand was almost crushed by him.

When she reached the door, Jian Ran suddenly stopped. Taking a deep breath, she turned her head and glared at: "Qin Yue, you motherf * cking bastard!"

She had been worried about him all morning, and now that she finally saw him, he asked her to leave.

Normally, she would say that he was her husband. How could there be a husband like him who wouldn't even let his wife see him when he was sick?

The more Jian Ran thought about it, the more sad she felt and the more angry she got. Her nose started to sour and two drops of crystal clear tears fell out of the corner of her eyes.

She lifted her hand to viciously wipe it away, bit her lips, and said, "Qin Yue, you're f * cking going to die, it's none of my business even if you die. Just treat it as me never knowing someone like you."

Jian Ran's sudden outburst of temper shocked even Qin Yue to the point of being startled. In the midst of her shock, she saw Jian Ran's tears which had dripped down.

Qin Yue's heart suddenly twitched for no reason at all, and a feeling of pain spread throughout his unprepared heart. This was a feeling he had never experienced before.

He still remembered that time, she angered Gu Nanjing and caused him to be locked in the police station. Under those circumstances, he didn't see her cry, yet now ...

"Come here." Qin Yue's voice unconsciously became much gentler, and he even waved at her.

"If you let me go, I'll go. If you let me go, I'm going?" What do you think I am? " Jian Ran was also a stubborn guy, she would not let him call him back so easily.

Qin Yue raised his brows, "You're not coming over?"

Jian Ran ignored him and rubbed his eyes again. She hated herself for crying in front of this man, when did she love to cry so much.

"Then I'll go over." Qin Yue pretended to remove the needle.

"What are you doing? Is she courting death? " Jian Ran was shocked, she immediately rushed over to stop him.

"If I die, you'll be a widow." Qin Yue said with a serious expression, but a smile appeared in his eyes again under the golden frame.

"You ..." Jian Ran didn't know that this man could be so glib tongued, but he still spoke with a straight face.

Qin Yue raised his hand and caressed Jian Ran's face. His rough thumb gently wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes, "Good girl, tell me, why are you crying?"

Jian Ran bit her lips and said fiercely: "I'm afraid that if you die, I would become a little widow."

Qin Yue laughed lowly, and reached out to hold her in his arms, whispering: "Little idiot!"

You're the stupid one! Your whole family is stupid!

Jian Ran wanted to scold her back like this, but he hugged her so tightly that it seemed as if he wanted to sink her into his warm chest.

How could he be so powerful? Just one hand was enough to hold her tightly. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free.

"Don't move."

A low and suppressed voice rang out from the top of her hair, carrying a kind of soul-stirring hoarseness.

These two simple words were like a spell, causing Jian Ran to lose all power to resist.

Qin Yue laughed in satisfaction and placed his chin on Jian Ran's head. Her hair was very smooth, very soft, and there was this faint fragrance on it.

On the other hand, Jian Ran, who was in his arms, unconsciously curled her lips as she was vexed over how easily she had submitted.

His breathing was on top of his heart, and his heart was beating on the side. For some inexplicable reason, he felt at ease.

"Master, the food is ready." Aunt Chen, who was in charge of Qin Yue's food, inappropriately barged in. Seeing the two who were hugging each other, he quickly retreated.

Qin Yue let go of Jian Ran. "You want to accompany me to eat?"

Jian Ran nodded.

If Qin Yue did not let the nurse help him, then the hard work would be done by Jian Ran. She was holding the bag of blood in one hand high and had the responsibility of holding it in the other, while Qin Yue was like a young master who did not care about anything.

After everything was settled, Jian Ran sat down opposite of Qin Yue.

Jian Ran subconsciously glanced at the woman who was preparing the food. Her sixth sense told her that the woman did not really like him, so she remained seated and did not make a move.

Qin Yue's slender fingers habitually tapped on the table lightly, his eyes slightly narrowed, thinking about something. After Aunt Chen finished cooking, he finally said, "Aunt Chen, there's nothing else for you to do here, you can leave first."

Aunt Chen opened his mouth as though he wanted to say something, but he was too clear on Qin Yue's temper. He nodded: "Young Master, Young Madam, take care."

The two words "Young Madam" almost made Jian Ran spit out a mouthful of water from her mouth as her exquisite and beautiful face flushed red.

Qin Yue looked at her shocked expression and said: "That was the aunty who has been in charge of my diet all this time. You can call her Aunt Chen in the future."

There was the driver Old Wei, loyal assistants like Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong, as well as an aunt in charge of food and clothing that Aunt Chen had addressed them as earlier.

Qin Yue said that he used to do some business abroad. What business did he actually do? Why does it feel like his real identity is even more terrifying than the Innovation Technology?

Qin Yue waved again: "Sit beside me and help me carry the dishes."

"Your right hand can move." Jian Ran whispered. The needle was inserted into Qin Yue's left hand, and he could still hug her with such force on his right hand, why was he not able to pick up the dishes now?

"I usually eat with my left hand." Qin Yue's voice sounded unsatisfied, but there was a slight smile on her sexy lips.

Jian Ran now knew that Qin Yue's ability to lie was top-notch. When had he ever used his left hand to eat before?

However, seeing that he was sick, Jian Ran decided to bear with it. After all, it was as he said, if anything really happened to him, she would become a widow.

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