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Jian Ran quietly looked at Qin Yue. He was wearing a white robe with his belt tied carelessly around his waist, his chest was slightly open, and one could see his wheat coloured chest.

As she thought about it, Jian Ran gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

"What's wrong?" Seeing the look in Jian Ran's eyes, Qin Yue raised his eyebrows and asked with a hint of amusement.

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice reached Jian Ran's ears, interrupting the beautiful scene in her mind.

Jian Ran was shocked that she could think of such a rich scene just by looking at Qin Yue.

She felt embarrassed and quickly turned around. "I'm going to sleep."

Qin Yue squeezed to Jian Ran's side, reached out her hands to her forehead and turned her head towards him: "Such a red face, such a hot forehead, do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?"

Qin Yue was very close to his. He did not have his glasses on, so his expression and expression looked much more gentle. His eyes were deep and blurry.

Seeing that, Jian Ran's heart started to race and her face started to turn hot, her mind started to wander again.

She quickly shook her head as she secretly cursed Ling Feiyu in her heart. It was all because of that damned girl spouting so much nonsense to her, causing her to turn bad as well.

Seeing Jian Ran's strange action, Qin Yue asked worriedly: "Jian Ran?"

"I'm fine. It's getting late, you should also go to sleep. " All along, Jian Ran had thought that Qin Yue's voice was very pleasant to listen to, especially when he was calling her name. But today, she really hoped that Qin Yue would not use such a pleasant voice to call her name.

He certainly did not know that she wanted to commit a crime just by hearing his pleasant voice calling her name.

She even had an evil idea. Since Qin Yue was already her legal husband, she might as well throw herself at him.

Jian Ran was frightened by her own thoughts. It's over, it must be that stinking girl Ling Feiyu had placed a curse on her, how could she have such thoughts?

Seeing Jian Ran shake her head and mumble in a low voice, Qin Yue found it funny. "Jian Ran, why are you ..."

"I'm fine, I'm really fine. I didn't think of anything. Don't talk nonsense." Before Qin Yue could finish his words, Jian Ran had already said a lot of nonsense, causing Qin Yue to be even more confused, and not knowing what she was doing.

Looking at Jian Ran who had crawled into bed and wrapped himself up tightly, Qin Yue shook his head and sighed silently.

Jian Ran hid under the blanket, and slowly moved towards the bedside. She wanted to take advantage of Qin Yue's unconsciousness to increase the distance between the two of them, if not he would be unable to control herself.

Just as she moved, Qin Yue's long arm pulled her back and pressed her into his embrace, "Sleep well."

"Ugh ..."

Not only did Jian Ran not dare to move, her breathing had also become extremely careful. She lay stiffly on Qin Yue's chest, with her face right on top of the exposed part of's chest.

The room became so quiet in an instant, so quiet that Jian Ran could clearly hear Qin Yue's breathing and his rapid heartbeat.

Jian Ran thought of something, and moved. She raised her head to look at her, and saw that his eyes were blazing with fire, fire so hot that it seemed to be able to burn her.

"Qin Yue..." Without knowing where she got the courage, she stretched out his slender palm and caressed his handsome face that was as perfect as a sculpture.

"Don't move!" Qin Yue grabbed her hand, and the voice that came out of his mouth was so hoarse that even Jian Ran felt a pain in her throat when he heard it.

"Qin Yue, actually ..."

Before Jian Ran could finish her words, Qin Yue pushed her away and got off the bed to leave the room.

Jian Ran looked at Qin Yue's swiftly leaving figure, and muttered out what she had just said: "Actually, I am willing."

, who didn't understand her thoughts, went to the other bathroom, turned on the cold water tap, and stood under the shower to take a cold shower.

Although the Jiangbei City was located in the south and the autumn was not as cold as the north, taking a cold bath in the middle of the night still required a lot of courage.

Under the cold water, Qin Yue's mind was filled with Jian Ran's bashful and lovely appearance. Thinking about this, Qin Yue felt that the water was not cold enough, and wanted to jump into the ice pool to soak in the water.

Actually, there was a better solution, which was to go back to his room and let Jian Ran help him get rid of the fire caused by her. However, Qin Yue did not want to do that.

Although Jian Ran was his wife, she respected her every decision. As long as she didn't nod her head and say that she was willing, he definitely wouldn't force her.

After washing himself in the bathroom for a long time and reducing the dryness and heat in his body a little, Qin Yue went to the balcony in the living room, lit up a cigarette, and smoked a few mouthfuls of smoke.

Qin Yue didn't even know how he, who had always had a strong self-control in this matter, could lose control in front of Jian Ran again and again.

After finishing one cigarette, Qin Yue smoked another. Not long later, there were already a few more in the ashtray.

Perhaps, it was precisely because Jian Ran was his legal wife and because of this identity, he would have a reaction when facing her.

After thinking about it, Qin Yue came to this conclusion.

After finishing the cigarette, Qin Yue went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth again and again, until there was no smell of tobacco in his mouth.

In the room, Jian Ran was already asleep, her breathing was even and slow. Her beautiful face had a faint blush on it, making her look warm and beautiful.

Instead, she lit his fire and let him take a cold bath for half an hour while she slept soundly.

Suddenly, Qin Yue really wanted to pick up the culprit who caused him to take a cold shower, and let her take a cold shower as well.

However, not only did he not pick Jian Ran up and take a cold shower, he even laid down beside her and pulled her into his embrace to sleep.

That night, Qin Yue basically did not sleep at all. However, Jian Ran slept very soundly and had a very beautiful dream.

When she thought about the beautiful dream she had when she woke up, Jian Ran raised her head and looked towards the balcony window.

How could the person who read the newspapers every morning suddenly disappear?

Jian Ran turned her head suspiciously, when she saw a person lying on the side with his eyes closed. His face was flushed red and his breathing was fast.

They had been married for so long, yet this was the first time Jian Ran had woken up and she was still sleeping.

Qin Yue was like a biological clock. He slept punctually every day when he woke up, and never changed because of anything.

Is Qin Yue sick?

Thinking that Qin Yue might be sick, Jian Ran quickly raised her hand and touched his forehead. The moment she touched his forehead, she immediately pulled her hand back.

"Qin Yue, wake up, wake up ..." Jian Ran lightly slapped his face. Seeing that he did not react, he increased his strength even more.

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