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"Jian Ran..."

As Gu Nanjing's voice fell, it was unknown when Qin Yue had already walked to their side, and gently called out Jian Ran's name.

Hearing Qin Yue's voice, Jian Ran's body trembled slightly. He instinctively wanted to shield Qin Yue behind him and block his sight.

However, Qin Yue pulled her towards him, lifted his hand to brush the hair in front of her forehead behind her ears, and gently said: "I've made you wait for a long time."

Hearing Qin Yue's low and sexy voice, seeing his calm yet gentle expression, Jian Ran suddenly stopped worrying.

She looked at him and smiled. "You're done with your work?"

"Yes." Qin Yue nodded, and held her hand. "Let's go, we'll treat you to some delicious food tonight."

Jian Ran nodded and replied gently, "Alright."

Qin Yue pulled Jian Ran and left, and from the beginning to end, he did not even glance at Gu Nanjing, as if the existence of this person did not exist.

Gu Nanjing watched the two leaving figures, and only after a while did he regain his senses.

The man surnamed Qin gave off a strong sense of oppression. Just by standing next to him, he felt that he was slightly shorter than that surnamed Qin.

He, a dignified young master of the Gu's, actually had such a thought. Gu Nanjing was so angry that he grabbed a coffee cup and smashed it out.

The gazes of the surrounding people all looked over. He swept a fierce gaze, and those people hurriedly turned their heads back, but they did not see anything at all.

Gu Nanjing took out his phone and dialed a number: "Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and check if Jian Ran and that Qin guy have registered and married."

After making the call, Gu Nanjing looked out of the window and saw Qin Yue opening the car door to help Jian Ran up.

He subconsciously glanced at the logo of the car. It was a very unremarkable Land Rover. He was burning with rage. He even wanted to steal Gu Nanjing's woman when driving such a broken car, he really did not know the limits of heaven.

Jian Ran, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, turned to look, just in time to see Gu Nanjing's sharp and terrifying gaze, causing him to feel uneasy.

Qin Yue held her hand and gently pinched it: "The words that I told you last night were forgotten so quickly."

Jian Ran was puzzled: "What?"

He quietly turned the temperature in the car up, then looked at her and helplessly said, "Sure enough, I forgot."

Jian Ran, "What ..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Yue had already reached out and grabbed her head, pulling her closer to him.

He bit her red lips lightly, then let go and asked, "You remember now?"

Jian Ran was so shocked by his actions that her mind was in a mess, she had long forgotten what he said. She blinked her watery eyes, and looked at him suspiciously.

Why did she feel that this man had completely changed today? Normally, he would be silent, but today, he would actually tease her like this.

Qin Yue caressed her face with his hand and caressed it lightly with his fingertip. "Jian Ran, you have to do it so that you trust your husband one hundred percent."

A hundred percent trust?

It was not that Jian Ran didn't want to believe him, but other than knowing that his surname was Qin Yue and that he was a CEO of the Innovation Technology, she knew nothing about him.

She opened her mouth, wanting to explain, but Qin Yue pressed a finger on her lips: "Where do you want to go?"

Jian Ran blushed as she thought about it. "I want to buy something delicious for Em."

Qin Yue squinted his eyes slightly under the golden mirror. The little thing in his house was so annoying, but another day he would have to take it out and throw it away.

But Qin Yue did not show it, and personally drove Jian Ran to a dog food shop.

Jian Ran carefully selected the dog food, and Qin Yue calmly looked at her from the side.

She did everything with great care and without hesitation.

She was responsible for her work and was considerate enough to be his wife. She even helped that little thing at home choose dog food with great care, such as taste, shelf life, and so on.

As long as it was someone who sincerely treated her, she would repay them with double the amount of sincerity. How could a girl who knew how to be grateful hurt so deeply by those people?

At the same time, Gu Nanjing who had just returned to the hospital received news from his subordinates.

After looking through the information on the phone, he was so angry that the phone flew out of his hand and smashed onto Li Gang who just happened to enter.

Li Gang didn't know how he had angered Master to such an extent. He stood at the door fearfully, not daring to step back at all.

"Scram!" Gu Nanjing roared, he punched the sturdy wall, gritted his teeth and said: "Jian Ran, you really dare!"

Before, she repeatedly said that she would only be Gu Nanjing's wife for the rest of her life. But now, it had only been three years, and she actually dared to marry someone else.

The key point was that while he was still in love with her, she had already married someone else. Where did she get the guts to borrow it from?

"Young Master Gu, your hand is injured." Seeing that Gu Nanjing looked like he was about to eat someone, Li Gang wanted to roll away, but if he really did roll away, then things would get even worse, so he could only stand in place.

Gu Nanjing did not have the time to care about his bleeding hand, and shouted: "Call Liu Chengqun, tell him to make a big fuss for me, as much as he can make a big fuss. This young master will make that Qin never turn over. "

"I'll call Liu Chengqun right away." Li Gang nodded his head, but because he was too afraid of Gu Nanjing's anger, his hand trembled and his phone fell to the ground.

It wasn't easy for him to get through to Liu Chengkun to explain the situation, but before Li Gang could hang up, he was frightened by Gu Nanjing's furious gaze: "Gu, Young Master Gu ...."

"A bunch of trash! This young master has kept you all for so many years, until the critical moment, I won't be able to count on you guys at all. " Gu Nanjing really wanted to grab someone and bite him a few times in order to quell the anger burning in his heart.

Li Gang tremblingly said: "Second Miss Jane has not dated a boyfriend for the past three years, no one would have expected her to suddenly get married a month ago."

"One month ago?" Gu Nanjing was able to grasp the key word again, "Wasn't it when we were planning the Starlight project a month ago?"

Li Gang nodded. "It was during that period of time."

Gu Nanjing instantly calmed down, and used his bleeding hand to touch his temple as he thought: "That is to say, she might have sensed that I was coming to the Jiangbei, so he deliberately sought a man to piss me off. Actually she and that man aren't even anything?"

"..." Li Gang lowered his head, he did not dare to casually answer.

Thinking about it, Gu Nanjing revealed a happy expression: "Send someone to check again, and see if they are faking the marriage?"

Li Gang said: "Young Master Gu, this cannot be fake. "The matter of the marriage was registered. The two of them are indeed legally legal husband and wife. As for the matter between husband and wife, do you want them to share the same bed ..."

"Shut up!" Gu Nanjing punched the wall heavily again, holding back his anger, he said, "Let Liu Chengkun work harder."

As long as he forced Innovation Technology onto a dead end and placed that Qin fellow in a dilemma, then they would see how he would fight over that woman with him.

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