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"It's me." The person laughed and nonchalantly walked to Ma Dannuo's side. She casually picked up the expensive scarf on the table and looked at it again and again, and then said with regret: "Such a good scarf, it's such a pity that Manager Xu doesn't have it."

As he spoke, he wrapped the scarf around his neck and smiled, "Look, it seems more appropriate to give it to me."

Ma Dannuo looked at her, deep in thought. The fiery red scarf hung from the figure's body like a blazing flame. It was dazzling, as if it was a torch in the darkness ...

Maybe this was the only chance she had to stomp on Jian Ran, so she had to grab hold of it tightly.

So she said, "Do you know what it means to have my scarf?"

The person who came looked at Ma Dannuo with narrowed eyes: "I dare to surround it, how can I not know the meaning of surrounding it?"

Ma Dannuo was suspicious: Usually, the two of us have never met, why are you willing to help me?

The person elegantly fiddled with the scarf on his neck and smiled as if it was a matter of course, "Because I like this scarf."

Ma Dannuo was startled, but just as she wanted to ask more, the person continued: "I have heard of all the things in your hands before. After sending the message through the mailbox, I will find out who the person behind all these is. But I have a better idea. "

Hearing that the person had other methods, Ma Dannuo immediately threw her other concerns out the window, and anxiously asked: "What way?"

"You go find someone." The person took out a name card and handed it over to Ma Dannuo, "As long as you can find him, he will tell you what to do."

"Alright." Ma Dannuo carefully took the business card from the person's hand. She only felt that the business card was heavy. She stared at the name card excitedly as if she was looking at a sharp sword stabbed into Jian Ran's chest.

Recently, Jian Ran didn't have to work, she just took a shower and went to bed early. However, she couldn't sleep at all while lying on the bed, so she took out her phone and WeChat with Ling Feiyu who was far away in the United States.

She quickly tapped her phone's screen with her slender fingers and typed: "Fei Yu, how have you been in America these past few days?"

After sending the message, the other side quickly replied, "Have a good meal, have a good time, and have a man you love around you every day. Do you think your life is good?"

Hearing Ling Feiyu's cheerful voice, Jian Ran's mood also improved a lot. She said, "Then let's stay there for a few more days and accompany your Cheng Xuyang."

Just as Jian Ran finished speaking, she received another message from Ling Feiyu: "Of course, I'm more curious about how you and your Mr. Qin are progressing. "Do you guys have ..."

Knowing that Ling Feiyu was being naughty, Jian Ran interrupted her in time, "I'm talking about your problem."

Ling Feiyu replied, "I was also asking about you and your Mr. Qin."

Jian Ran knew that if sshe let Ling Feiyu know that her relationship with Qin Yue had not improved at all, he would definitely be scolded by him again. Not only would he teach her a lesson, he might even scold Qin Yue for some hidden ailment.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Ran typed out, "What should have happened has already happened."

Even though half the world was far away, Jian Ran still felt that she had been seen through for lying. She quickly hid under the blanket.

Once she sent the message, Ling Feiyu immediately sent a voice message over: "Rest assured, quickly tell me, how do you feel when you're together? Did he take care of you? "

Jian Ran blushed and her heart raced when she heard this. Ling Feiyu looked very innocent and beautiful, why did she suddenly ask about all the things that were hard to say?

Jian Ran was so embarrassed that she could not reply. On the other hand, Ling Feiyu was sending voice messages like a bomb.

"Of course, let me tell you, feelings are two people's business. Don't always passively accept his kindness towards you. You must also take the initiative to treat him well. This way, your relationship will last even longer."

"Of course, the longer the two of you are together, the weaker the feelings become. Moreover, you and your Mr. Qin didn't marry out of love, you never had any relationship foundation, so if you have something to say, praise him and improve the relationship between the two of you."

Jian Ran also knew that relationships required both sides to work together, but she didn't know how to describe the relationship between her and Qin Yue right now.

Ling Feiyu's voice continued, "Of course, hurry up and reply me. Tell me how you felt when you were with him. Do you like this man more and more? "

Jian Ran, "..."

Jian Ran did not speak.

"Aiya, it's also because too much time has passed since I started dating. Otherwise, why would I ask you about it?"

"Oh right, is your Mr. Qin cooking? Do you want me to help you wash your clothes? and a lot of other things you know about... "

Just listening to her, Jian Ran was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

Ling Feiyu continued: "Of course, do you plan to have children? If you are not prepared to have children, you have to be careful not to let an accident happen. "

Jian Ran sent another ellipsis over.

Ling Feiyu continued, "If you are pregnant, then you will be giving birth to a child for the rest of your life. "If you don't have children, beating them up will be very harmful to women."

Actually, Jian Ran had never thought about giving birth to a child, because the relationship between her and Qin Yue had yet to evolve to this extent.

However, if Qin Yue and her have the chance to be pregnant in the future, she thought that she should be born.

Men like Qin Yue should be able to educate their children to be as outstanding as he was, so it would be even better if they had a boy that looked like him.

Suddenly realizing what she was thinking, Jian Ran immediately raised her head to look at the door, afraid that Qin Yue would barge in and take a look at what was on her mind.

Ling Feiyu once again sent a voice message over: "Of course, hurry up and tell me, I'm going out to shop, and also buy your Mr. Qin a big gift."

Ling Feiyu was someone who would immediately do whatever she was told to do. She shook her head helplessly: "Fei Yu, there's no need to buy us a present."

Ling Feiyu: "I say, Jian Ran, are you afraid that I would know the size of your Mr. Qin's clothes ...?"

Before she could finish listening to the voice message, Jian Ran heard the door opening and hurriedly quit WeChat. Her body stiffened under the bed.

Qin Yue walked over and laid down beside her: "What size?"

"No, nothing ..." Jian Ran was so embarrassed that she was stuttering. She couldn't possibly tell Qin Yue that the topic of conversation she had with her best friend had never eluded him, right?

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