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The late autumn night was suffused with a harsh chill.

Waves after waves of cold wind, tricky and cunning, were always blowing when people relaxed their guard, engulfing the last remnants of summer and causing people's hair to stand on end.

However, in the Jiangbei, a brightly lit city that did not seem to be afraid of the cold at all.

Even though it was already late at night, the streets were still bustling with people. The streams of people did not stop for the bone-piercing cold wind -- it was lively and ruthless.

A Starbucks coffee shop in Jiangbei was also bustling with activity. There were gossip spawning all over the place, and there were even some - sarcasm and scheming that was even colder than the cold wind.

Just like the two inconspicuous women in the corner.

Ma Dannuo handed over the scarf that she bought -- -- similar to the one Jian Ran bought, "Cousin sister, since the weather is cold, I picked it out for you. There are only six limited edition versions of this brand in the entire city. "

Xu Youai looked at the LOGO on his scarf, his brows knitted slightly, but he did not extend his hand to receive it: "You just changed your job, and you don't have any money at hand, why are you spending so much money?"

"I didn't neglect to take care of you when I was in the Innovation Technology, and I didn't buy anything for you either. Ma Dannuo said lightly to please her, and then pushed the scarf towards Xu Youai.

Xu Youai looked at the expensive scarf, but did not accept it, and indifferently said: "If you have anything you want me to help with, feel free to say it. I am your cousin, and your parents have entrusted you to me. If there is anything I can do to help, they will do their best to help you. "

She understood Ma Dannuo too well. If there was nothing that needed her help, Ma Dannuo would definitely not spend this money on her. The scarf seemed to be very light. If he were to take it, it would be hard to tell how heavy it would be.

Xu Youai's answer was stiff and stiff, but he was unwilling to accept the scarf. He couldn't help but laugh, and said: "You know, the reason why I was fired was all because of that smelly bitch Jian Ran ..."

Speaking of Jian Ran, Ma Dannuo gnashed her teeth, and the smile on her face became ferocious, "If she wasn't behind all of this, how could I have fallen to such a state?!"

Xu Youai had already guessed that Ma Dannuo would talk about being fired, but he didn't think that she would still blame it on someone else. He couldn't help but let out a long sigh in his heart, and said coldly: "Although I don't usually interact much with Operations Department, I still understand that he isn't the type of person who causes trouble on his own accord. As for why you were fired, only you know that clearly in your heart. "

Xu Youai was Ma Dannuo's cousin. Normally, he would take care of Ma Dannuo, but when things were not going well, she would stand on the opposite side.

"Cousin, what you saw was all an act by that woman. Don't you know how shameless she is?" Ma Dannuo looked around, and said in a low voice, "In the past, she was only in the capital because she wanted to seduce her future brother-in-law, and was chased out by her family."

These were the private matters of others, and were also things of the past. Furthermore, Xu Youai did not want to take Ma Dannuo's words into consideration, even though he had not personally witnessed it and still understood everything that was going on.

Ma Dannuo saw that Xu Youai did not answer and thought that he was shaken, so he continued to speak: "You said that you don't even want her family members anymore, I wonder how much you have done behind his back ... ..."

"You called me here to talk about these things?" Xu Youai suddenly spoke out and cut off Ma Dannuo's words, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

With that said, Xu Youai got up to leave.

Seeing that, Ma Dannuo immediately grabbed onto Xu Youai: "Cousin sister, wait!"

She then hurriedly took out her phone, pushed the picture that she secretly took two days ago to Xu Youai, and laughed sinisterly: "Cousin, look, I'm not slandering her. This woman clearly knows that Boss Qin has a wife, but she still went to seduce him. "

Xu Youai glanced at the photo, the man and woman holding hands, the man was tall and handsome, the woman was slim and graceful.

The woman gazed into the distance with sparkling eyes. The man's gaze seemed to be fixated on the woman, as if he was probing her. However, he didn't have the slightest bit of rudeness. Gentle and exquisite, he was mesmerizing.

Looking at the photo, Xu Youai could not help but be somewhat surprised, but it was not for any other reason, it was just that this was the first time she found out that a person as cold and aloof as Boss Qin actually had such a gaze, and the Jian Ran by his side, was actually so good-looking.

Seeing Xu Youai was stunned, Ma Dannuo thought that she had succeeded yet again, and said hurriedly: "Cousin sister, I still have some things here. As long as you send these things to the internal mailbox of an innovative company and let everyone see her true appearance, would Boss Qin still want her then? She still has the face to stay and innovate? "

Xu Youai recovered from his shock and sighed deeply. He shook his head and said, "Danna, this is the private life of others. You and I don't even have to care."

Ma Dannuo only wanted to deal with Jian Ran, so she could not listen to anything else. Once again, Xu Youai rejected her. She felt indignant and indignant as she grabbed Xu Youai's hand even tighter: "Cousin sister, only you can help me now. This is an easy task for you, so why are you not willing to help me?"

Her cousin had not helped her when she was dismissed, and it was too much for her to refuse such a small favor.

This time, Xu Youai firmly shook his head, shook off Ma Dannuo's hand and turned to pick up the bag on the chair.

Seeing that Xu Youai was about to leave again, Ma Dannuo stomped her feet in anger, and blurted out: "Whose damn cousin are you?"

Xu Youai stopped in his tracks, turned around and glanced at her with eyes as cold as a stranger: "I won't help you with this matter. I would advise you to stop doing stupid things and to work hard is the way you should go. "

Looking at Xu Youai's retreating figure, Ma Dannuo was so angry that her entire body was trembling, her beautiful face was sinister and terrifying, just like Luosha.

Currently, Xu Youai was her only hope. If she did not help him, then what could she think of to force Jian Ran out of the Innovation Technology?

That day at the shopping mall, she had looked at the sweet and lovable relationship between Jian Ran and her, and decided that no matter what price she had to pay, she would make it difficult for Jian Ran.

It didn't make sense for everything to be taken away by that woman. What was so good about her? You usually know how to work. You're so dumb, so honest, and you've never done anything dirty behind the scenes. Why should everyone help her? What is she!

"Miss Ma, Manager Xu is unwilling to help you, so I'll help you."

Just as Ma Dannuo felt that the entire world was against her, a gentle voice sounded from behind Ma Dannuo. She turned her head to look and was a little stunned, but quickly recovered her composure.

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