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After Gu's announced that the Gu's and his subsidiaries would no longer have any interactions with the Innovation Technology, the Innovation Technology immediately took public relations measures, but the results were not too good. At that moment, the Innovation Technology Qin Yue seemed to be standing on the tip of the iceberg.

Looking at this piece of news, Gu Nanjing raised his eyebrows slightly, and revealed a smile that had a hint of unknown meaning.

A small Innovation Technology wanted to fight with him. He had a thousand ways to make that Qin fellow suffer.

Seeing that Master was in a good mood, Li Gang immediately said, "Young Master Gu, once we release our news, Innovation Technology will not even have the chance to retaliate."

Gu Nanjing laughed coldly as he played with the phone in his hand, "Don't get cocky too early. Sometimes what you see might not be real."

Li Gang was suspicious: "Young Master Gu, what do you mean?"

"Since that Qin surnamed Qin is able to get that old brat Chen Sheng to personally go and pick him up, just based on this point alone, we shouldn't underestimate him." Gu Nanjing looked at Li Gang coldly, "Use your brain more when you do things in the future. "You've followed me for so many years, yet you're still at this level."

Right now, he saw that Qin Guan didn't have the ability to counterattack, but he had no choice but to be on guard against some tricks behind his back.

Li Gang immediately nodded his head, "Young Master Gu is right. In the future, I will use my brain to think."

Gu Nanjing continued: "Get someone to watch every single move of that surnamed Qin, if there's anything abnormal, inform me immediately."

Li Gang said: "I've always been watched by others, but he won't be able to play any tricks."

Gu Nanjing picked up the document in his hand and slapped it onto Li Gang's head: "Do you take the words that I've just told you to be nonsense?"

"Young Master Gu, I ..." Li Gang rubbed his head. Innocent and wronged, he really didn't know where he had done wrong again.

Gu Nanjing waved his hand: "Get someone to prepare the carriage. Go play with yourself today, don't follow this young master and ruin everything that's happened."

Of course, Li Gang knew what Gu Nanjing meant by that important matter. He immediately smiled fawningly: "Young Master Gu, do you want me to book the room first?

Gu Nanjing looked at Li Gang coldly, and said coldly: "Scram!"

If Jian Ran could make up with him this easily, then Jian Ran would not be the Jian Ran that he would yearn for even after leaving for three years.

"Of course ..." Gu Nanjing silently called Jian Ran by her nickname in her heart.

She remembered that in the past, Jian Ran liked it when he called her that way the most, but she would also call him Jingjing mischievously, and would especially arrogantly say that the word "Jingjing" belonged only to her, and that no one else was allowed to call her that.

But most of the time, Jian Ran would only call out his name with all her might. When she said "Gu Nanjing", she could only represent his complete body.

At that time, Jian Ran was as hot as fire, but she also had a gentle and cute side to her. She would act coquettishly towards him and pester him to say that she loved her.

She was like a small sun. Wherever she went, she would attract the gazes of countless men. With such an outstanding and confident her, how could he not love her?

The relationship between the Gu family and the Jane family was very subtle. The Jane family would instinctively stand behind the Gu family in order to verify that sentence. The Jane family was an accessory of the Gu family.

But Jian Ran was different. In front of the Gu family, she still had her confidence and pride. She would never lower her head.

When they fell in love, she studied harder, to be a woman worthy of standing beside him.

In her sophomore year, he offered to get engaged to her first, and when she graduated, the two of them would get married.

At that time, he had thought that she would reject his offer, but he had never expected her to agree so readily. Her reason was very simple.

She said: "I have always been preparing to be Gu Nanjing's bride. You can book me in first, and when I'm outstanding enough, I will marry you."

That year, she was only nineteen years old and hadn't graduated from university yet. The Gu family didn't have a marriage engagement, so the two of them had a meal together.

Later, she studied harder and tried to design the wedding dress. Although she was still in school, her wedding dress was already quite famous and many studios came to look for her.

When she made her first pot of gold, she invited him out to eat. On the dining table, she proudly said to him: "Gu Nanjing, I feel that your eyes are truly not bad."

He smiled at her. "What do you mean?"

She said, "I can earn my own money now and still earn quite a bit. If you lose your job in the future, I can support you."

Thinking about everything that had happened in the past, a hint of gentleness appeared in Gu Nanjing's eyes.

Yes, he had always been so outstanding and confident, and so deeply in love with him.

But then, he was the one who destroyed all this, and he hurt her so much, and he couldn't do anything about her being forced to leave.

But now, three years later, he had the ability and opportunity to once again come to her side. This time, no matter what, he wouldn't let go so easily.

"Of course ..." Gu Nanjing said Jian Ran's name softly. "This time, no matter what happens, I'll definitely keep you by my side."

"Young Master Gu, the driver has been waiting for a long time, do you still want to go out?" Although Gu Nanjing told Li Gang to scram, Master did not go out;

Gu Nanjing regained his senses, hid his emotions, got up and left.

Half an hour later.

Jian Ran who was busy working on her phone suddenly rang. When she picked it up and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, she politely answered: "Hello!"

Gu Nanjing cleared his throat and said: "Of course, I'm at the Zangger Coffee Shop next to your company. Come out and we'll have a good talk."

Hearing Gu Nanjing's voice, Jian Ran frowned, she instinctively wanted to hang up, but she heard Gu Nanjing say, "You can choose not to come, but bear the consequences."

He knew that she wouldn't be willing to see him. Only by using such forceful methods would she be able to force him to come see her.

As long as he could get her to return to his side, he didn't mind using some tricks. He was more worried about losing her forever than about her strong methods of hating him.

Jian Ran pursed her lips, the hand holding the phone tightened, she could not say a word when she rejected him, because she was afraid that Gu Nanjing would use some other method.

If it was just her, she wasn't afraid of Gu Nanjing using any tricks, but now that Qin Yue and Innovation was involved in this matter, she didn't want him to be implicated because of her.

Jian Ran took a deep breath and squeezed out a word from between her teeth: "Okay."

She turned off her phone and picked up her jacket, then left. In about 10 minutes, she arrived at the place Gu Nanjing pointed out, the Zangger Coffee Shop.

When she reached the first floor of the coffee shop, she saw Gu Nanjing sitting by the window on the second floor. He saw her as well and waved at her with a smile.

Jian Ran was once so familiar with this scene that she couldn't get any more familiar with it.

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