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Of course, Jian Ran didn't know that since young, Qin Yue had never achieved second place. She had graduated from Harvard University, which was also one of the Ivy League universities.

"Then you must have been hit a lot." Jian Ran suddenly started to pity him, "I really don't understand what you boys are thinking."

She added, "When I was young, I got first place in the Imperial examinations and was even sent to one of the most famous universities in the capital."

However, her ambition was not here. She did not go to the first university to report, but chose her favorite art major.

Her biggest dream was to design the most beautiful wedding dress in the world, so that every girl could wear the wedding dress she designed and be the most beautiful bride.

But that dream had ended three years ago, when she had drawn up her own wedding dress, and she had never picked up her brush again.

Thinking about it, Jian Ran's expression darkened again. The peaceful life that she finally managed to live was broken by someone who suddenly entered her life.

She didn't even have the courage to tell Qin Yue about the things that happened in the past.

She wasn't sure if he would be as relaxed as he said he would be. He really didn't care about her past and only cared about her future.

Jian Ran closed her eyes, and wanted to leave his embrace. However, just as she moved, he was held tightly by him, and heard him say: "Jian Ran, I am your husband."

She had already emphasized this matter more than once, but Jian Ran could not help but raise her head to look at him. Under the orange red light, his face was not as cold as usual, and there was even a faint glow on his face.

Jian Ran nodded, and smiled: "I know."

"I am your husband." These six words were simple, but understood the meaning behind Qin Yue's words. Even if there was no love, he would still accompany her through the storm.

In Qin Yue's embrace, Jian Ran fell asleep not long after.

During the latter half of the night, Jian Ran slept soundly, and there were no longer any nightmares that disturbed her;

When he woke up, Qin Yue was still sitting by the window, seriously reading a newspaper. When he heard her wake up, he raised his head and looked over.

During these past month, every day was like this, a very dull day. This kind of calm life was what Jian Ran always wanted.

No matter what happened, there would always be a person accompanying her. She would live a bland life and slowly grow old together.

She quickly sat up and smiled brightly, "Boss Qin, good morning."

None of them said a word about what had happened yesterday, as if it had never happened. Or was it just a nightmare?

At the breakfast, Jian Ran asked Qin Yue: "Are you still going on a business trip today?"

Qin Yue's mouth was covered with food, he did not reply, but merely shook his head.

The amount of work that he did everyday was not something that an ordinary person could handle. However, today, he had to give priority to handling the matters of the Innovation Technology.

She let out a few continuous cries, wanting to attract the attention of her "mother". He was the one that had been ignored since last night until this morning, and he was very dissatisfied.

Jian Ran picked Em up and rubbed it against her face, "Em, Mom forgot to buy you something nice to eat last night. I'll definitely buy it for you today."

It continuously rubbed against Jian Ran twice, and then moaned twice. It probably meant that it had forgiven's mother.

Qin Yue put down his chopsticks and looked over. He squinted his eyes and only had one thought in his mind.

Jian Ran was still unwilling to sit in Qin Yue's car to work, but Qin Yue also did not force him, and the two of them arrived at the company one after another.

When he went to work in the morning, there were already many colleagues waiting at the entrance of the elevator. When they saw Qin Yue, they all turned to look at him, "Boss Qin!"

"Yes." Every time, Qin Yue would humph coldly and bring Xu Huiyi and to the elevator, leaving everyone to look at her back.

Once Qin Yue left, everyone started to discuss, "Wow, why do I feel like Boss Qin is getting more and more handsome?"

Another person continued, "Just now, I felt Boss Qin gave me a glance. He was so excited."

Someone said: "Who exactly do you think the wife of the Boss Qin is? What kind of charm could he have that the Boss Qin would like and marry her? "

Another person answered, "I think she must be very beautiful and has a certain temperament. She is also a lady from a famous clan. In any case, she is not from our office."

As Jian Ran listened to their discussion, everyone talked about Qin Yue, not one of them mentioned that she beat up Gu's's family the day before and was even imprisoned for half a day.

This surprised Jian Ran, but after thinking about it carefully, she understood what happened.

Gu Nanjing would not be so kind as to help her hide this kind of information, so the only person who would do so would be Qin Yue.

It was true that Qin Yue was Innovation Technology, but Innovation Technology was not even worth mentioning compared to him. If by chance Gu Nanjing attacked Qin Yue, Qin Yue would not even have the chance to retaliate.

It was not that she didn't believe in Qin Yue's ability, but she was extremely clear about the Gu family's power and how Gu Nanjing dealt with things.

Thinking of this, Jian Ran sucked in a deep breath of cold air. No matter what, she had to think of a way to not involve Qin Yue in this matter.

Just as Jian Ran was worrying, she received a new message. She opened it and saw a few simple words: "Work hard, I have everything else to do."

After reading the text message, Jian Ran subconsciously held her phone tightly, as if she could feel the power Qin Yue had given her.

After arriving at her office, Jian Ran found out that Starlight had cancelled her collaboration project with Innovation Technology for the reason that Innovation Technology had used their illegitimate relationship to obtain Starlight.

Sure enough, she knew that Gu Nanjing would not let it go, she just did not expect him to move so quickly.

The eyes of the Operations Department s in the office became strange. Others might not know that she went to Starlight yesterday, but the people from the Operations Department s knew about it.

Perhaps there were already people who knew that she had injured the young master of Gu's and looked at her as if she were a sinner.

Jian Ran had already experienced gazes that were even more vicious than this before, so these gazes should not scare her.

Lin Mei kicked the desk, causing the chair to slide to Jian Ran's side: "Jian Ran, what happened yesterday?"

Jian Ran pursed her lips and laughed: "Did something happen?"

"Jian Ran, we are good colleagues, good friends. If you don't want to tell others, you can tell me. Lin Mei went close to Jian Ran's ear and asked in a low voice, "Didn't you go to find Boss Liu to discuss the new project yesterday?

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