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Li Gang said: "Speaking of which, it's strange, that surnamed Qin completely ignored this matter. I wonder what exactly does he want to do?"

Gu Nanjing retracted his gaze, and looked at Li Gang: "You say he doesn't care?"

Li Gang said: "I think that the person surnamed Qin may not have realized how serious it is for him to offend you."

Gu Nanjing said: "Then continue to pressurize me."

He could only force the Qin fellow to come and beg him for his help. Then, all he had to do was to hint that the Qin fellow who had divorced Jian Ran would be able to let him go, and that would be enough.

Jian Ran walked and stopped, stopping and stopped for a walk, finally arriving at Jiangbei City's famously delicious street.

There were all kinds of delicious food coming from all over the country on the tasty street. As they walked further in, Jian Ran tried all kinds of small colors.

After eating their fill, they finally figured out what they couldn't figure out.

When she returned at night, she would have a good talk with Qin Yue. If her days were up, she would continue to live, and if she couldn't, she would say her farewells and leave.

When he returned home and opened the door, he came running around her in a circle, using a few barks to express his longing for his mother.

Jian Ran carried Em, and rubbed its head a few times. "Em, little fellow, mother knows you miss me a lot."

"Woof woof woof ..." Unbroken with the use of a loud voice to express that he really missed his mother.

"Em, you can play with me, mom will go cook." Jian Ran put down the piece of cloth and rubbed its head.

Although Jian Ran had eaten her fill, she still had to cook. Qin Yue had not eaten yet.

She had said that as long as both of them remained there, she would do her best to be a proper wife.

When Jian Ran had almost finished cooking, she returned from work.

Qin Yue walked to the kitchen: "Jian Ran, I'm back."

"The dishes are ready. They'll be ready soon." Jian Ran turned her head to look at him and smiled.

Very quickly, the two dishes were served, and Jian Ran scooped a bowl of rice for Qin Yue.

Qin Yue looked at her. "You don't eat?"

"I ate out this afternoon." Jian Ran paused, then said, "You eat first, after that I have something I want to talk to you about."

It didn't matter what kind of expression Qin Yue had, after throwing down his words, Jian Ran went to the balcony of the living room and used a watering can to water the flowers and plants.

The house they were living in had three rooms and two halls, one for the kitchen and two for the guards, which were about 160 square meters. The living room and master bedroom were both the largest in area, with sightseeing balconies.

Jian Ran had already lived here for more than a month, but she had never cleaned her own room.

Originally, Jian Ran did not know that someone was here to take care of things. She thought that since there were not many people living here, the place would not be dirty easily.

Furthermore, the people who came to clean up had chosen to come when they were not at home. It could be said that they cleaned very cleanly and without a speck of dust.

Jian Ran held the sprinkler bottle to water the flower, and continuously hopped around her feet, trying her best to attract her attention.

She looked at it and couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Silly little girl, stop jumping. You are my mother's precious baby, how can mother not see you?"

Qin Yue finished his meal and walked over. Seeing them having such fun, he couldn't bear to disturb them for a while.

Jian Ran felt the gaze from behind her, and turned to look at her. Looking at Qin Yue's deep and incomprehensible eyes, she smiled: "Have you eaten your fill?"

"Yes." Qin Yue nodded, and stood by her side: "What do you want to say to me?"

Jian Ran looked at him and smiled gently, with a limpid gaze. "Qin Yue, I know that you didn't marry me because of love. If you ever find someone you want to live with for the rest of your life, just say so and we'll part ways. "

After she said all these out in one breath, Jian Ran felt extremely relaxed.

Ling Feiyu often said that Jian Ran was stubborn, and things that she had decided on would not be changed easily. Learning, work, feeling, as long as she decided, she would try to do the best she could.

Jian Ran decided to marry Qin Yue so that she could live a good life with his.

Now, among the two of them, one of them had a problem. Jian Ran did not want to be like before, and had to wait until things were done in order before they would be as awkward as they were in the past.

Due to her experience, Jian Ran felt that it would be beneficial for her and Qin Yue if they were to break up early.

"Jian Ran..." Qin Yue called out her name with a deep and profound look in his eyes, "Do you think that marrying you is fun?"

Jian Ran scratched her head: "I don't know."

Before he could finish uttering the word "dao", Qin Yue pressed Jian Ran against the wall, and his burning hot lips immediately covered her.

Jian Ran opened her eyes wide in shock as she used her hand to cover her eyes.

He held her between him and the wall, kissing her madly, lips and tongue entwined, bit by bit, taking over all her senses.

In the beginning, Jian Ran still had the strength to push him. Slowly, her entire body softened.

Qin Yue's body would always have a clean and nice smell, which was very faint, and could only be smelt when he was very close to her.

Gradually, Jian Ran felt like she was suffocating, as if she was kissed by Qin Yue.

She never knew that a man who looked so refined and refined was actually so tough in the bones. Just a kiss was enough to cause stars to appear in her eyes.

Finally, Qin Yue stopped. He looked at her red and swollen lips that had been kissed by him, and used his sexy and hoarse voice to say: "Jian Ran, you are the person that I want to live my life with."

He had lived for twenty-eight years, and from his birth to officially taking over the Sheng Tian's job, he had a very clear goal in everything he did.

In the six years after he officially took over Sheng Tian, he did not have much time to consider his personal life, nor did he have the time to think about women.

If he met Jian Ran again, and chose Jian Ran as his wife, then he would have to spend the rest of his life with her. This idea was extremely firm, and he had never hesitated at all.

"No, Qin Yue, you might have gotten my meaning wrong." Jian Ran pursed her lips, trying her best to calm her disturbed mind.

Qin Yue did not say a word, and slightly raised his eyebrow.

"I mean, even though our marriage has no love, we need to be loyal to each other. If you have a woman outside and tell me you want to spend the rest of your life with me, I'll feel like a joke and look down on you. " Jian Ran realized that she could actually speak in such a eloquent manner in front of Qin Yue.

"You don't believe me that much?" With that, Qin Yue held Jian Ran's head and once again fiercely kissed her.

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