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"Leo, why aren't you talking? You're not happy to see me? " Saying that, she pouted, feeling wronged, "It's been so long since you've seen me, and you actually miss me. I've decided not to like you anymore and will abandon you. "

Saying that, she laughed, "Leo, if I don't like you anymore, what do you think I should do? I think you'll only be able to be a virgin for the rest of your life, because no woman would be willing to face a block of ice like you. "

With that, she clicked her tongue a few times, expressing her deep sympathy for his plight.

Qin Yue walked with steady steps and carried her into the elevator, still ignoring her.

The woman continued, "You're already 28 years old, why didn't you find a girlfriend to manage you? Could it be that he wanted Qin Family to cut off the rear? Or do you really want to marry me? "

"Shut up!" Qin Yue squeezed these two words out from his teeth, he really wanted to throw the drunk her out on the streets to accompany those homeless people.

Although Qin Yue was angered to the point that his teeth were itching, the strength he used to hug her was just right.

"Leo, put me down, I can walk by myself." Walking out of the charming hall, the girl twisted in Qin Yue's embrace, attempting to escape from his embrace.

Qin Yue lowered his head to look at her, and warned her: "Let's try moving around again."

Ignoring his warning, the girl raised her head from his embrace and pouted her pink lips. "Come, kiss one."

Qin Yue frowned, he relaxed his grip and was about to throw her out.

The woman quickly put her arm around his neck, "Leo, if you don't kiss me, I'll find another man to kiss me. I still want to have a relationship with them, you decide. "

Qin Yue frowned and clenched his teeth.

The woman continued to provoke, "You will be able to bring me back. If you have the ability, tie me up, or else I will find a chance to slip out. I don't even know what I'll do then. "

As she spoke, the woman's beautiful almond-shaped eyes glanced to the left and saw the figure holding the camera in the distance. Her lips curved upwards as she revealed a crafty smile.

If not for the fact that he was worried that his mother's body wouldn't be able to take the shock, he would have tied this girl up and sent her back to America.

Furthermore, he knew very well that the words spoken by this girl who was not afraid of the heavens or the earth were shameless words. However, she was still capable of doing that.

It was impossible for him to always be by her side. What if she took advantage of his absence and ...

"Are you not going to kiss me?" The woman wrapped herself around him, kissed him on the cheek when he wasn't paying attention, then glanced to the left and saw an OK gesture. She was relieved.

She knew that the headlines for tomorrow's news, through the work of the people she had hired, would be about Polaris, the new star, and the men. How bad it would be, how ugly it would be.

She just wanted to create some scandal to spread and see how that person would react.

Now that she had achieved her goal of acting out such a show, the girl became much more obedient. Not long after she laid in Qin Yue's embrace, she fell into a deep sleep.

After he stuffed the girl into the car, Qin Yue quickly got in and sat beside her.

He had just sat down when the girl burrowed into his arms again and found a comfortable position in his arms, relying on him as she had when she was little.

Looking at her face that was painted like a kitten's, Qin Yue sighed quietly. His gaze that was looking at her became much gentler: "Truly a little girl that makes people worry."

The driver, Old Wei, took a peek in the rearview mirror. He thought that only this young mistress could make this young master, who did not mess up, feel at a loss.

The driver asked, "Young Master, where are we going?"

Qin Yue said: "Return to Sheng Tian's Yu Jing Wan."

The base camp of the Qin Family was not in the Jiangbei, and the Jiangbei did not have a fixed residence.

The house that Qin Yue and his wife were living in was bought by him before he came to the Jiangbei, it was used as a temporary residence.

Yuejing Curve was a top-level villa area developed by Sheng Tian Real Estate in the Jiangbei. It was located in the coastal area of the Jiangbei City and was built near the sea.

Because the location was in a golden area and the environment was beautiful, the price of the villa had already skyrocketed since the start of construction. However, there were still many people who wanted to buy it.

However, if one wanted to buy, they might not necessarily be able to do so. There was no lack of buyers in the projects developed by the Sheng Tian, and it was up to them to pick buyers. He couldn't buy it with just money. He also needed to have a good family background.

One of the most mysterious villas in the Yu Jing Bay was named Noguchi. The reason why the Noguchi was so mysterious was because it was created by Qin Yue himself.

The Noguchi Residence was renovated a year and a half ago. It took almost a year to complete the renovation, and now he could stay in this world.

Qin Yue had originally planned to bring Jian Ran to live with him in a few days, but he didn't expect that she would be carrying this little girl who caused so much trouble in her arms.

Several servants came to greet him as they arrived at the villa in the Yuejing Bay.: "Young Master, Miss, she ..."

"Go and get your clean clothes ready. Tidy up her room and warm her bed. " After Qin Yue finished speaking, he carried the woman in his arms and walked inside the room with big strides.

He stood at the edge of the pool and threw the girl in his arms into the pool.


"Help! "HELP!" The girl was fast asleep and screaming for help. After a while, she came to a stop in the shallow water.

She raised her head and glared at him with her phoenix-like eyes. "You want to kill me and steal my wealth?"

Qin Yue sat on the resting chair at the side and elegantly crossed his legs, "Look at yourself. Do not make yourself look like a human, or a ghost, or what do you want to do? "

The woman ignored him and pulled the ladder towards the shore.

Qin Yue said in a heavy voice: "Stand still. Who allowed you to come up? "

The girl pursed her lips, looking like she was about to cry. "I'm already 18 years old, what right do you have to care about me?"

Qin Yue stared at her from head to toe: "You're eighteen years old? You are an adult? that you can just dress up like that and hang out? "

Although the woman was unhappy, she did not dare to climb up anymore. She could only obediently stand in the pool. "I'm cold."

"You know it's cold even though you're dressed like that?"

"Big bro --"

"You still know that I'm your brother? I thought you had forgotten your surname, Qin. " When mentioning this little sister, Qin Yue was the top two.

"Bro --" The woman raised her hand to rub her eyes. Her small mouth was flattened as beads of tears dripped from her eyes. "I'm really cold."

Qin Yue hardened his heart and said: "Tell me first, do you know your wrongs?"

The girl lowered her head and bit her lips, unwilling to admit it.

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows, and said sternly: "Did you forget about the etiquette you learnt when you were young? Lord, can you not answer when you speak to me? "

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