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The man smiled and said confidently, "I know you don't want to hurt me. I always knew. You love me so much, how could you possibly hurt me? "

Jian Ran did not want to hurt anyone, and it was not like what this man said. She just wanted to leave and never see her face again.

"Of course ..."

When he once again stretched out his hand to her, Jian Ran didn't even think about raising the bottle of smoke and ash in his hand and smashed it towards the man's head.

The man's forehead was cut open and blood was dripping down from it, but he didn't seem to know the pain and continued to smile at her. "Of course, I know you're still angry at me, so I'll let you hit me. But when your anger is gone, come back with me. "

The wound on his forehead was deep, and blood kept flowing out, dripping onto his face, body and hands, but he ignored it, as though his eyes could only contain Jian Ran.

Jian Ran was shocked, she shouted and shouted: "Gu Nanjing, you madman, what are you trying to do?"

Gu Nanjing suddenly laughed: "Of course, I like it when you call my name that way. A Jian Ran like this is definitely my true self. "

He just liked it when she called him by his full name, so domineering and proud, as if the man with the name was her possession.

"Shut up! I never wanted to have anything to do with you in my life. " Jian Ran clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging into her palms until she no longer felt any pain.

"Of course, you won't be able to escape. As long as I don't let you go, you'll never be able to escape." Gu Nanjing's lips curled into a smile, the smile seemed to be filled with pain, but it was also filled with the excitement of being able to recover from loss.

Jian Ran bit her lips as her body trembled slightly, "Don't even think about it ..."

Gu Nanjing laughed very confidently, and spoke with a softer tone: "What is it that I don't dare to think of? "Hmm?"

Jian Ran clenched her fists even more tightly, because she believed that he would be able to do what she said.

"Of course, the person I love is you. It has always been that person, and it has never changed." He spoke with a smile, but his head was still injured. Not only that, his injuries were not light. His black body swayed before his eyes and he fell to the ground.

Jian Ran trembled in fear: "Gu Nanjing ..."

Maybe because the sound was too loud inside the house, someone finally opened the door and came in. Seeing Gu Nanjing on the ground after getting injured, the group of people all started to panic.

Jian Ran heard someone shouting: "Young Master Gu is injured, quickly send him to the hospital."

Jian Ran also heard someone calling the police, and then she only saw a lot of blood, and saw a lot of people going in and out ...

When she came back to her senses, she had no idea how long it had been before she was taken to the police station. She was locked up in a small, cold room.

The police's soft voice sounded in her ears, "It was this person that injured Young Master Gu, but for some reason, Young Master Gu is not willing to take responsibility for it. Not only do we not hold her accountable, but we're also going to arrange a private room for her. However, from what I hear from Young Master Gu, she should be allowed to teach me a lesson in two days. "

The guards continued to discuss with each other, but Jian Ran did not continue to listen carefully, she knew that Gu Nanjing was fine and was relieved.

Jian Ran understood her intention for letting her be locked up for a few days.

Firstly, he wanted her to know that she was just a small employee of the Innovation Technology. She had injured him, but he had not pursued her criminal responsibility.

Secondly, she had to let her know, whether he was in the capital or the Jiangbei, as long as he was not willing to let go, she, Jian Ran, would not be able to escape from his grasp.

Remembering Gu Nanjing's arrogant words, what made Jian Ran's heart astray was not that she was unable to escape from Gu Nanjing's grasp, but that the members of the Jian family were unwilling to part with his.

The Ji Family used to be a family with a lot of books in it, which made it respected by others. By the time Jian Ran's father was of this generation, the reputation of the Ji Family had long since declined.

Jian Ran's father was not willing to see the reputation of the Ji Family decline just like that, so she tried to find ways to contact the circle of famous people.

Thus, overnight, the Jane family, whose fame had long since declined in the capital, had once again entered the circle of celebrities in the capital after embarking on the large ship called the Gu family.

Not only that, his father even sold the old mansion left behind by the ancestors of the Jian family as well as some precious paintings. He spent money to buy a villa near the Gu family's villa.

Their villa was much smaller than the others, but at least it was a pleasure for her father to be able to squeeze into a rich neighborhood.

Unknowingly, the Jane family had become a parasite that relied on the Gu family for survival. The eldest young master of the Gu family was naturally their target.

After what had happened in the past, her parents had no objections. The Gu family had said whatever it was, and the Gu family had said whatever they wanted to do.

The Gu family no longer valued her, Jian Ran. Naturally, she became the useless bastard child of the Ji family.

Now, after three years, Gu Nanjing still had the nerve to come find her and ask if he could bring her back. Jian Ran found it funny just by thinking about it.

He was laughing at Jane's family for being useless, and he was also laughing at himself for being so useless. How could he allow someone he should have forgotten a long time ago to provoke her anger, and even accidentally injure her?

She crossed her legs and wrapped her arms around him, burying her head in her lap as if that would make her heart feel less uncomfortable and less cold.

"Chief Chen, why are you here personally?"

The guard's respectful and panicked voice reached Jian Ran's ears, but she was not in the mood to care about it. She still hugged her legs and locked herself in her own space.

As long as she didn't pay attention to the outside world or the people who hurt her, she wouldn't be covered in injuries again.

"Clap, clap ~ ~ ~"

An especially loud slap broke the silence in the room, followed by a deep and angry roar from the middle-aged man: "You've eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard, daring to lock people up."

The guard panicked and felt wronged: "Chief Chen, it's not us, it's Young Master Gu, the Gu family ..."

Before the man could finish her words, the middle-aged man roared angrily: "You still dare to quibble? Open the door immediately, Miss Jian, please come out!"

Immediately after, Jian Ran heard the sound of running, unlocking the door, and then heard the respectful tone of the middle aged man: "Boss Qin, it's my men who were incompetent, please forgive me."

Hearing the two words "Boss Qin", Jian Ran's body trembled slightly. She slowly raised her head and saw Qin Yue standing in front of the middle-aged man.

He was still dressed in his handmade, silver-gray suit, with a polite smile on his face. However, there was a dark glint in his eyes that others couldn't see through under the golden frame of the mirror, giving off a feeling that made one shiver from the depths of their bones.

Qin Yue only nodded, without saying anything to the middle-aged man who was bowing and bowing to him, and was called Chief Chen, he walked towards Jian Ran.

He walked to Jian Ran's side with large strides, stroked her head, and softly called her name. "Jian Ran ..."

Qin Yue's voice was gentler than any other time Jian Ran had ever heard it, causing him to feel that the vicious aura she had just seen had never appeared.

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