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Jian Ran regained her senses and anxiously followed along, but was stopped by Xu Huiyi: "Jian Ran, Boss Qin has us to take care of you, so we won't trouble you. You go to work when you need to. "

Jian Ran was extremely uncomfortable listening to her, she was obviously treating her as an outsider.

Her own husband was sick, and he couldn't even lean on the sides. Jian Ran was so depressed in her heart that it was as if someone had ruthlessly slapped him.

She realized that she had never truly walked into Qin Yue's life. Qin Yue's background, Qin Yue's work, everything about him, seemed to be untouchable to her.

Now, even when Qin Yue was sick, she couldn't take care of him by his side as his wife.

She was about to suspect, was Qin Yue really her husband?

Jian Ran bit her lips, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt uncomfortable. One reason was because she was worried about Qin Yue, and the second reason was because her heart was clogged up.

"Woof, woof ..." The sensible girl could feel that Jian Ran was in a bad mood, so she rubbed her feet a little and whined a few times to comfort her.

Jian Ran squatted down and caressed her head gently, "Em, Uncle Qin is sick, but mother can't even take care of him by his side. Do you think Mom is useless? "

"Woof, woof ..." She licked Jian Ran's hands and used a method to comfort Jian Ran.

"Thank you very much." Jian Ran patted her head, "Darling, you go and play. Mom is going to work with us. "

Right now, Innovation Technology was in the midst of many things. The matter regarding Gu's and Starlight was still not settled, and Qin Yue was sick.

Jian Ran did not have the right to care about big matters of decision-making, but since she was able to complete her duties well, it could be said that she shared some of the responsibilities for Qin Yue.

Recently, due to the low level of innovation in the business of Innovation Technology, the mood of the employees of the Innovation Technology were affected, so everyone's mood at work wasn't very high.

Jian Ran didn't know whether it was because Qin Yue wasn't able to fight against the Gu's or because he was trying to stall for time in order to find the right time to counterattack.

The colleagues in the office were either chatting or browsing Weibo. There was not a single one who worked seriously. This situation was very worrisome.

Sighing softly, Jian Ran calmed herself down, turned on her work computer, and prepared to start another day of work.

After checking a few customer profiles, she then called the customers one by one to see if she could get the chance to meet up with them. After that, she would have a good talk with the clients about cooperation projects.

With a few calls, the other party hung up using the excuse that they were busy with work, leaving Jian Ran with a bad taste in her nose.

During the majority of the morning, Jian Ran was worrying about Qin Yue's condition, so she called his about 10 o'clock in the morning.

Looking at the gradually familiarizing phone number that was displayed on the phone's screen, the hand that Jian Ran was holding onto trembled slightly. When she answered the call, she was too anxious and didn't do so a few times.

Finally, the call was connected. Qin Yue's low and hoarse voice came out from the phone: "Jian Ran, where are you?"

"Working at the company." Hearing Qin Yue's voice, Jian Ran's tensed mind for the whole morning finally relaxed.

Once Jian Ran said this, the other side of the phone went silent for a long time. It seemed that Qin Yue did not plan to say another sentence.

Jian Ran waited for a while, but just as she was about to speak, she heard Qin Yue say, "Then, continue working."

"Qin Yue..." Jian Ran called out to him, he pursed his lips, "Are you better now?"

"He won't die."

Qin Yue's extremely cold voice passed from the phone into Jian Ran's ears, causing him to feel wronged and angry.

She bit her lips in frustration and said, "It's good that you're not dead." I have to go back to work. "

"Yes." The man on the other side snorted coldly and hung up the phone first.

Seeing the phone's screen darken, Jian Ran's heart seemed to be grabbed tightly by something, causing him to be unable to breathe.

She had been worried about his condition all morning. She had been so worried that she had hung up on him before she could ask him about his condition.

Jian Ran stared intently at the screen, the screen lit up again, and this time it was Xu Huiyi.

Xu Huiyi called and told Jian Ran to hurry to the Sheng Tian Hospital.

The Sheng Tian Hospital was a very famous private hospital. It was said that its medical equipment was even more advanced and complete than the First People's Hospital of the Jiangbei.

Although Jian Ran was still a little angry at Qin Yue's attitude when she said those words, she couldn't possibly be angry at him constantly.

After ending the call with Xu Huiyi, Jian Ran asked for a leave to go home and cook some vegetables porridge, so people who had a high fever should eat some light food.

It was already close to one in the afternoon when Jian Ran rushed home from the company to the Sheng Tian Hospital.

The security at the Sheng Tian Hospital was tight, and ordinary people could not enter. Therefore, Xu Huiyi had been waiting outside the security room since a long time ago.

Seeing Jian Ran, she smiled and went to welcome him. "Mrs. Qin, this morning, because I was worried for your safety, I didn't take my words to heart. I hope you don't take it to heart."

"It's fine." What Jian Ran cared about was not the attitude Xu Huiyi had towards her, but rather, when Qin Yue was sick, he was his wife, but he could not help in any way.

As Qin Yue and she were husband and wife, they should be the two most intimate people to each other. But this morning, she felt that Qin Yue and her were actually nothing.

After walking for more than ten minutes, she arrived at Qin Yue's ward. Xu Huiyi said, "This is Boss Qin's ward, I won't be going in."

Jian Ran nodded: "I've troubled you."

The door was closed, and Jian Ran peeked in through the crack of the door. She saw a middle-aged lady about fifty years old helping Qin Yue prepare food.

The woman took out various types of delicate small boxes from a delicate box frame and placed them on the table one by one. Her movements were very practiced, and it was obvious that she often did these things.

Seeing that someone had already prepared so much for Qin Yue, Jian Ran looked at the thermal container in his hands and subconsciously hid it behind him. He did not want Qin Yue to see the shabby food that she had prepared for him.

Jian Ran pushed the door and entered, the woman immediately looked over, she glanced at her, and her gaze landed on the lunchbox in her hands, with an inquiring look.

The ward was a suite of rooms, and the hall was a resting area. The arrangement was very warm, and all the furniture and appliances were ready.

If she did not see Qin Yue in the hall, Jian Ran could not be sure that she was in the room.

Jian Ran looked at the woman and laughed awkwardly: May I ask if Qin Yue lives here?

The woman looked at Jian Ran for a long time, then pointed to the room inside: "Young Master is inside."

"Thank you!" Jian Ran smiled and politely nodded to the woman, then placed the lunchbox she brought on the tea table before going back to her room to look at Qin Yue.

Inside the room was a sickroom. Qin Yue, dressed in a white patient uniform, was sitting on the sickbed. His left hand was holding a needle, while his right hand was holding a newspaper.

"Qin Yue." Jian Ran called out to him, but he didn't even raise her head, as if he hadn't heard her voice.

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