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Qin Yue was very satisfied with Jian Ran's answer. He hugged her head in front of everyone and then gently kissed her lips.

With so many people watching, Jian Ran was extremely embarrassed. She pushed him even more tightly, causing her body to stick to his.

Qin Yue usually looked gentle and refined, with every movement being graceful and refined, but his strength was truly extraordinary, so Jian Ran was unable to open it no matter how hard she tried.

What was wrong with this person?

Was he in the wrong recently? From time to time, she was unable to keep up with his tempo.

Just when Jian Ran was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground, Qin Yue finally let go of her and said: "Un, this is my gratitude to you."

Jian Ran's heart was in a mess, her soul was faint, this' thank you 'gift was not worth anything, if you want to thank, just say it was more practical.

However, when Jian Ran turned her head to look at the two furious glares from far away, she didn't think so.

This man was her husband, and she loved him lovingly. There was no need to be afraid of other people's eyes, especially Ma Dannuo who stirred up trouble.

Seeing Jian Ran crawl into her embrace, Qin Yue took the opportunity to embrace her, and said softly: "I'm giving you my time tonight, what else do you want?"

"Let me think about it." Jian Ran looked up, and started to seriously think about what she should do next.

Just then, the personal phone that Qin Yue had brought with him rang, and she heard him say: "Wait a moment, I have to pick up a call."

Jian Ran nodded: "Okay."

Qin Yue went to the side to answer the call. Jian Ran looked around, and saw a shop selling fresh fruit juice, she went to buy two cups of orange juice.

After buying the bill, just as he took out the orange juice, Qin Yue hurried back and apologized: Jian Ran, I have some urgent matters to take care of. I'll get someone to send you back first. "

Qin Yue had been busy the entire time, and Jian Ran knew of this fact. I'll take the subway or take a taxi back. "

Qin Yue did not say anything further. He picked up the phone and called Liu Yong, giving him his address. Then he got Liu Yong to come over and send him home.

After hanging up, he said, "I'm probably not coming back tonight. Go back and rest early. Don't wait for me. Also, you are not allowed to see Gu Nanjing again. "

Jian Ran nodded, but before she even had the chance to speak, she had already quickly left. This was the first time Jian Ran had seen him in such a rush since she had first met him.

He was in such a hurry to leave, what had happened?

The only thing that Jian Ran could think of was Gu Nanjing. Thinking of what Gu Nanjing had said in the afternoon, as well as the look in his eyes, Jian Ran's heart was in a mess.

She quickly picked up her phone and called Qin Yue, but the person she was calling was still calling her, so she called him several times but the situation was still the same.

"Mrs. Qin, I'll send you home." Not long after, Liu Yong arrived.

Jian Ran hung up and asked anxiously: "Special Assistant Liu, what happened to Qin Yue? Did Gu's's Gu Nanjing do something to the innovation? "

Liu Yong said: "Boss Qin will be fine, Gu's's Young Master Gu can't do anything to innovation, don't worry."

Liu Yong was the person whom Qin Yue trusted the most. What Qin Yue did not let him talk about, Jian Ran knew that it would be hopeless to get any concrete information from him.

Jian Ran believed in Qin Yue for once. She believed that he could take care of the things on Gu Nanjing's side, but she was still worried.

After getting on the car, she opened her phone and called Qin Yue again.

Unable to get through to Qin Yue, Jian Ran became even more anxious. She then looked at the phone number that she received in the afternoon. Looking at the unfamiliar number on her phone, she hesitated to call her and ask.

After thinking about it, Jian Ran decided to keep the phone. When Qin Yue left, she told her not to see Gu Nanjing again. No matter what, she didn't want him to be unhappy.

At the same time, Qin Yue sat on the Bentley, which was driven by the driver Old Wei, and quickly ran to the biggest entertainment area in Jiangbei -- -- Charm!

The driver, Old Wei, had been driving Qin Yue for twenty years already. He had watched Qin Yue grow up and when he looked in the rearview mirror, he saw that Qin Yue's face was extremely gloomy.

Qin Yue rarely had such an expression, unless the girl at home was the one who had stirred up some trouble. The last time Qin Yue was so angry was when the girl had just stepped into the entertainment circle half a year ago.

After half an hour, the car arrived at Charming Beauty.

When Qin Yue got out of the carriage, he looked much better than before, but the words "do not let anyone near" was still written on his face.

A man around twenty years old ran over hurriedly: "Young Master, you finally came."

"Where's Polaris?" Qin Yue asked as he walked.

"She's at the Spring Festival Gala on the third floor." The man hastily ran to the front to lead the way for Qin Yue.

Spring Festival Gala Hall?

Hearing the name, Qin Yue frowned, and walked even faster.

Stepping into such a charming place, smelling the pungent smell of alcohol, and looking at the couple hugging and kissing, veins on Qin Yue's forehead began to bulge, as he wanted to flatten this place out and rebuild it.

"Young master, the elevator is over here." The man said carefully.

Qin Yue looked around, and then followed the man into the elevator and arrived at the third floor, heading straight to the VIP Hall called Spring Festival Gala.

In this kind of place, Qin Yue saw that everything was filled with germs, if he could, he would even stop his breathing for a moment.

The man grew up in Qin Family, so he naturally knew about Qin Yue's obsession with cleanliness. He walked in front to lead the way for Qin Yue, "Young Master, Polaris is inside."

The door opened, and what entered his eyes made Qin Yue take a deep breath. If he didn't have a good cultivation, he would have definitely rushed over to throw the bunch of men out.

In the center of the room, a woman wearing a halter top and hot pants was dancing with a man who had forgotten his feelings.

There were a few men sitting on the sofa in the room. Some of them were whistling while others were shouting. Their eyes were all shining like hungry wolves.

Qin Yue took off his jacket as he walked over. He pulled the woman, who was almost naked, into his arms and draped his jacket over her shoulders. He asked coldly: "Do you know what you are doing?"

The woman blinked her beautiful phoenix eyes, reached out and hooked Qin Yue's chin: "Leo, why are you here?"

Saying that, she giggled, "Don't tell me you also came to watch me dance. I'll show you right now. "

Qin Yue took away her randomly groping hands and carried her away, not wanting to say a single word to her anymore with a dark expression.

"My friends, I'll go first. I'll play with you guys another day." In Qin Yue's arms, the woman didn't forget to blow a kiss to the men in the room.

Qin Yue glared at her fiercely, controlling both of her hands, preventing her from moving recklessly.

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